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CoverTitleAuthorTranslatorIllustratorPublisherISBNPagesCover priceSizeSynopsisCategoriesThemesPublishing house website Stelle - We are StarsStella NosellaDeborah StevensonStella MongodiL'Orto della Cultura979125473022530€ 15,00210 x 210This is an illustrated book that guides the little ones towards the awareness of their talents, helping them to develop the necessary confidence to know how to evaluate their relationships with others. A book that aims to discourage bullying by treating the subject with delicacy. Younger readers can get closer to understanding the English language by making the register a useful supplementary tool for international schools and teachers. Inside the book there is an educational workshop to encourage children to discover their talent, writing and drawing it into the stars.Poetry, Children 0-6Illustration, Inclusion slowly Michele!Elena LeviGiulia PastorinoEdizioni Clichy978-88-6799-743-540€ 17,00230 x 290Sloths are very calm and very slow animals that spend their days hanging from trees. Michele, however, is a young sloth who is a bit special: he has bright green eyes, gets up early in the morning, and the slowness of the other sloths bores him. Michele’s father is very worried about his son who is so active, and the other sloths are also unhappy. But when a fire breaks out in the forest, Michele’s speed will prove to be a precious resource for everyone, and finally his father will understand that his son’s diversity is invaluable.Children 0-6, Illustrated bookInclusion, Family and emotional relationships and Mrs. HangingheartMathilde TourbillonLuigi BerioEdizioni Clichy978886799868540€ 17,00235 x 290By the director of Quentin Blake’s Clown, the animated movie aired on Christmas Eve on Channel4, this is the moving and touching story of two lonely hearts who discover the joy of each other’s company and the pleasure of adventure.Novel, Children 0-6Cultural heritage, Inclusion, Family and emotional relationships tempestaPier Domenico BaccalarioKalina MuhovaEmons Edizioni9788869866005192€ 15,00152 x 220First episode in the series Mercury's Mysteries. Thanks to a magic blackbird, three friends from Florence travel back in time to the 16th century and meet Giorgione, the great artist of Italian Renaissance. Amid intrigue, envy and plot twists, they must solve a mystery before they can return home.Novel, Audio bookVisual arts, Adventure, Fantasy a le stelleDavide MorosinottoKalina MuhovaEmons Edizioni9788869866036176€ 15,00152 x 220Fourth book in the series Mercury's Mysteries. Nina, Jamal and Lorenzo travel back in time to the Middle Ages. They find themselves in Padua, where Giotto is painting the Scrovegni Chapel and Dante is wandering around with a new idea in mind. But Mercury, the magic blackbird, is lost: will they be able to go back kome?Novel, Audio bookVisual arts, Adventure, Fantasy dal brancoSara MagnoliPelledoca editore9788832790450200€ 16,00130 x 210There is an initiation ceremony to be accepted by the group. The Cobra, the undisputed leader of a gang of minors, has been clear and Elia cannot hold back. He has to jump on the balcony of an elderly woman who lives alone at night and terrify her to the point that the next morning the police will find her body at the foot of the bed, lifeless. The police and the press focus their attention on the pack of boys and girls who have been carrying out urban guerilla raids for some time, insulting, frightening and attacking people. Elia's father does not suspect that his son is part of the gang.Novel, Boys 12-15Mysteries, thrillers, horror FAMIGLIA X ( The X Family)Matteo Grimaldiil Narratore Srl9788868164027Running time 03h 01'€ 6,99Audiolibro digitale MP3Michael is 13 years old and loves mathematics because of its clear rules. There is little that is clear in his life, in which, after his parents' arrest, social workers, an old lady, the charming and rebellious daughter of the mayor and finally his foster parents, a couple of dads, barge in. A novel about the treasures hidden around us, in the people we meet by chance and who will become our lives.Audio bookFamily and emotional relationships BenedettiPelledoca editore9788832790221152€ 16,00130 x 210The holidays at his paternal grandmother's house in the little town of Lunamadre, embedded on the southern island between the sea, the hills and the countryside, are one of Lorenzo's most longed for moments. It's a long-awaited occasion which in his eyes is a trip into an earthly paradise, a world frozen in time and framed perfectly. Yet, in his 14-year-old's summer, Lorenzo doesn’t know that together with his three friends, Filippo, Carlo and Maria, he will face an evil hidden for a long time in the corners of the little town, a secret evil nobody wants to talk about. Weird things start to happen.Novel, Boys 12-15Mysteries, thrillers, horror (Celestial)Francesca Bonafiniil Narratore Srl9788868163846Running time 2h 23'€ 6,99Digitale MP3For Maddalena there are a lot of heavenly things: Portugal, the music of Madredeus, going out with Dani and Vale. But the most heavenly thing of all, for her, is Fabrizio Fiorini. Fabrizio is kind, polite, shy, and that girl who looks at him and talks to him is heavenly for him too. The problem is that he doesn't feel so celestial... Ivano, known as Lama, is Maddalena's brother and is always annoyed, grumpy and cynical. And yet, he too has an unsuspected vein of celestiality. Francesca Bonafini tells the story of adolescence, that period of life when everything seems exaggerated.Children 7-11, Audio bookFamily and emotional relationships ArtistGiorgia SimoncelliPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma9788897443308220€ 18,00148 x 210A fantastic Victorian London, populated by steam-powered carriages, magnificent airships, mechanical dogs, human machines and everything else the human mind has been able to create in the name of industrialization. Ally is our protagonist, she flies in search of his missing father: "The greatest cloud designer of all time!"Novel, Boys 12-15Dystopia, Science fiction, History and the Death tourSara BeltrameTommaso Vidus RosinEdizioni Piuma9788897443445208€ 18,00148 x 210This story begins in the summer, when a family decides to spend their summer vacation parking their rather old Volkswagen in the car parks of several cemeteries. But what are they going to do there? Couldn’t they go to a camp site like everyone else? Margarida, aka Rita, is our main character. She is an 11-year-old girl with curly hair. She happily tells us how she managed to catapult her whole family into a curious tourist trip.Novel, Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Costume and traditions, Humor a scacchiYuri GarrettMarcello CarrieroCaissa Italia978886729101496+6€ 11,90210x210This is one of the very few chess books for children that was originally thought of and illustrated for children: the author is a chess player and the illustrator a former Disney collaborator. Crucially, the main editor was 8 years old, and when she did not understand, author and illustrator would revise their concept. The result is a book in its own league that teaches the rules of chess to children in their own language and imagery. The final part of this 100-page book is aimed at parents so that they may share this amazing journey with their children.