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CoverTitleAuthorTranslatorIllustratorPublisherPublishing house websiteISBNPagesCover priceSizeSynopsisCategoriesThemes di mareGraziella RivieraCentro Studi Piemontesihttps://www.studipiemontesi.it9788882623210360€ 23,00mm. 210x297Based on archival documents and period sources, the novel brings to light personal relationships and historical background in Napoleonic-era Liguria. Characters include Admiral Sir Sidney Smith and Mary Shelley in a nocturnal and mysterious Genoa.NovelAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, History di famiglia. I Savoia e le Case Reali di FranciaMichel de Bourbon-Parme - Maria Pia di SavoiaCentro Studi Piemontesihttps://www.studipiemontesi.it9788882623289130€ 20,00mm. 235x240In these fascinating and highly illustrated pages, two outstanding authors retrace in a journey back in time a thousand years of European history, punctuated by the marriage alliances between the Savoy dynasty and the royal houses of FranceHybridBiography, History belve ferociGiuse AlemannoLas Vegas edizioni€ 16,00mm. 150x210In Oppido Messapico, the 'Ndrangheta plots to annihilate the Sarmenta family for financial gain. Sarmenta's sons survive and embark on a quest for vengeance. They flee to Lombardy and seek assistance. "Like Wild Beasts" is a Tarantino-inspired novel where no one is spared.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror romagnoli ammazzano al mercoledìDavide BacchilegaLas Vegas edizioni€ 16,00mm. 150x210Romagna: Stefano wants a home and love, Raul seeks revenge, Irma seeks fame, Ruben seeks money. They join forces in a big con. Enter Ermes Donati, a Bond-obsessed entrepreneur, and his dog. With delusional agents, hidden casinos, and mobsters, survival is tough.NovelHumor, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Travel and Placesè_dispari_fronte.jpgIl passato è dispari (Past is an odd number)Eros BellistracciLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice€ 16,00mm. 139x190Inspector Matteo Molinari has an obsession with even numbers and a life that seems to be going in the wrong direction. A noir novel about a moment in life that, sooner or later, we all have to face: that of reckoning with our past.NovelFamily Sagas, Law, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror mi chiameranno uomo? (When will they call me human?)Francesca MereuLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice€ 14,00mm. 150x210Birmingham, Alabama, deep American South. Through the stories of her black and white relatives, Sarah gets to know the reality of slavery, segregation and the struggles for civil rights.NovelBiography, Civil Rights and Racism, Inclusion rivoluzione informatica. Conoscenza, consapevolezza e potere nella società digitaleEnrico NardelliEdizioni Themis€ 20,00mm. 150x210The volume explores the scientific roots of informatics and the impact that digital technology has on people and society at large. Because of the ever increasing power of informatics systems, based on AI, awareness on these issues is fundamental.HandbookComputers and Informatics, Technologies il dire e il fare c’è di mezzo il pensare. Come aiutare i bambini a trasformare il “non saprei” in “come potrei”Federica BaruchelloJan Aleksander PrusalowiczEdizioni Themis€ 25,00mm. 150x210The volume uses the evocative power of comics to represent the typical fears of children, combining a solid theoretical basis with invaluable insights. It also includes short stories and useful tips.HandbookPedagogy, Psychology and Psychiatry storia dei capelli rossiGiorgio PodestàGraphe.it€ 8,00mm. 120x210Red hair has always been a source of great fascination; a fascination, more often than not, bordering on obsession. In order to clear up matters, the author delves into some of the most commonly held popular historical misconceptions, debunking myths with the truth.Non-fictionHistory, Popular Cultures storia del segnalibroMassimo GattaGraphe.it€ 7,00mm. 120x210From Saint Augustine, who used his finger to mark the page, to the famous writer Alessandro Manzoni, and down to the present time, the history of the bookmark, an object dear to every reader's heart.Non-fictionAntiques and Collectors items, Librarianship'ultima notte di Raul GardiniGianluca Barberail Narratore Srlhttps://www.ilnarratore.com9788868164805running time 08h 10'€ 12,99Digital Audiobook Mp3July 23, 1993. Raul Gardini, a charismatic figure on the world economic scene, is found in a lake of blood in his bedroom. Shot in the temple, fired at close range. Murder or suicide? He had been breathing down the magistrates' necks for some time, perhaps about to be arrested.Audio bookCurrent Affairs and Politics, Family Sagas, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror giardino persianoChiara Mezzalamail Narratore Srlhttps://www.ilnarratore.com9788868164775running time 07h 21'€ 9,99Digital Audiobook Mp3Summer of 1981, the Mezzalama's family is landing at the Tehran airport. The family is that of the newly appointed ambassador of Italy to Persia. Both an autobiographical and historical novel, The Persian Garden is Chiara Mezzalama's story of her most tender and singular years.Audio bookBiography, History, Literature velo nuzialeElisabeth StorrsRosaria M. DistefanoAltreVoci Edizionihttps://altrevociedizioni.it9791280100573520€ 18,90mm. 140x210In 406 BC, to seal a feeble truce, Cecilia, a young Roman woman, was given in marriage to Vel Mastarna, an Etruscan nobleman from the city of Veio. Forced to abandon her homeland, the girl is determined to remain faithful to Roman traditions without giving in to the excesses.