ADEI – Associazione degli Editori indipendenti italiani i.e. Association of Italian Independent Publishers – represents about 250 independent publishers, some Regional Associations, and is the promoter of an important independent book fair that takes place both in Milan and Genoa.

This first international catalogue, put together for the 2022 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, is a further signal of the liveliness and variety of ideas, projects, and colours of the Italian ‘indie’ World.

With this catalogue, ADEI is proud to present a small but noteworthy extract of the recent independent production for children in Italy. Two titles for each publishing house are a small showcase, but we hope that this will help to introduce the publishing houses and stimulate the curiosity that leads to further exploration and closer contact. We also hope to pleasantly surprise our colleagues from other nations and establish mutually collaborative relations with them.


By clicking on one of the categories you will have access to the interactive catalogue where you can refine your search at your leisure.
The cross-selection of one or more categories and/or one or more themes will automatically generate a selection of titles that match the chosen characteristics.
You can also use keywords by entering them in the “free text”. Both the categories and the themes have been chosen with particular attention to the trends found in the editorial productions of recent years; for example, in the categories you will find the “hybrid text” (fiction-non-fiction) or the “audiobook”, and among the themes “social inequalities” or “LGBTQ+”.
Then clicking on the “+” symbol, in the upper left of the individual covers, you can access the complete page that also contains the link to the publisher’s website, where you can view the entire catalogue.
Once the search is complete you can print it on paper or in .pdf, or save it in .csv format by clicking on one of the buttons below.


FOR THE LIBRARIES: Click here to access a map of independent Italian bookshops and locate the ones closest to you (the map is not exhaustive and is constantly updated).

FOR THE BOOKSTORES: Click here to access the Register of Italian Libraries. Click here to access the list of Italian libraries that have obtained the contribution of D.M. n. 191 of 24 May 2021 and then click on “list of beneficiaries”.