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Games, Hobbies and free time, Sport minuti (Five Minutes to Sea)Natalia MirzoyanTatiana PepeCaissa Italia978886729119232€ 15,90240 x 250"Cinque minuti" is an original Caissa Italia production based on the multi award-winning short animation film "Five Minutes to Sea" by Armenian-born Russian director Natalia Mirzoyan ( The picture book became an award-winner at the 2021 Image of the Book Competition in the "Original Picture Book" category. A girl is asked to refrain from bathing for 5 minutes. Is this a long time? Or a short one? And how does it compare with 5 minutes in the life of old Moses and Sarah? A magnificently illustrated, poetical, moving story on the perception of time and the stages of life.Children 0-6, Picture BookCinema, radio and television, video art, Illustration, Sea carrots danceFulvia Degl'InnocentiSara BenecinoStorie Cucite979128063203688€ 15,00150 x 210Marco declared war on all the vegetables - first the greens, then the reds, the yellows, the oranges - until during a quiet afternoon of study he finds himself inside the fridge among his enemies. Do they want revenge? On the contrary! They need him to find and defeat those who are plotting against the Kingdom of Vegetables. A story full of surprises and adventures, enriched at the end by a text on the difficult relationship between children and vegetables, written by the nutritionist Serena Smeazzetto and the psychologist Lucrezia Tomberli.Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Family and emotional relationships The Witch and the Virulandia WarGabriella De PaoliDaniela CupelliniEdizioni Astragalo978889734786646€ 10,00170 x 240A fairy tale suitable for kids, screened and approved by doctors and psycologists, to help children to rework the worldwide health emergency of Covid 19. A fairy tale to teach everyone that together with love, courage, patience and the spirit of adaptation, we can make magic happen!Children 0-6, Children 7-11Adventure, Fairy tales, Health and wellness upside-down worldMaddalena SchiavoLaura ZaniStorie Cucite978889453461032€ 17,00210 x 270Francesco is a very curious and sensitive child. After tidying up his bedroom he decides to put in order the things that, in the world, appear upside down to him. He tries to do that through a role-playing game, teaching those he meets on his way the beauty and innocence of the game. A story that speaks of injustice and intimidation, but which, through the change of perspective, succeeds in repairing the upside-down world.Children 7-11, Picture BookSocial inequalities PuddingIsabella Salmoirago e Marco RossoAnna Vigetti with the collaboration of Jennifer RobsonManuela TrimboliStorybox978-883192724663€ 13,50148 x 3,8 x 210A monstrously funny story starring the wobbliest Prince of all time! One day, a fearful young pudding decides to leave his pudding-plate to embark on a quest to find his beloved, Princess Sweetie Pie. Our wobbly hero will have to face a number of hungry monsters, including the likes of Munchem and Scrunchem. He will even have to enter the scariest of all castles, home to Vladislap the Vile – a frightful villain who devours puddings night and day! Will Prince Pudding manage to survive? Or will he be gobbled up, pudding-plate and all?Short Stories, Children 7-11Adventure, Fairy tales, HumorÈ Natale anche se... 24 storie per arrivare a Natalevarious authorsSilvia BaroncelliStorybox978-8831927239144€15,90148 x 210From the reindeer strike, to the investigations among the characters of the Nativity scene, to the elf who could no longer stand to churn out sweets... The extraordinary imagination of twenty-four authors for children, gives to the readers beautiful stories to let them see Christmas in an unusual and funny way.Short Stories, Children 7-11Fantasy, Fairy tales, Humor and the Rainbow BridgeEmanuela BusàFrancesca RossiGlifo Edizioni978889874160132€ 15,00220 x 206«After the storm, the rainbow always comes. And when the rainbow wants to come out, nothing can stop it.» Ever since his little dog Nina has been gone, everything feels grey for Lollo. Sometimes though, he meets her in his dreams, on a small wooden bridge under a large rainbow. Together they take long walks, eat cotton candy and roll on a large green meadow. After a heavy storm, Lollo recognizes that ribbon of colours in the sky and realizes that, somewhere over there, is Nina’s meadow. Today, in the heart of Lollo, there is room for colour, yellow flowers and red cherries once again.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Family and emotional relationships the hot-air balloon: discovering the Amazon rainforestEmanuela BusàDaniela VolpariGlifo Edizioni978889874154084€ 13,00150 x 195Vera is a little toy hot-air balloon who is afraid of flying. An unexpected gust of wind takes her on a journey to overcome her fears, discover the wonders of nature and what makes each of us unique and unrepeatable.Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Travel and places sorelle Ti - Storie di sole, zucchero e colori. Con ricette di dolci semplici da fare insieme ai bambiniMorena MancinelliStefano PerchiazziAG Book Publishing9788898590834100€ 15,00170 x 240Stories of sun, sugar and colours. With simple dessert recipes to make with children In a stone house in the middle of a bright green lawn, live two little girls, Ambrosia and Celeste, who love to play and observe the world around them. From their mother, they have inherited the passion for sweets, which they often make together; from their father, the desire to live new adventures. Everyone calls them “the Ti sisters” and this book tells their stories.Novel, OtherCuisine and gastronomy, Hobbies and free time, Family and emotional relationships e il Regno sommersoStefania MarianiGiulia Boccucci, Gaia Carfora and Leonardo OltoliniAG Book Publishing9788898590810160€ 15,00150 x 210School is over and the long-awaited day has arrived. Gunilla and her three best friends - Roy, Gino and Toby - are ready for camping. In the very village that hosts them, during a visit to an ancient and mysterious library, they are transported to a parallel world. Is it possible that the legend is true and that a powerful spell has sealed the Kingdom of Angelette at the bottom of the lake? Could a diary have made them indispensable for the salvation of a people?Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Fantasy giorni per capire... BoxsetMélanie Babe, Marine Baroukh, Charline DunanAndrea Quovonero9788896918937160 per volume€ 42,00200 x 230 for each volumeIt is a boxset comprised of three incredible books: - 30 days to understand autism - 30 days to understand visual disorders - 30 days to understand learning differences Each book contains 30 challenges, curious facts, immersive activities and games – to play out alone or in a group – that make the reader step in the shoes of someone who has the above-mentioned conditions. With colourful illustrations enriching every page and written with cheeky humour, this is a trilogy that dares you to take action!Non-fiction, High readability and accessible bookDisability, Edutainment, Inclusion Black EggSante BandiraliAlicia Baladanuovonero978889691899936€ 16,00215 x 300One day the hen laid a black egg. No one wanted to buy it, so the peasant gave it to the king. The queen has to brood it in her chest, said the hen. And so she did, until a little rooster came out. But the rooster was very annoying and no one in the castle could stand his cock-a-doodle-do anymore! What should the king do? Inspired by Luigi Capuana's fairytale, this is a lovely picture book that exalts the pride of being different.Children 0-6, Picture BookDiversity, Fairy tales, Inclusion Fairy of Courage (La fata del Coraggio)Rita ROSAClara Alvaro and Elisabetta AlborghettiSonia LigorioDidattica Attiva by Voglino Editrice978889853894264€ 12,50155 x 210A young girl undertakes a long journey to discover and free the powers hidden inside herself. A story with which every reader can identify. The themes: • strength of desires; • trust in the value of each and in the future that can be built; • for parents, the possibility to grow together with