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships agnelli in mezzo ai lupiDiego PiteaAltreVoci Edizioni€ 17,90mm. 140x210A strange message arrives at the Anti Violent Crimes Unit: an individual who calls himself Nemesis heralds a new murder. A hedonist, the worst of serial killers. Criminologist Richard Dale will have to navigate the maze of an increasingly labyrinthine investigation.NovelMysteries, Thrillers, Horror RoseFrancesco FalconiAltreVoci Edizioni€ 18,90mm. 140x210Ellen is a freshman in college. On her 15th birthday, at sunset, a stab between the shoulder blades leaves her breathless. What happens appears to her as the fruit of a hallucination: on her shoulders sprout two black and shiny wings like obsidian, which disappear in the evening.NovelFantasy Re del BoscoIsabella Salmoiragoil Narratore Srlhttps://www.ilnarratore.com9788868164874running time 02h 53'€ 5,99Digital Audiobook Mp3A fantasy-ecological novel that gives a voice to those who don't have one: the forest and its inhabitants. A storm of unbelievable violence swept through the forest, uprooting the trunks of the strongest trees. Only Sghembo, the smallest and weakest larch in the forest, survived.Novel, Audio bookAdventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Fantasy ransomware nell’economia del cybercrime. Analisi d'intelligence sul gruppo ContiGiuseppe Brando, Marco Di Costanzo, Camilla SaliniEdizioni Themis€ 20,00mm. 140x200Through a multidisciplinary approach, the volume describes the business model of organized crime in the cyber environment based on ransomware and computer viruses, by analyzing the activities of the Conti group, with a specific focus on criminological profiles.HandbookSociology, Technologies MussoliniMarilena Umuhoza DelliRed Star Press€ 16,00mm. 130x200Marilena spent her life in Bergamo defending herself against racism; in Malawi, Luna's birth was greeted with an omen of doom due to her skin color being too light. A bond that is impossible to hide: a discovery that will allow the two girls to find themselves.NovelCivil Rights and Racism, Discrimination and Gender Equality SkinheadMattia DossiRed Star Press€ 16,00mm. 160x230Take a young outcast with no name and empty pockets. Shave his hair and put on combat boots and bomber jackets while, the music blaring, pump the notes of a piece Oi! Between memorable hangovers and brawls, the author pays homage to the most misunderstood youth cult of all time.Comics and Graphic novelsGraphics, Music nostro giorno verràEdith JoyceRed Star Press€ 16.00mm. 130x200Erin and Seán have eyes as deep as the sea and a revolutionary dream: that of a united Ireland free from English domination. The Emerald Isle knows the fury of the Easter riots in 1916, but for a long time there can be no passion without love intertwining with political struggle.NovelHistory COS'È L'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA?Attilio FortiniTemperino rosso edizioni€ 14,00mm. 150x210What is contemporary art? An intruder with no right to belong or something you can't do without, an incomprehensible monster or a hope for the future, a game for wealthy collectors or the destination of hardened dreamers? These are some of the questions raised in this essay.Non-fictionPhilosophy, Visual Arts COMUNISMO DEI DESIDERIAttilio FortiniTemperino rosso edizioni€ 14,00mm. 150x210Finding a way to offer human desires a social legitimacy by allowing desires to be shared in a communist way is the purpose of this book.Non-fictionPhilosophy, Political Sciences del successoAttilio FortiniTemperino rosso edizioni€ 14,00mm. 150x210In the age of technological representation men are now confronted with a new way of appearing; this affects their individual perception, their way of being. Their desire for success hides an invisible metaphysical tension.Non-fictionPhilosophy, Political Sciences, Sociology Tarocchi Rider WaiteKarl SimonStella Mattutina Edizionihttps://www.stellamattutinaedizioni.it9788899462543256€ 25,00mm. 170x240The fruit of over twenty years of study and practical experience, this text is undoubtedly the most complete work on the Rider Waite Tarot. All 78 Arcana are described with precise indications on their symbolism, highlighting their esoteric, and psychological significance.Non-fictionBody, Mind and Soul, Esotericism and Occult Sciences MisteriosiFranco TassiStella Mattutina Edizionihttps://www.stellamattutinaedizioni.it9788899462598168€ 24,00mm. 170x240An exciting journey between reality and mystery, in search of legendary animals, such as the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, the Mokele-Mbembe, the Giant Octopus, the Bigfoot... but also in search of 'impossible' animals such as the Okapi, the Giant Squid, the Regaleco, the Lynx...Non-fictionAnimals, Zoology giardino planetarioDario BoldriniStella Mattutina Edizionihttps://www.stellamattutinaedizioni.it9788899462642160€ 24,00mm. 170x240The Planetary Garden is a new vision of the world, where Nature is the protagonist and man is its a responsible guardian. An urban wasteland, a disused industrial area, an old quarry... can become an inspiring element to realise Work of Art defined as the Planetary Garden.Non-fictionAgriculture, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Urban Planning Italiano - figure del nostro tempoPier Franco QuaglieniUgo NespoloEdizioni Pedrini€ 15,00mm. 148x210Thirty intellectuals and politicians protagonists of the last decades of italian history told without preconceptions or biases. Cover by the great italian artist, Ugo Nespolo.Short stories, Non-fictionHistory, Philosophy, Political Sciences italia - Piemonte da gustarePiero AbrateEdizioni Pedrini€ 16,00mm. 168x240Guide to 850 gastronomy products and 150 village fairs peculiar to the tradition of the Piedmont region. Cover by the noteworthy italian artist Tiziana Cascio.Non-fiction, Travel guideFood and Nutrition, Geography, Travel and Places Templari Reliquie - Valle d'Aosta e Canavese senza confini.Laura Decanale BertoniEdizioni Pedrini€ 15,00mm. 148x210Templar knights in the north-west of Italy, between the Canavese and the Aosta Valley. Historical research accompanied by images and documents resurfaced from the archives. Noteworthy a section dedicated to the popular cult of Christian relics.Non-fictionHistory, Religion CappettaMonica BarengoEdizioni Piuma€ 18,00mm. 190x240"Elsewhere" is a tale of five short stories set in a magical city. Fairy encounters and strange happenings bring the inhabitants together in a grand collaboration. Beautiful colour illustrations drawn by Monica Barengo.Children 7-11, Picture bookAdventure, Fairy tales, Illustration ash milletDario OrilioPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma€ 18,00mm. 148x210A violent eruption of Vesuvius wipes out the city of Naples. Years later, Arrigo goes in search of his missing parents in the Miglio delle Ceneri where strange creatures live.Novel, Middle gradeAdventure, Dystopia, Fantasy and the Pahada journeyArthur B. RadleyPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma€ 19,00mm. 148x210On a distant planet, Narayan has to take care of his magical animal: the Pahada. The challenge will be to find a way to survive.Novel, Middle gradeDystopia, Fantasy, Science Fiction YOU TO DEATHGiampiero GiorgiGiampiero GiorgiUn Passo Avanti APS€ 10,00mm. 150x210Elisa and David two different lives; two different social statuses. Two worlds separated by religion, society, history and law. They find each other, fall in love and decide what their future will be like. Medieval history.NovelHistory HUNTGiampiero GiorgiGiampiero GiorgiUn Passo Avanti APS€ 10,00mm. 150x210Reconstruction of the trial of a woman from Tufo di Arquata del Tronto sent before the Inquisition Tribunal for witchcraft. But two brave men, not trusting the accusations and the will of the people, decided to go through with it.NovelHistory 12, 1943 - THE DAY OF COURAGEIvo Castelli - Giampiero GiorgiGiampiero GiorgiUn Passo Avanti APS€ 12,00mm. 150x210Heroes are ordinary men who do extraordinary things at extraordinary times. On 12 September 1943 at the functional barracks of Ascoli Piceno, about 1300 airmen decided to fight the Germans, avoiding safe deportation to Germany.NovelHistory of Chinese technology from 1949 to todayadd editore€ 20,00mm. 140x210From the pen of one of the leading experts on China in Italy, Tecnocina is an ambitious essay that traces the history of modern China, from the foundation of the People's Republic of China in 1949 up to our times, through the lens of his relationship with technology.Non-fictionPolitical Sciences, Sociology, Technologies lo smatphoneJuan Carlos De Martinadd editore€ 18,00mm. 140x210We all use it. If there has been a technological revolution in recent years, the smartphone is its symbol and in this book Juan Carlos De Martin addresses the issue from all points of view, starting from a fact that few understand the extraordinary nature: it i necessary.Non-fictionPolitical Sciences, Sociology, Technologies di atletica e del xx secoloNicola Roggeroadd editore€ 18,00mm. 140x210With its stories, athletics has often met the great history. Nicola Roggero has chosen twenty stories to tell on the one hand athletics, on the other the History that seems to have no mercy for anyone excepn in that brief instant when a run or a jump can stop the time.Non-fictionHistory, Sport, Sport and Physical Education / Motor Sciences BOOK OF BOATSLuogo ComuneLuogo ComuneSinnos€ 11,00mm. 245×325Ships so big that could move entire towns and little boat for a single person. Outlaw ships and adventurers, sailors, fishermen. Stories of big enterprises, big disasters, big battles. Details, curiosities, as to tell the travels, the inventions, the adventures.Non-fiction, Picture bookAdventure, History, Sea Ideal PublisherPiero Gobetti, edited by Pietro Polito and Marta VicariAras Edizionihttps://www.arasedizioni.com9791280074645186€ 14,00mm. 110x180The Ideal Publisher is a sort of diary about Piero Gobetti's private and public life (publisher born in Turin in 1901, died in Paris in 1926). In this book we will find some of the most famous pages of the history of Italian publishing, about the idea of a Publisher as a Creator.Non-fictionAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, History, Literary Critique AND SHIPWRECKSAnna VivarelliAmedeo MacalusoSinnos€ 14,00mm. 140×210«The most beautiful stories always begin with a shipwreck». In this book of castaways and shipwrecks there are many: epic stories, drawn from true stories, that tell the love of adventure, the incredible courage, resistance and willpower of men faced with the power of Nature.