their children. ✓ The message: daily difficulties are part of existence for each of us; by facing them, the chance originates to grow and enrich our own resources.Children 7-11Diversity, Tales, Fairy tales DelmastroGiorgio DelmastroVoglino Editrice978883194602548€ 12,50170 x 240"Pois" is the only written word that appears in this story. An elegant silent story for young adults, a story in images, where a girl moves in a space populated by friendly circular presences. The female protagonist and her world on a white background: polka dots to dress up and be amazed by. Living presences with whom to talk and build a story made of complicity, play and lightness. There is also the fear of getting lost and the desire for rebirth. Without losing innocence. An affectionate tribute to the parallel worlds to which we have access with the imagination.Picture book without wordsBeauty, Discrimination and gender equality, Graphics Bambini e ragazzi nelle stanze della poesia [Perlaparola. Childrens in the Rooms of Poetry]Chiara CarminatiEquilibri9788894514018158€ 15,00205 x 140This book is intended to be an instrument to foster poetry, a collection of suggestions to ignite the spark and ideas to feed the flame. It is aimed at those who, by passion or profession, take care of children, with the idea that poetry is the most powerful means to explore the resources of language and that the very acquisition of these resources is crucial for the construction of a creative personality and the expression of free thought. A tribute to the belief that passion for poetry starts, more than anything else, from love and enthusiasm for the word ("per-la-parola").Poetry, HandbookDidactics, Creative writing, School e sale [Salt and Sugar]Benedetta BonfiglioliEquilibri9788894514025174€ 15,00140 x 210Twelve stories about joy and wounds, conquests and storms, death, love, the everything and nothing of adolescence and youth. Twelve stories of how life goes, or doesn't go, when you grow up. A plunge into the unique universe of the young characters, in the crucial moment of their lives and the choices that shape their path. Written in a clean, clear, and deeply intense language that manages to portray the many nuances of adolescence, made up of grains of salt and sugar, equally capable of giving flavour to a single moment or an entire life.Short Stories, Young adultsFamily and emotional relationships’s potPaolo ProiettiPaolo Proiettila margherita edizioni978886532375532€ 14,00200 x 290Once upon a time there was a very old Chinese emperor, whose main concern was finding his heir. In a big city in his empire, lived a little boy named Peng. Peng loved to spend his time in the garden. There he took care of plants and flowers which, thanks to him, grew luxuriantly... A traditional Chinese folktale about the power of honesty and courage.Picture BookIllustration & PsycheMichelangelo RossatoMichelangelo Rossatoarka edizioni978888072291548€ 20,00233 x 330Once upon a time there was, and today there still is, a faraway city where a king and a queen live. They have three daughters: although the first two are very pretty, the youngest shines with such beauty that human words can’t describe it. Psyche is her name. Freely inspired by the story of Lucius Apuleius contained in The Metamorphoses or The Golden Ass.Children 7-11, Picture BookIllustration's IslandFrancesca BallariniFrancesca BallariniEdizioni Primavera978888559236048€ 16,00210 x 297There is an island that birds call “The Island of Salvation” because it's the place where they can find food and rest, and care and protection from hunters. On that island, which humans call Capri, lives a tall man, with a moustache and two circles around his eyes. He comes from the far North; he too migrated, like the creatures he welcomes season after season in the park of his villa and on the mountain he bought for them. The birds are storytellers that tell us his story: the story of a doctor, a veterinarian, a great traveler, a writer, an incurable idealist, a dreamer. The story of Axel Munth.Children 7-11, Picture BookAnimals, Biography, Illustration Divine ComedyArianna PunziDesideria GuicciardiniLapis Edizioni9788878748217264€ 14,90144 X 208The Divine Comedy is a poem and a journey in which every event represents a step that Dante must take to reach his final destination. In this adaptation, the poem becomes a story, while the cantos are transformed into a series of encounters – a treasury of unforgettable but also lesser known events, stories, characters, and episodes from the Comedy that, unusual but compelling, offer younger readers an original, engaging story on a bigger canvas. Deluxe edition also available – Hardcover 20 x 29 cm – Pages 240Hybrid, Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Didactics mio primo Dostoevskij. Il coccodrillo: un caso straordinario - MY FIRST DOSTOEVSKIJ: THE CROCODILE, AN EXTRAORDINARY CASEFëdor DostoevskijMauro Di LeoStrambettyAtmosphere libri978886564225236€ 12,50140 x 210What happens if a big crocodile gets teased by a gentleman who wants to see if it’s real or made of stone just because it stands too still? The poor animal, a little irritated at having been awakened from his nap, opens his mouth and eats the man in one bite. The great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky tells a moral story of a drunkard, a terrible “I-know-better” man who ends up in the belly of a crocodile. In “Il mio primo Dostoevskij”, the narrator Mauro Di Leo and the artist Elisabetta Barbaglia, aka Strambetty, adapt a novel by a giant of literature.Picture BookTales, Illustration, Creative writing mio primo Cechov. L'avventura di una cagnolina. MY FIRST CECHOV: THE ADVENTURES OF A PUPAnton ChecovMauro Di LeoStrambettyAtmosphere libri978886564243636€ 12,50140 x 210Kastanka is a little dog with red fur and a fox face that has lost its owner. After spending a frightening night in the street, a kind man, who turns out to be a clown, collects her and after renaming her “Auntie”, takes her in the house he shares with a goose, a white cat and a piglet, who are all actors in a circus. Kastanka begins to learn tricks and games, but the novelty of her new life is tempered by nostalgia for her first home. The night of Kastanka’s debut she recognizes her original owner in the audience and knows she must choose her destiny. From a story by Anton Chekhov.Children 7-11, Picture BookTales, Illustration, Creative writing e i bambini che volevano giocare. Una storia palestinese per bambini e bambineGianluca StaderiniGianluca StaderiniRed Star Press978886718214530€ 14,00170 x 240From the window of his house he could see a beautiful garden with a magnificent olive tree. So it was until men with guns came to build a huge gray wall. From that moment on, no boy and no girl would be able to chase each other or throw the ball in the place where they were born. This, at least, was what the men with guns believed but… have you ever tried to make a boy or girl sit still? Not even all the guns in the world can do it! Thus it happens that that huge wall begins to crumble. And if Salam and his pals regain a space to play in, the whole world will rejoice in a new season of peace.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Adventure, Social inequalities, Peace and justice tutti i colori. Un bambino di nome Carlo GiulianiGianluca StaderiniGianluca StaderiniRed Star Press978886718288640€ 15,00170 x 240All sorts of things. That's what a child does - always and in any case. Even when someone, believing himself the master of the world, pretends to condemn to silence those who, on the other hand, have a thousand adventures to live and a thousand stories to tell. Beautiful and funny things that, little by little, end up replacing the white of silence with the voices of many friends: animals, playmates and a little sister that the protagonist of this book loves so much. He is a special child and is in the heart of anyone who is capable of dreaming of a more beautiful world. His name is Carlo Giuliani.