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Adventure, History, Sea and StarryDaniele MovarelliAlice CoppiniSinnos€ 9,50mm. 120x168Larry and Starry are a deer and one squirrel, and they’re friends. Like all friends, they argue, have ideas, live adventures. Larry is thoughtful and clever, Starry is brilliant and always in movement. And then there is Barry, who is a bear that never shows up...Novel, Children 0-6Adventure, Animals, Illustrationübeck's secretSergio SinesiArgentodoratohttps://argentodorato.it9791280273390221€ 13,00mm. 120x180A police commissioner is involved by Georg Bauer, a blind former German entrepreneur, in the killings of some scientists in Europe. With the help of Aria and Braunschweig, they will find a relationship that binds those deaths with others which took place in Lübeck's time.NovelComputers and Informatics, Music, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror other JesusMassimo TrifiròArgentodoratohttps://argentodorato.it9791280273437145€ 14,00mm. 148x210Christ and Barabbas, Yah'u'shua bar Abbâ and Yah'u'shua bar Yohsifyàh. Two men with the same name cross paths by chance in the damp cells of the Antonia Fortress and irrevocably changes the course of history.Non-fiction, HybridHistory, Religion, Sacred Texts science and the enigmas of the present. Esoteric answers to modern problems.Tiziano BellucciArgentodoratohttps://argentodorato.it9791280273352132€ 14,00mm. 148x210Tiziano Bellucci, esteemed researcher and spiritual scientific popularizer, investigate with this essay all those delicate issues that only nowadays it is possible to analyze with due precision; often controversial, thorny, elusive questions.Non-fictionCostume and Traditions, Esotericism and Occult Sciences Garden's SecretGinevra Diletta Tonini MasellaAG Book Publishing€ 15,00mm. 148x210Sofia and Giacomo don't want to move, but their parents don't change their minds. In the new housing complex there is a Secret Garden no one is allowed to enter. Meanwhile, Mum and Dad are also keeping a secret and are behaving strangely.Novel, Children 7-11Animals, History, Tales Joker: the face behind the maskMaria Cristina LocuratoloAG Book Publishing€ 18,00mm. 170x240An essay that analyzes the Joker character starting from comic books, explores his mysterious origins and examines the representations of the clown in all forms, in various epochs and cultures, as well as the different portrayals of the villain on the small and big screen.Non-fictionCinema, Radio and Television, Video Art in prose and verseMarella GiovannelliAG Book Publishing€ 18,00mm. 170x240This book is a choral fresco that makes readers breathe the air of Porto Rotondo and immerses them in the life of its community among personal and collective stories. But "Indigo" is also poetry in an original kaleidoscope of languages.Short stories, PoetryAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Travel and Places Zhen: Il tuono dell'anarchiaHe-Yin ZhenCristina ManzoneD Editore€ 21,90mm. 210x148He-Yin Zhen, Il tuono dell'anarchia represents the first Italian-language collection of the Chinese philosopher's work, He-Yin Zhen. Enriched with curatorial notes that succeed in immersing the reader in the atmosphere of the time, He-Yin Zhen, Il tuono dell'anarchia represents the most radical book to understand the chinese anarchism and the root of Asian feminism.Non-fictionCivil Rights and Racism, Social Inequalities MazzoccoD Editore€ 12,90mm. 165x120From the reduction of sleep to the bureaucracy, from the spread of social networks to the end of downtime, from techno-addictions to non-times, from holidays to the erosion of memory, Chronophagia investigates how capitalism plunders the masses of their time.Non-fictionPolitical Sciences, Social Inequalities, Sociology BoerD Editore€ 17,90mm. 120x165Archetypes, symbolism, myths, rituals: Fallosofia is a historical and anthropological investigation to discover the dual and chiaroscuro nature of cock, between life force and violent overpowering.Non-fictionAnthropology, Philology, Sociology a Palazzo SilosAnnamaria Zennaro MarsiWhite Cocal Presshttps://www.bora.la9788831908481128€ 12,00mm. 127x203"Vita a Palazzo SIlos" narrates the childhood experience of the author, who was an exile from Cherso, at Silos in Trieste. The book, in addition to the author's original photographs, also includes fifteen videos from that time, accessible through QR codes embedded in the text.Non-fiction, HybridCostume and Traditions, History, Social Inequalities trisnonna Clementina e la Risiera di San SabbaAlessandro SlamaRoberta ZuccaWhite Cocal Presshttps://www.bora.la978883190833732€ 5,00mm. 150x150"La trisnonna Clementina e la Risiera di San Sabba" delicately recounts the true story of Clementina Tosi, who was killed by the Nazis in Triest.Children 7-11, Picture bookCivil Rights and Racism, History, Peace and Justice the roots in without shaking off the soil. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the Continent-WorldFrancesca GiommiAras Edizionihttps://www.arasedizioni.com9791280074775140€ 15,00mm. 130x180This first Italian monography about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie aims to be a critical instrument for reading her books inside a the larger context of Nigerian and African literature in English.Non-fictionLiterary Critique, là c'è anche il beneDiletta GiaquintoNew-Book Edizioni€ 17,90mm. 210x140Remember that you don't have to go through every doubt believing that you will only find yourself in what you don't want. Remember that whatever is at the end of that doubt, you can choose to get there by also looking at all the good that could happen.Non-fictionHealth and Wellness't panic, it's just EnglishGiorgia RosenbluthNew-Book Edizioni€ 17,90mm. 210x140Mastering English can be a daunting challenge. As a native speaker who also speaks Italian, my approach to the language may be different from what you are used to, but I hope my advice will open your mind to a new way of seeing this fascinating languageNon-fictionForeign Languages con il cuore spezzatoFrancesco CristofaroNew-Book Edizioni€ 16,90mm. 180x120Someone broke Nicole's heart and broke it so hard that all the love she felt is gone like love songs that no one dedicates to you anymore.