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Autobiographies, letters and memoirs, Social inequalities, Peace and justice presepe nel bosco [The crib in the woods]Alessandro PetruccelliEmiliano edizioni978889372089244€ 8,50120x210Matteo, a child that we would define as "lucky", is used to having the best: his parents are convinced that training him in luxury and surrounding him with friends from a certain social class will favour him in the future. Nor does Matteo have occasion to reflect on all this, until he finds in an abandoned stable, next to the statues of the crib, the diary of Rosina, his peer who lived years before. She tells of the simple and poor life of the countryside, of the hardships and genuine joys. The discovery opens Matteo's eyes, leading him and then his family on the path of sharing.Short Stories, Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Tales, Family and emotional relationships l'allocco e Alfonsino il topino amici per la pelle [Rocco the tawny owl and Alfonsino the mouse, friends for life]Roberto RussoAnna edizioni978889372107328€ 11,90205x205Rocco is a little owl and his best friend is Alfonsino the mouse, who lives in the same big tree as Rocco. This is a picture book and is a great story for learning to read. The text is written in capital letters and is perfect for first reading. Moreover, thanks to the soft drawings it helps to better understand the story being told. The book is printed on rough (and ecological) paper so that children can color and draw every single page.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Inclusion, Family and emotional relationships DazziAlice barberiniEdizioni Primavera978888559217940€ 16,90240X330Lolita lives with a child, Totò, in La Bolla, an abandoned building on the outskirts of Milan. One day, Totò ventures into a supermarket. Wandering through the aisles, he finds a wall of candies and picks up a red bag. But when he makes toward the exit, a security guard grabs him. The police come. The dwellers of La Bolla rush to help Lolita and Totò. Suddenly, the loud voices die down and the blue flashing lights go out. La Bolla begins to float above the town, up to the slender spires of the Cathedral, swinging like an immense and glowing ball, with all its occupants inside. A miracle.Children 7-11, Picture BookCinema, radio and television, video art, Family and emotional relationships in search of the secret wellPaola PaolettiMaria Grazia BeltramiAlessio GherardiniLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice9788833286372212€ 15,00140x185Tired of being made fun of by the people of the county, who call her 'Beanpole', Almarosa spends her days playing in her little room on top of the tower of the castle of her father, King Dorotheus the Sage. One night, the ghost of her aunt Berta entrusts her with an important mission: to save the kingdom from Ammon, a dangerous and powerful enemy. To help her, her aunt gives Almarosa the sword Durlindana, the horse Brigliadoro and the armour that belonged to her famous cousin, the paladin Orlando. Thus equipped, the young girl sets out, determined to obtain one of the Istahar gems,.Novel, Middle GradeFantasy and the missing jewelsRita AngelelliMaria Grazia BeltramiAlessio Gheradini and Unver AlibayLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice978883328576448€ 15,00200x200In the kingdom of Seluan live King SeLoDicoIo, Queen Lucente, the little princess Anna, and Hugh, the court beagle. Every morning the king decides which day of the week it is. Usually it is Sunday and the queen celebrates by wearing her jewellery. One day, however, the queen's jewels disappear, and everyone sets out to find them, but neither Urapa, the fearful hero of the castle, nor the royal cook, nor the court jester can locate them. In the meantime, Ugo, Princess Anne's dog, has also disappeared from the palace. Does this have anything to do with the stolen jewels?Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Adventure, Fantasy dinosauro ArzilloAmalia ManciniFederica GambacortaGelsorosso978889828682972€ 12,00165x235Arzillo is a young dinosaur who lives in a moment of great climatic and geological transformations in the Mesozoic Era. Earthquakes and storms transform the places where he lives with his family, making them bare and inhospitable. His parents set out in search of a better place. He will follow them after three moons together with the inseparable Lizarella, a young lizard whom he considers a sister. Arzillo's is a world without borders and without barriers, the only obstacles to overcome will be natural adversities and his fears. Age of reading: from 6 years.Novel, Children 7-11Animals, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Inclusioné che tele!Maria Pia Latorre, Paola SantiniFederica GambacortaGelsorosso979128043608596€ 12,00165x240A story that tries to talk about highly topical facts, involving us all, told with a fast pace and great enthusiasm. An adventure of mysteries, discoveries, investigations and twists in an old museum, with many characters, including a group of boys and a Spanish-speaking spider.Novel, Children 7-11Animals, Visual arts, Humor un bocciolo si sente gemmaElena MarchesiniIn riga edizioni9788893641777132€ 10,00169,9x244,1The book deals, in a delicate way, with the issue of gender variance from the point of view of the child who experiences it. It is the story of a little boy who is born Bud but feels like Gemma. Using the metaphor of the world of flowers and nature, one enters the heart and mind of this shoot that begins a path of reconstruction of its identity in self-respect. Each character he meets on his path arrives at the right time to give a lesson, stimulate reflection, listen to an outlet.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Social inequalities, Pedagogy, Family and emotional relationships Storie per momenti difficiliAssociazione Comete, Chiara Barlucchi, Anna Maria Bocciolini, Cristina Lorimer, Filippo Mazzi, Francesca RifiutiIn riga edizioni978889364200259€ 15,00209,6x209,6"Let's describe ourselves" is a set of three illustrated stories designed to help children express their inner world, especially in some delicate moments of their growth. Inside the book you will find many activities to offer during the reading. Because stories are something to read and listen to, but they also serve as a bridge to give shape to what children experience within themselves.