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships RosmarinoGiancarlo BiffiValeria ValenzaEdizioni Segnaviahttps://www.edizionisegnavia.it978888877624832€ 13,00mm. 215x215Firs episode (of ten) of the series in which a nice little Owl, who will be named Rosmarino, will have to face a long journey with his family, in search of a new forest in which to live. He will discover how tiring and dangerous it is to migrate to distand and foreign lands.Children 7-11, Picture bookAdventure, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Inclusion SimonciniNeo Edizionihttps://www.neoedizioni.it9791280857095168€ 15,00mm. 140x200The author starts from her own personal experience for a novel that recounts the illness and friendship between two women who share a hospital room and the awareness of wanting to change their lives. Two destinies that intertwine in a present without certainties.NovelDidactics, Family and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas Rosmarino nel mondo di AmarillaGiancarlo BiffiValeria ValenzaEdizioni Segnaviahttps://www.edizionisegnavia.it978888877662038€ 15,00mm. 215x215A new adventure for Rosmarino (the tenth) along the paths of the growing up. The encounter with talking trees, spotted sparrows, leaf-eating ants, in the acquired awareness that every life depends on another life. A fantastic encounter between the animal and the vegetable world.Children 7-11, Picture bookAdventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Peace and Justice e GioFrancesco ProsdocimiNeo Edizionihttps://www.neoedizioni.it9791280857156168€ 15,00mm. 140x200Pietro and Gio have lost their parents. They are leaving their home to try to start over in a small mountain town. The disarming tale of the bond of two brothers, capable of healing wounds, step by step, in a new life.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas, Pedagogy da DinterbildPeppe MillantaNeo Edizionihttps://www.neoedizioni.it9791280857194312€ 16,00mm. 140x200There is no one left in the village of Dinterbild. Only Ned and Mr. Biton are left. They wait for the sea to bring the right shells, the ones that hide inside the stories of all the friends who have left. You need these to build the bizarre craft.Novel, Short storiesAdventure, Fairy tales, Humor GHOST OF THE FOREST. In search of the mysterious European wildcatTiziano FiorenzaPaul ToutPHOTOS: Lucio Tolar - Nicola TomasiTIGLIO EDIZIONI di Andrea Mascarinhttps://www.tiglioedizioni.it9788894348781112€ 34,00mm 210x280The wildcat (Felis silvestris) is a mysterious and little known species. A ghost, a silent shadow, lurking in the forests of north-eastern Italy.Young adults, OtherAnimals The lime tree riverUmberto Sarcinelli - Tiziano FiorenzaPaul ToutPHOTOS: Giuliano Aita - Eugenio Novajra - Lucio TolarTIGLIO EDIZIONI di Andrea Mascarinhttps://wwwtiglioedizioni.it9788894348774176€ 44,00mm 240x300The Tagliamento is the backbone of historical Friuli and has conditioned its history and culture. Without its great river, Friuli would have had another soul and another story.Young adultsHistory, Photography, Popular Cultures A History of Forests, Rocks, Waters and Peoples.Umberto SarcinelliPaul ToutPHOTOS: Carlo SpalivieroTIGLIO EDIZIONI di Andrea Mascarinhttps://www.tiglioedizioni.it9788894348712200€ 40,00mm 240x300There was a time when, along the easy routes through the Alps, above the sources of the Fella-Tagliamento, people of many lineages transited from the Adriatic to the Noricum and vice versa. And ideas on both slopes of the Alps, of the Valcanale and the Canale del Ferro.Young adultsHistory, Photography, Popular Cultures comincia la rivoluzioneMaría Helena BoglioLuisa GiannandreaScritturapurahttps://www.scritturapura.it9788897924609134€ 15,00mm. 150x210Argentina 1973. Polls for the upcoming elections give the Peronists winning by a wide margin and the end of the dictatorship seems within reach.The realization of a young woman against the backdrop of Argentina in the early 1970sNovelCivil Rights and Racism, History FerrareseScritturapurahttps://www.scritturapura.it9788897924760118€ 15,00mm. 150x210The story of the 40000 employees' march against the workers of FIAT, Italy's largest car factory, in Turin in September 1980 and which changed the face of the labour movement in ItalyNovelHistory non scomparireChiara LaudaniScritturapurahttps://www.scritturapura.it9788897924821206€ 16,00mm. 150x210Anna lives in Rome, is a screenwriter and wants a child, but is already over forty. To complicate matters, she is single. She knows she has to resort to a donor, but does not want the oocyte of a stranger. Depth and lightness togetherNovelCivil Rights and Racism, Family Sagas, Sexuality INTERCONNECTED BRAINLuiz PessoaSimone CuvaCasa Editrice Astrolabio - Ubaldini Editore, ill.€ 29,00mm. 150x210Pessoa views the brain as a complex, interconnected system capable of generating cognition and behavior. Recalling neuroanatomy and cybernetics, he demonstrates how brain regions perform specific functions only when they are immersed in a larger network.Non-fictionHealth and Wellness, Information Sciences, Psychology and Psychiatry THOUGHT AND THE SILENCESanti BorgniCasa Editrice Astrolabio - Ubaldini Editore€ 18,00mm. 150x210A voyage towards self-knowledge, exploring the many facets of thought, imagination, knowledge, to then open up to reflection on what is not definable: silence, the inner gaze, the end of the ego, the encounter with the sacred and with the infinite.Non-fictionBody, Mind and Soul, Philosophy MUSIC OF GUSTAV MAHLERHans Heinrich EggebrechtLaura DallapiccolaCasa Editrice Astrolabio - Ubaldini Editore, ill.