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Psychology and psychiatry, Family and emotional relationships, School of My Imaginary FriendsBimba LandmannBimba LandmannCamelozampa979128001443664€ 22,00270x330How is it that an imaginary friend comes into your life? A fantastic journey to discover the infinite varieties of imaginary friends, in all of the forms they can take, a journey inside the realm of creativity. And once you've found your true friend, the journey is not over: you have to feed them, to give them a house, to take care of them and spend time together, as friends do... A new dreamy picture book about the power of imagination, from the creator of the bestseller MAPS OF MY EMOTIONS. Rights sold: ENGLISH (World), SIMPLIFIED CHINESE, ROMANIAN.Children 0-6, Picture book without wordsIllustration PantherChiara RaineriChiara RaineriCamelozampa979128001482540€ 16,00220x220A sweet picture book that plays with surprise: each page doubles with the flap, associating an adjective with which the mother describes shapes, colors, flavors, aromas. Like a baby discovering the outside world, Little Panther compares what surrounds her with what she knows best, her mom. A cloud is soft like mom, the fruit is sweet like mom... In the end, Little Panther hugs her soft, sweet and strong mom, like a child after she has made her first timid attempts to approach the outside world, and then returns to the comforting maternal embrace. Rights sold: FRENCH (World).Children 0-6, Picture BookIllustration Mystery of the missing WondersCarlo CuppiniLaura FanelliMarcos y Marcos9788892940215144€ 12,00120x190The wonders of Florence are missing. One morning, people from Florence wake up and instead of the Duomo, the Boboli Garden, and Ponte Vecchio, all they find are empty spaces. While the alarm is spreading, the wonders reappear in Paris, Bejing, Washington! The Government closes schools, threatens war against everyone. Only one boy, Filippo, has a suspect: the Arno river stole them, as he already stole a silver soldier from him. With the help of his sister Francesca and a mysterious old man, he wants to convince the river to bring them back and fix what he did.Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Cultural heritage, Travel and places of JailSofia Gallo and Pino PaceLaura FanelliMarcos y Marcos9788871689081224€ 12,00120x190Ilde is about to turn 15 and her gift is her father getting out of jail. He robbed, maybe killed; to her he’s a stranger. Ilde’s mother still loves him, her maternal grandparents are scared to death by him. Ilde doesn’t have time to understand how she feels, and finds herself on a trip to the sea with her unpredictable father. A chaotic and dangerous adventure made of escapes, meetings and discoveries. At the end, they will be changed and they’ll have clearer ideas of justice and love.Novel, Middle GradeAdventure, Peace and justice, Family and emotional relationships - guide to surviving the teen yearsFederico Diano - Martina TedeschiGraphofeel Edizioni9788832009613165€ 14,00210x150What does it mean for a person to become a man? Get taller, stronger, have more freedom, hang out with friends, take on new responsibilities, flirt. But, above all, it means change. This book aims to clearly answer many questions that children, in this phase of transition, often do not want to ask their adults. The book is organized by topics ranging from socialization to sentimental and sexual education, to eating disorders, to cyberbullying, to cultural relativism. The language is direct and explicit, the layout specifically designed to be easily usable by pre-adolescent readers.Non-fiction, Young adultsDidactics, Pedagogy, Family and emotional relationships Un romanzo (rosa) a fumettiFrita-FritaOttocervo / Antonio Mandese9791280741011164€ 15,00170x240Frita takes the ingredients of our ‘worst days ever’ and shakes them up, orchestrating a magnificent disaster in which each character finds their way back to their own room. Parents, children, friends and lovers, all lost in a whirl of interactions. A whole raft of spectacular failures is in store. What can we learn by observing these emotional trainwrecks from a different perspective? Are there embers burning beneath the ash of blunders and betrayals? Camerette (“Kids' rooms”) reveals the authenticity of feelings hidden beneath the apparent hypocrisy of contemporary affective relationships.Young adults, Comics and Graphic NovelsFamily and emotional relationships, Family sagas, Sexuality De CariaGraphofeel Edizioni9788832009576219€ 16,00210x150You become bullies. Pasquale De Caria tells us how this can happen in this poignant coming-of-age novel, set in the merciless Naples of the 1970s. Between indifferent adults, absent institutions and the myth of easy money, the line between defence and oppression seems to be shifting further and further.Novel, Young adultsInclusion, Family and emotional relationships, School treno che porta al mareSalvatore PrimiceriIvan ZoniPrimiceri Editore9788898212088114€ 10,00150x210Erika, Luca and Piero are three children who live in a village where the train hasn't passed for years. The chance meeting with the last and oldest stationmaster of the town gives them a passion for trains together with the dream of reopening the railway. Will the three protagonists be able to bring the train back to their village?Children 7-11Adventure, Hobbies and free time, Travel and places Silent Edge: Il gioco del re bianco (Vol. 3)Malvisi - Ivaldi - Giacchi - BelloIlenia GennariAntonio Mandese Editore e figli9788832298253800€ 25,00170x240Four young Italian writers have built an entire post-apocalyptic world. The Silent Edge saga is populated by fascinating, conflicted characters on a mission. Vols. 1-3 (Il ranger del deserto, Liberi in ogni terra, Il gioco del re bianco) take readers on a dystopian adventure full of shocking twists, flashbacks, steampunk imagery, cutting dialogue and humour as our anti-heroes - Gin, Elias, Milo, Maud and co - fight using magic, alchemy and their wits to combat evil and save a world on the edge of destruction. Coming soon: Vol. 4, the last in the first cycle of the saga.Novel, Young adultsAdventure, Dystopia, Fantasy libertà del mareSalvatore PrimiceriIvan Zoni, Luca GiorgiPrimiceri Editore9788899747855110€ 12,00150x210Paolino and Tea reach Rimini with their parents to spend the summer holidays. There they find themselves with their cousin Lele. One evening, while chatting on the beach, the three protagonists hear the music of a radio station and the words of a DJ who claims to broadcast from the Isle of Roses. For the three boys, the holiday will quickly turn into an unexpected adventure in search of clues about the mysterious existence of an island in the Rimini sea. The three will discover a fascinating piece of history in the past of the city that will help them question the meaning of the word "freedom"Children 7-11, Picture BookAdventure, Sea, History and PaolinaMaria Chiara PonzianiGiorgia ZeccaCasa Editrice Il Filo di Arianna979128003463220€ 12,90130x150Why noy start with the youngest children to describe the donkey in an alternative and certainly more truthful way? Whe will then talk about his gluttony, his desire to be in a relationship with the other, the special friendship he makes with one of his fellows, but also the morphological aspects that characterize him, such as the long ears, always listening, the warm and welcoming cloak, the smooth and curious muzzle.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Animals sospiro della mamma (Mom's Sigh)Ayumi KudoAyumi KudoLazy Dog Press978889803047724€ 19,00240 x 160“What is a sigh made of ?” Mom’s sigh is made of worries and tiredness, but little ones don’t know what it’s about, otherwise they would be... big! What can they do then to make this sigh lighter? And what can daddy do? This volume stems from the need to tell the story of the affection between children and their parents through images, allowing, as is the artist’s custom, the few words associated with the evocative power of images to communicate the profound sense of this relationship. The eleven illustrations of this work tell of small and essential emotions that are waiting to be discovered.Short Stories, Picture BookEdutainment, Illustration, Family and emotional relationships monster-eating bookGiada FranciElisabetta ZanelloCasa Editrice Il Filo di Arianna979128003474820€ 15,0013x20x2The book originated with the idea of providing children with an ironic "ready-to-use" tool to face the monsters that frighten them, not denying their existence, but alongside the children themselves to show them that sometimes, facing fears already makes them less "monstrous".Children 7-11Didactics, Games, Illustration Shadow!Anna CurtiAnna CurtiNotes Edizioni978889700752440€ 12,50210x210Harold is a shy little owl who is afraid of every other animal. He discovers his shadow, his reflection. Thanks to Harold, he learns to defend himself, and also to have fun. After him, the other forest animals discover their shadows, and the shadows become inseparable friends, full of surprises! Even the shadow, at the end...Picture book without wordsDiversity, Humor, Inclusion MillestoriePatrizia ZelioliGiulia OrecchioBabalibri9788883623363192€ 16,50200 x 200A book about the city of Milan that is truly special because it makes the city known, for the first time, through its stories: stories of people who have lived in Milan and stories related to monuments and palaces. The guide is divided into seven chapters corresponding to seven “paths of discovery” which, starting from the ancient access gates to the city, reach the main cathedral. For each area of Milan, the children will follow a path described through words, photographs and illustrations to immerse themselves in the present and in the past of the city.Non-fiction, Travel guidePopular cultures, Tourism and guides tata che cucina-Valentina MascioliSabrina GennariVenturaedizioni978883136167588€ 16,00200x200This isn’t just any old book of fairy tales, nor is it just any old book of fairy tales for kids. This book represents a meeting point between the kitchen, which is for grown-ups, and the fairy tales that parents usually read to their little ones. This book is a happy medium between adults and kids. In this book, every member of the family can find something to relate to. Whether you want to whip up something scrumptious in the kitchen, or to lose track of time for just a moment as you dive headfirst into an extraordinary adventure.Children 0-6, Picture BookCuisine and gastronomy, Fairy tales, Family and emotional relationships nereAlberto MelisNotes Edizioni9788897007708160€ 12,00140x2101937. The village of Durango, Spain. A tragic moment of recent history through the eyes of Tommaso, a 12-year-old boy who arrived in Spain with his parents. On March 31, on a quiet market day, black silhouettes of aircraft appear in the sky of Durango... The first carpet bombing of civilians in the history of human wars took place in Durango, a few weeks before that of Guernica, made famous by Picasso’s painting. This emblematic page of history, often forgotten, deserves to be remembered, also with this novel. WINNER ANDERSEN AWARD, WINNER ORVIETO, Selection Strega Ragazzi Award.NovelRight, Peace and justice, History guerra di Nina - Nina's warCarla ChiaramoniMichela QuadriniZefiro Srl978889791238544€ 12,00230x190In the quiet of the night a bomb destroys the village. Destruction, fear, escape… But Nina is a brave girl, and she will know how to find her way to give hope back to life. The writer tackled the theme of war in an illustrated book for children to discover the strength they have in being able to find the beautiful in the ugly, the joy in the pain, the simplicity in the difficulties ... So here is the explanation of Nina's choice to take care of those in need which becomes a breakthrough and a revolution - a war that is worth waging to the end.Children 7-11Peace and justice casa dei suoniClaudio AbbadoPaolo CardoniBabalibri978888362150548€ 16,00220 x 280Claudio Abbado has a truly unique role in this book: he tells kids, starting from his own story, about his passion for music and he explains with simplicity and clarity not only which instruments make up an orchestra and which families they belong to, but also what is the so-called "musical writing", a precise language that is divided into chamber, symphonic and lyric music. The world of music is a mosaic of tiles that must be composed by a director, the conductor who reads and listens to music, who can interpret it and finally who can sublimate it in a beautiful masterpiece.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Autobiographies, letters and memoirs, Music storiesNicola Cinquetti and Ilaria MattioniSerena MabiliaLapis Edizioni9788878747876338€ 25,00200x260A passionate retelling of best-loved and best-known Old and New Testament stories that retains the original feel and poetry of the Bible while appealing to contemporary young readers. Authors Nicola Cinquetti and Ilaria Mattioni wrote the Old and the New Testament stories, respectively. Serena Mabilia’s illustrations are the perfect visual counterpart, thanks to their richness of meanings and symbolic references, conveyed in a very fresh and compelling way.Short Stories, Children 7-11Tales, History, Sacred texts e la regina della savana - Miriam and queen of the savannahAbdulghani MakkiCorrado VirgiliZefiro Srl978889791283560€ 14,00200x200Africa seems to be hopeless - a difficult and hard land - that drives Doudou to escape, ready to risk his life to ensure a future for his family. But his journey of hope to Italy turns into disenchantment and disappointment. His wife Miriam remains in the savannah, but hers is not a simple wait. It is the challenge of a courageous woman who does not give up and plays her cards, aided by Zarafa, the giraffe queen who embodies the magic of a continent that, despite everything, still has destiny in its hands. Doudou's return is not a defeat but a new beginning.NovelCultural heritage, Social inequalities, Family and emotional relationships e l'orso (Yukie and the bear)Alice KellerMaki Hasegawakira kira edizioni978883201904944€ 16,00205x255This is the story of an ancient lineage that is in danger of disappearing. The story of a courageous, intelligent, strong and passionate little girl who needs to affirm her identity. A journey through languages, sounds and signs. This is the story of Chiri Yukie, the first person to record Ainu mythology in written form. An illustrated biography that tells a true story like a fairytale.Children 7-11, Picture BookBiography, Ethnology, Inclusion mio posto preferito (My favorite place)Mayumi Oonokira kira edizioni978883201908740€ 13,00200x200A quiet meadow where the wind blows, a spacious sky, a field of blossoms, an intricate forest, a friend's cottage. A little butterfly goes on a pleasant journey visiting her favourite places. An ode to a time for oneself, a time for discovery and a time children need to enjoy what they like. A time that is a right of every child, in a world where kids are "connected" from a young age. The simple and captivating illustrations by Mayumi Oono ask kids to recognize shapes, find objects, discover unexpected similarities.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Adventure, Body, mind and soul libro dei desideriFrancesca Lumachi eMarina CalòTemperino rosso edizioni978885549089416€ 12,00210x297But where are the desires? In what part of our body? This is the question posed by an elegant ostrich. Her animal friends answer her with pleasant theories, each driven by the desire she holds dearest. This opens up a discussion that uses the body as an emotional territory, an atlas of one's desires. A journey into the imagination, in search of an answer, a first approach to question oneself and focus on one's desires: fundamental ingredients for cultivating happiness and learning to know each other. A book that can last indefinitely.Children 7-11Illustration colori scomparsiLaura TavazziTemperino rosso edizioni978885549127322€ 12,00210x210What would our life be without colours? Each colour has infinite shades and represents a discovery, a state of mind, an adventure, a memory, an experience. So what if the colours disappeared? But colours cannot disappear by themselves; perhaps there is someone who has stolen them. Let's look for them together - maybe they are where we expect them to be, or maybe not. Eventually, perhaps we will also find the thief who stole them, and perhaps it is none other than our fear of seeing everything in black and white.