€ 28,00mm. 150x210A fundamental book to approach the musical world of the great composer and to understand his peculiar, indeed unique, way of making music coincide with the deepest elements of his inner world.Non-fictionMusic good journeyBeatrice MasiniGianni De ConnoCarthusia Edizioni€ 21,50mm. 285x285This book face the great theme of the journey and what makes it positive. A text full of suggestions aimed at transmitting a message: traveling is a personal experience, and a journey is “good” if it has the ability of enriching the person who makes it, wherever it takes place.Picture bookBeauty, Illustration, Travel and Places loveAle PuroCarthusia Edizioni€ 20,90mm. 285x285Why does a ninja wander on the rooftops? Because he's trying to catch the moon he's fallen in love with! A funny silent book that tells us about feelings and the vital importance that a smile can have.Picture book without wordAdventure, Family and Emotional Relationships, Illustration you sleepMariana Ruiz JohnsonCarthusia Edizioni€ 20,90mm. 285x285A highly colorful and richly detailed book: each page is a journey ... While you sleep is a book without words dedicated to reading, especially that of parents to their children at bedtime, because in the night and in dreams stories and their characters come alive.Picture book without wordBody, Mind and Soul, Games, Illustration knowsArianna PapiniArianna Papiniuovonero€ 16,00mm. 290x210An attentive, curious look into the beauty and wisdom of nature. Through her beautiful and beloved illustrations, Arianna Papini disrupts the most common stereotypes on animals, showing that our world is nuanced and it’s on us to not stop at what’s on the surface.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Diversity, Zoology EarthLetizia Anelli, Simone PerazzoneAriadna von Eckartsberguovonero€ 16,00mm. 280x200Each sentence in this book is made up of the meaning of the names of the world's different countries and pieced together through their etymology. Because words have a story and, just like people, they are never still: they travel to embrace the immense varieties of our Earth.Poetry, Comics and Graphic novelsAdventure, Geography, Travel and Places HandSante BandiraliGloria Tundouovonero€ 16,50mm. 200x290The incredible life of Paul Wittgenstein, talented pianist and descendant of one of the wealthiest and most tragic families of the Hapsburg Empire, comes to life in this picture book that traces the refined and decadent atmospheres of the end of the Belle Époque.Middle grade, Comics and Graphic novelsBiography, History, Music by stepDorothee KönigEmy GuerraStoriedichi Edizioni€ 14,90mm. 290x210Bruno is a baby hippopotamus who feels lonely because he has no friends to play with. Thanks to the advice of Anna, the ox, he will take "a step towards the others" and will meet Konny, Lilli and Ingo. A story full of laughter and songs, which reveals the beauty of differences.Picture bookDisability, Diversity, Illustration is it? The curious enigma of an English painterMonica ColliErica VerriStoriedichi Edizioni€ 14,50mm. 195x235What is the source of inspiration of the painter Charles Beehive? In front of his paintings, the curious protagonist tries to guess: is it the wing of a bird? Or is it rubber from a tire? After several attempts, he discovers it is the fascinating geometry of the cells of the hiveChildren 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Visual Arts antiche albe - Dalla Grecia a RomaVincenzo MazzoniGabriele IovacchiniIbiskos Ulivieri - 2021https://www.ibiskosulivieri.it9788832722386128€ 15,00mm. 120x200This collection of short essays presents authors, myths, historical realities and deities in a voyage through time and space, from ancient Greece to the power of the Roman Empire. In the era of globalization and advanced technology, the humanistic legacy of classicism retains...Poetry, OtherHistory, Literature, Philosophy - Storia siciliana di vizi, virtù, trappole, passioni e disincantiVincenzo Mazzonigraphic design by Franco De VecchisIbiskos Ulivieri - 2021https://www.ibiskosulivieri.it9788832721867152€ 15,00mm. 140x210“Sciabica” is marked out by the flow of a nostalgia that an emblematic character, named Pietro, wisely conveys to weld the times of the narrated story. A Sicilian story of vices, virtues, traps, passions and disenchantments, told by an author who is an emerging part of Sicilian...Novel, Short storiesAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Literature, Popular Cultures Storni - amore e libertàVincenzo MazzoniMar del Plata, opera dedicata ad Alfonsina StorniIbiskos Ulivieri - 2022https://www.ibiskosulivieri.it9788832722055108€ 15,00mm. 120x200“Home pequeñito, hombre pequeñito, / Suelta a tu canario que quiere volar… / Yo soy el canario, hombre pequeñito, / déjame saltar” “Little man, little man / free your canary who loves to fly / I am the canary, little man / let me fly”Novel, PoetryAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Biography, Literary Critique high, queen beeMonica Colli, Alessandro VoloMaria Cristina BetStoriedichi Edizioni€ 15,00mm. 195x235When the beekeeper realizes that the queen bee is dead, he buries her tiny body in the roots of a tree and thanks her for what she has done. A book that deals with the theme of death in a delicate way, inviting us to consider it a natural passage of life.Short stories, Picture bookAnimals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Psychology and Psychiatry maledizione di Rasputin (Rasputin’s Curse)Sergio KraiskyVoland€ 17,00mm. 145x205From the October Revolution to Nazism, through private tragedies and dreams of redemption, a love story marked by the abuses of dictatorships and the cynicism of democracies. The curse of Rasputin marks the life stories of three generations in this historical family saga.