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Illustration magia dei giorni strani (The magic of strange days)Alessandra CelentanoSusanna LunadeiCartabianca Publishing978888880539933€ 1,99ebookA big red cat sets off in search of lost Normality, which has disappeared along with the dreams of his owners Lollo and Camilla, who have been forced for a long time now - due to a certain Coronavirus - to stay at home, to stop playing with their friends and to stop hugging their grandparents. But where will Normality ever be? Who will be able to make things go back to the way they were? And most importantly, when? A delicate tale for children, but also a story to help us adults not be consumed by discouragement, to open doors that allow a glimpse of something different, far from pessimism.Short Stories, Children 7-11Animals, Tales, Family and emotional relationships and the Red IndiansNorman MommensAldo MagagninoNorman MommensBesa Muci978883629145836€ 15,00190x250Fifofus is a very curious mountain lion. When he meets a Native American reservation, he develops the desire to walk on two legs like humans do. But it doesn't turn out to be easy at all. It will be the courage shown against the unpleasant cowboy Gambadicuoio to defend the little ones. Native Americans teach him how to do it.Children 7-11, Picture BookAnimals, Adventure, Humor Vedo Vivo - Una ragazza, un aereo e il loro mondo (Volo Vedo Vivo - A girl, an airplane and their world)Carolina DellonteSilvia BettiniCartabianca Publishing9788888805276144€ 12,00148x210 mmAirport, airplane, atmosphere, hotel and elevator: five “non-places” that seem to have nothing exceptional about them. But the author, an airplane pilot for many years, has lived through them, and in these pages, she makes you discover their unexpected vital breath. And from now on, you cannot help but see them with different eyes. Because it's there that our soul has fought, it's there that, if listened to, it has spoken to us of beauty and energy, even in places that seem obvious, but that are still accomplices of our victories and defeats, joys and fears.Short Stories, HybridTales, Family and emotional relationships, Travel and placesè-la-gentilezza.PRIMA_.Dalia_.jpgIl mio superpotere è la gentilezza (Kindness is my superpower)Giulia CeccarniGiulia CeccarniDalia978889920740364€ 12,90160x230A modern tale about the power of kindness and the importance of words. Mattia and his grandfather love nature and every Sunday go to the park hand in hand. Around them, however, the city becomes increasingly gray. Are all good things meant to disappear? A journey in search of the meaning of the word “kindness” will bring Mattia to find his superpower and to discover the secret of giving birth to something surprising from a trampled flower, something that will make everyone’s world better. “Grandpa, what is kindness?” “Do you not know? Kindness is a superpower!”Children 7-11, Picture BookEcology, environment and protection of the planet, Family and emotional relationships e i gatti rubastorie (Febe and cats stealing stories)Elisa CampaciRoberta ProcacciDalia9788899207519160€ 12,90140x190Finding the right story is like catching a cat! Will it really be like that? Febe doubts it, but when the paper on which she wrote her first story is stolen by a cat, she begins to change her mind… Febe Cipriani is twelve years old and very angry. In fact, she has discovered that there are some things she just can’t change, like the arrival of a little sister and a mother who is no longer around because of the new arrival. However, her mom has given her a mission: to invent stories for her newborn sister.Novel, Children 7-11Family and emotional relationships, Creative writing Cabinet of CuriositiesEmiliano Di MarcoGiusi CapizziLa Nuova Frontiera Junior978889851969996€ 14,00190x240The Cabinet of Curiosities is an almost magical place: it houses the most extraordinary objects you can imagine. Each object carries with it a story, raises questions, provokes curiosity. In this fully illustrated book, you will find lots of exercises and games for the mind (riddles, optical illusions, logic games, funny stories to be completed) that will show you Philosophy is by no means a boring subject.Hybrid, Children 7-11Philosophy, Games Stories of women from Greek mythologyGiulia CaminitoDaniela TieniLa Nuova Frontiera Junior9788898519828128€ 16,00190x255From Medea to Penelope, from Arianna to Circe, myth is studded with fragile yet strong, witty, tenacious female figures, often neglected in favour of male heroes. Giulia Caminito - one of the most promising Italian writers, a finalist for the Strega Prize and winner of the Campiello Prize - takes the reader into the lives and the feelings of these women. She tells the stories from their point of view and thus creates original portraits of women from Greek cultural heritage. The tales are enriched by the wonderful illustrations of the artist Daniela Tieni.Short Stories, Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Discrimination and gender equality, Tales the jumping troutPuntidivista in cooperation with Dario De Carolis and Associazione Culturale MacondoAlessandro CaramalliPuntidivista Soc. Coop. a r.l.978889779393844€ 16,50220 x 220Once upon a time, in a village, inside the bed of the cold waters of the Velino river, lived “jumping” trouts. This is the story of Fiorina, the little jumping trout who defies danger and myths to discover the world and lives exciting adventures.Children 7-11, Picture book without wordsAnimals, Adventure, Illustration straniero di carta. Educare all'identità tra Otto e NovecentoAlessandra Anichini, Pamela Giorgitab edizioni9788892950498252€ 20,00140 x 200How was the difference presented to the new generations in the long process of building a national identity? How have the rules of the adult world shaped children's literature since its origins? The book puts forward a short journey through various texts of the 19th and 20th centuries, to better understand the perception and representation, in particular, of the foreigner, of the "different", and how children's books - whether they are school or entertainment - were instructive and educational tools also aimed at controlling and steering.Non-fictionDiversity, Inclusion, Pedagogy CAT IN SLIPPERSMarco BellucciMarco BellucciPuntidivista Soc. Coop. a r.l.978889879397632€ 22,00230 x 230Once upon a time, there was a photographer who was an expert in passport photos. One day an automatic camera appears in town so no one enters the shop anymore. But no worries. Ciccio comes to the rescue. He's a big clumsy cat that goes searching in the attic for magic boots and comes back with an old pair of slippers.Children 7-11, Picture book without wordsAnimals, Photography, Hobbies and free time WALK THROUGH VENICE WITH MARTA, JACOPO AND LULAMARIA GIANOLAMARIA GIANOLAHELVETIA EDITRICE9788895215075136€ 16,00184 X 184Marta, Jacopo and cat Lula together with Grandfather Bepi take a tour of Venice. Grandfather Bepi tells very curious stories about Venice, its birth, traditions, the painters and the artists with their works of art. And he also talks about some games and typical recipes. Summary: The structure and foundation, The Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs. THE DISTRICTS: Castello, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, S.Polo e S.Croce. SAN MARCO: Square, Basilica, clocktower, bell tower, Doge's Palace. HOLIDAYS AND TRADITIONS: Redentore, Madonna of the Health, Carnival. LIVING IN VENICE: High water, gondola, animals of the city.Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Costume and traditions, Tourism and guides metamorfosi della fiabaAntonella Cagnolati, Angela Articoni (a cura di)tab edizioni9788892950320364€ 25140 x 200Fairy tales have survived for millennia, been told from generation to generation, beyond the space and time in which they arose, and have traveled and crossed borders wherever there were communities prepared to listen to them and to accept their most profound meaning. Through the fantastic form, these narratives have conveyed an archaic wisdom – the result of the experiences practised by humanity in its complex struggle to survive: men and women of all times have found answers to their doubts, questions and problems that for centuries gripped their destinies and were solved with creative and adventurous keys.Non-fictionPopular cultures, Fairy tales, Pedagogy's KnotGemma Ammirati - Francesco D'AmoreCarmelo ZagariaEdizioni Fioranna978889763046388€ 18,50210x297A story of love, death and magic, suspended between science and esotericism, fantasy and reality. In the Naples of the Belle Époque, in a unique and contradictory cultural climate in which the deep interest in science, arts and progress intersects with idealism, a passion for mystery, the supernatural and the esotericism, the story of Pasquale Del Pezzo and Anne Charlotte Leffler takes place. In the background, the presence of Odin’s Knot, a persistent symbol in Norse mythology and a sign of indissoluble bond, engraved on a mysterious medallion with dark powers...Comics and Graphic NovelsFantasy, Tales Sister IslandsCarolina Malgieri - Michela MalgieriGiorgia BrunoriEdizioni Fioranna978889763040144€ 14,50210x297A story about the adventures of Procida, Ischia and Capri, the three Sister Islands, daughters of the Gulf of Naples. A modern tale that celebrates the importance of emotional bonds, the union between humans and nature, bringing children closer to the problem of ecology and respect for the environment. An illustrated book to be discovered, read, coloured, and with many stickers included.Children 0-6Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Sea, Family and emotional relationships Bellemo (Andersen Prize 2021 as Best Author)Gioia MarchegianiEdizioni Gruppo Abele978886579336780€ 18,00170x240My name is Light, and don’t laugh at it. It was my grandmother’s name too. I’ve got freckles, I wear a peaked cap, and I stay in the Condominium Giardini: fourth floor, stairwell A, left apartment. I like bottle caps, stones and drawing. I’ve got this notebook, I draw a lot, collect things and stick them in. My condo looks like a town, even if vertically. Inside there are many TYPES of people. For example, the one who grows aromatic words on the balcony, the Type who is afraid of falling things, the one who collects jars full of wind! ...And a friend-type? Will I find this Type too?Children 7-11, Picture BookInclusion, Family and emotional relationships, Creative writing day of sun and moonPino PaceAntonio BoffaEdizioni Gruppo Abele978886579194348€ 15,00205x240A long time ago, a curious and carefree butterfly met a wise whale in the middle of the ocean, during a spectacular solar eclipse: it was a perfect time to make a wish. The butterfly wanted to swim into the sea, the whale to hover in the air and fly! In this picture book you can read a timeless story, a hymn to empathy and an invitation to put yourself in the other’s shoes: exploring reality, discovering freedom and overcoming the fear of the unknown. A practical tool for parents or teachers on topics like prejudices, changes and bravery in everyday life, and for children.Children 7-11, Picture BookAnimals, Adventure, Health and wellness - La storia dello spiritello di NumanaLudovica CesaroniJasmina CizmicGiaconi Editore978889483473436€ 12,00150x210The little sprite now permanently lives in Numana, giving happiness to all the inhabitants and cheering up the children visiting the town. From time to time, he plays hide and seek on the Costarella, the Spiaggiola, the Statua del Pescatore and on the seafront of Marcelli. The little sprite id is always ready to share a smile in every corner of the town.Children 7-11, Picture BookAdventure, Fantasy, Fairy tales UrbinoBenedetta LeonardiElena di ConcilioBenedetta LeonardiGiaconi Editore978889483432148€ 10,00210x210"NAM colora l'arte" is a collection of colouring books about modern and ancient art in cities, museums, theatres and other artistic displays. "Colora Urbino" is a chronological path through the artistic expressions in the area, starting from Egyptian Art to modern-day Urban Art.Hybrid, Travel guideCultural heritage, Tourism and guides, Travel and places Sheep on the MoonCamilla Murgia - Sabrina GennariSabrina GennariVenturaedizioni978883136179858€ 14,00200x200Illo is a dreamy sheep, generous and a little lonely. But the moment you need to help out, you don't hold back, teaching human beings respect and generosity.Children 0-6, Picture BookFairy tales, Philosophy, Peace and justice between mouth and foodAnna Maria FarabbiAnna VenerosaAl3viE979-12-80510-03-7174€ 15,00210x210Eating Disorders: Perspectives and Testimonies through Art. A choral work that opens out to other views through personal and artistic testimonies of great intensity. Eleven artists, including the curator Anna Maria Farabbi, converge in their difference in identity and expressive research: giving their artistic and existential testimony. Art turns the wheel in a plural and, at the same time, unitary journey that enters into eating disorders. With multimedia content: photos, paintings, a sculpture, voices, and a film. A QR code and a link will be the entrance door.Non-fictionBody, mind and soul, Health and wellness secret sunsCristiana PezzettaAnita BarghigianiPulci Volanti9788894247778756€ 16,00240x170When the monster sleeps, in a deep sleep, Jamal and Frida run at breakneck speed, amid the remaining houses, to get where the sky fills with stars, and the air smells of green. They run, they laugh, they drive away the fear, feel the courage of freedom. They’re not alone anymore.Children 7-11, Picture BookPeace and justice is over!Raffaella PolveriniKaba edizioni9788896411421184€ 10,00130x195The class was buzzing with excitement. Reading the autobiography of one of their teachers was a wonderful novelty. Who knows how much they could have discovered, how many secrets, what unexpected truths! Waiting longer had become unbearable. Verri had grasped all this and hoped that the students could grasp something more in addition to curiosity. Of course, they couldn't understand now - it was too early - but he was sure that some, certainly not all, would get there. It was a risk, probably, to open a window into his private life, even if it was fictionalized but it would be worth it.Novel, Young adultsFamily and emotional relationships, School RoundworldKatia Rossi (Npl VCO)Elettra Riolo (NpL VCO)Pulci Volanti979128057401548€ 15,00170x170Spin spins, spin in game All to bed by little time Round and round, in circle round turns lullabies in every town A lullaby-like red thread to unite the sleep of the whole world. A book that is cradled in a shared reading.Children 0-6, Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships bosco buonanotteVoci Erranti LabScritturapura Casa Editrice978889792480780€ 20,00200x200Il bosco buonanotte is an illustrated book for children born from a creative writing workshop with thirteen inmates of the high security “Rodolfo Morandi” prison in Saluzzo. As a result of the "Liberandia" project promoted by the Onlus Voci Erranti Association in collaboration with the Mamre Association and the writer Yosuke Taki, the fairy tale, written collectively by the thirteen inmates fathers, was born from their pain and their questioning about how to be fathers of children far away, seen a few times a year, and how to tell them the truth.Children 7-11Fairy tales, Illustration, Family and emotional relationships