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas, History (Illpeace)Francesca VeltriMiraggi edizioni€ 19,00mm. 135x190France, Fall 1944. In an allied prisoners camp, François meets Antoine, a former friend of his and now a staunch fascist. The painful dialogue between them makes François to retrace his path to the hardest choice: ideals or peace. When peace is worth a pact with the devil.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, History nome segreto (The Secret Name)Olga GambariMiraggi edizioni€ 25,00mm. 135x190After a great loss Eva left her family and started to wander across Europe. In each town she adopts a new name and identity: different women destined to vanish after she leaves for a new place. When she meets Lupo, a mysterious circus man, she has the chance to find her real name.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places (Gloombridge)Luca RagagninEnrico RemmertMiraggi edizioni€ 16,00mm. 135x190Set in the fascist Italy of 1922, Gloombridge is a metaphysical crime novel about the murder of Daphne, the beautiful and scandalous daughter of the local landlord, who will do everything he can to punish the culprit… well, not so much a culprit as a scapegoat.NovelHistory, Popular Cultures, Social Inequalities e ciambelleFrancesco BergamascoGagio Edizioni€ 15,00mm. 150x220“Dawn and donuts” tells about how to face traveling and life with brand new eyes. A one-way ticket can really change our existence. Half travel journal, half biographical novel; the backpack carried on the shoulder becomes a treasure made of meetings and discovery of cultures.NovelPhotography, Travel and Places fiabe delle stalle - Le PastoceAndrea NichettiGagio Edizioni€ 16,00mm. 160x230 “The Stable Tales” is an illustrated collection of fairy tales from northern Italy. This stories, hidden for many decades, contain the seeds of ancient folklore, wisdom and lifestyle of peasants. A book that preserves important fragments of Lombardy collective memory and European Fairytale tradition.Children 7-11Costume and Traditions, Cultural Heritage, Tales SelvaSilvia Paulikova MilleriCostanza LindiGagio Edizioni€ 17,00mm. 216x303“In the Forest”, a lovely world where everyday Mother Nature tells a new story to her loyal creatures, something is going bad. Ratamura and his goons plot to overthrow her, and a dark mist of fright covers everything. A picture book to reflect on hardship of grow up dealing with arrogance and manipulation.Children 7-11, Picture bookAnimals, Pedagogy, Tales chefRoberta LepriVoland€ 16,00mm. 145x205Guido is a successful chef, but struggles to maintain a relationship with his family. When his father falls ill, however, he is forced to return to the Tremiti islands, where his grandfather Giovanni had been confined during fascism, and where a surprising past awaits him...NovelCuisine and Gastronomy, Family and Emotional Relationships, History TronoFranco BerniniEdizioni E/O€ 18,50mm. 135x210Il Trono unveils the history-making encounter between Niccolò Machiavelli and Cesare Borgia. It's a profound reflection on power that reminds us how we can still look at history to learn lessons that might still affect us today.NovelHistory, Political Sciences niente (Sacred Nothing)Giovanni BitettoVoland€ 18,00mm. 145x205Southern Italy, in front of a funeral chamber a statue of Padre Pio collects the confessions of passers-by. Through the stories of its characters and the philosophical conversations between the statue and a boy, the novel probes the human soul, investigates impulses and feelings.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Philosophy, Religion–-Elefante-il-sacco-e-il-segreto-COPERTINA-RGB.jpgElephant, the Bag and the SecretVanessa Policicchio RizzoliMonica PezzoliCaissa Italiahttps://www.caissa.it978886729143424€ 16,50mm. 240x250Elephant has a new sack on his back. “What is it?” “A secret.” His friends are unimpressed and go and play with each other. Elephant is now alone with his sack, but it becomes heavier and heavier. Finally he decides to let it go and returns to his lifelong friends with a new gameChildren 0-6, Picture bookAnimals's Play Chess!Yuri GarrettMarcello CarrieroCaissa Italiahttps://www.caissa.it978886729101296€ 12,50mm. 210x210A fun and instructive manual for teaching chess to young children. Written by an internationally renown chess person, with exercises composed by a Grandmaster and illustrated by a former Disney designer, this is the ultimate chess book for children.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Games, Hobbies and Free Time, Sport for and trampled on. From muse to woman: the Swinging Life of a 20th century iconRiccardo RussinoCaissa Italiahttp://www.caissa.it1988867291618168€ 16,50mm. 140x210George Harrison and Eric Clapton vyed over Pattie Boyd's love. They both ended up writing beautiful songs about her (Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight) and both married her. But what is her side of the story? An enthralling story based on the accounts of the protagonists.Non-fiction, OtherBiography, Family and Emotional Relationships, Music moderneElide PantoliHanna Sunile plurali editrice€ 14,00mm. 105x155Starting from clichés, this book deconstructs myths and stereotypes about single women, motherhood and romantic love. It will show you why being single is “not a problem to solve”, and what lies behind the social pressure to “have children” and find your other half.Non-fictionLGBTQ +, Social Inequalities, Sociology Realities and fictions (Confini. Realtà e invenzioni)Marco Aime, Davide PapottiEdizioni Gruppo Abele€ 18,00mm. 140x210An interdisciplinary approach to the idea of “border”. The concept is observed through different perspectives (anthropological, geographical, historical, sociological) and in different contexts (society, tourism, food, cartography, religion, class, art, etc.).Non-fictionAnthropology, Geography, Social Inequalities less. Isn’t eight hours enough? (Lavorare meno. Se otto ore vi sembran poche)Sandro BussoEdizioni Gruppo Abele€ 14,00mm. 120X170Automation and technological progress have increased labor productivity, yet promises and prophecies of a society where it would be possible to work less and earn more remain unfulfilled. The book analyzes the causes of this failed revolution and explores the possible solutions.Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, Social Inequalities, Sociology TognoliniAlicia BaladanEdizioni Gruppo Abele€ 20,00mm. 170X240Bestian looks like one among the kids with special needs we know, and this tale looks like the many stories about school and diversity we've red. Then something happens and everything changes: Bestian is not just human, and this is a sci-fi story about hope and planet protection.Children 7-11, Picture bookEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, School, Science Fiction of BeautyMarco LazzarottoLas Vegas edizionihttps://lasvegasedizioni.com9788831260121239€ 15,00mm. 150x210In Callistocracy, beauty rules Italy. Matteo, an average-looking writer, faces rejection and social exclusion. He resists the beauty tyranny, seeking authentic self-worth in a peculiar journey.NovelDystopia, Literature, Social Inequalities Marie. Prospettive di genere nella scienzaNastassja Cipriani & Edwige PezzulliHanna Sunile plurali editrice€ 18,00mm. 130x200Oltre Marie offers us a transversal look at the gender issue in science. The authors reflect on the rhetoric of neutrality and impartiality that characterizes the scientific world and on how science is told through the stories of brilliant individuals, thus fueling stereotypes.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Inclusion, Social Inequalities amiantoEmilia Bersabea CirilloHanna Sunile plurali editrice€ 18,00mm. 130x200With the refined writing of Emilia Bersabea Cirillo, Azzurro amianto transports the reader into a social, political and intimate affair, against the backdrop of a wounded territory, crossed by the desire for redemption of its protagonists and also of the author.NovelEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Social Inequalities’d Rather Drown Myself. The Whirling History of SpinstersValeria Palumboenciclopediadelledonne.ithttps://www.enciclopediadelledonne.it9788899270391328€ 16,00mm. 140x210For millennia, women have been steered toward a single fate: becoming brides and mothers. But since Artemis decided she would never marry, some have walked a different path – by nature, choice, or chance. This is their story, by journalist and women’s historian Valeria Palumbo.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Diversity, History Was in Athens a Beautiful Woman. Hetairai, Concubines, and Free Women in Ancient GreeceVittoria Longonienciclopediadelledonne.ithttps://www.enciclopediadelledonne.it9788899270261224€ 18,00mm. 140x210Feminist and classicist Vittoria Longoni gives voice to those women who were able to find some sort of freedom in ancient Greece, even as the patriarchy attempted to box them in as wives, concubines, slaves, or hetairai – prostitutes, entertainers, and companions.Non-fictionCultural Heritage, Discrimination and Gender Equality, History’invenzione di Milano. Culto della comunicazione e politiche urbaneLucia TozziEdizioni Cronopiohttp://www.cronopio.it9798898367689208€ 15,00mm. 120x170Thanks to Expo2015, Milan has taken on the image of a shining metropolis. The most disturbing aspect is the role played by finance: concentration of wealth through the privatisation of the public city and entrapment of the forces that could fight inequality.Non-fictionArchitecture, Urban Planning CiecaVirgilio SieniEdizioni Cronopiohttp://www.cronopio.it979889836752894€ 12,00mm. 120x170Danza Cieca collects the thoughts on the physical, aesthetic, and emotional experience arose during the realization of the duet dance performed by choreographer Virgilio Sieni and blind dancer Giuseppe Comuniello. A notebook to foster the renewal of dance.Non-fictionTheater and Dance politicoBruno MoronciniEdizioni Cronopiohttp://www.cronopio.it9798898367078200€ 18,00mm. 130x190The book questions the contribution that Lacanian psychoanalysis may bring to political practice, attempting to grasp the socio-political significance of the theory of the four discourses, reconstructing the Lacanian reading of Marx and relationship between anxiety and politicsNon-fictionPhilosophy, Political Sciences Palme (novel)Luisa StellaEdizionidellassenzahttps://www.edizionidellassenza.it9788894384352162€ 12,00mm. 214x140A tired and idle man ends up being obsessed by a young and enigmatic creature, Adele, living opposite his window. The more her eyes draw back the more his glance longs to investigate her mystery.NovelDiversity, Family and Emotional Relationships, Psychology and Psychiatry insonni (novel)Luisa StellaEdizionidellassenzahttps://www.edizionidellassenza.it9788894384376249€ 14,00mm. 214x140The lives of Antonio, Ivo and Tea are ravaged by insomnia, whose ancient and submerged relation to guilt is as ambiguous as growlingly intolerable. Through them Luisa Stella travels deep into a never-ending wake.NovelBody, Mind and Soul, Diversity, Family and Emotional Relationships Palme (novel) - Il medico degli incurabili e altri racconti (short stories) - Tre insonni (novel) - Euthalia, Il terrazzo, Lamìa, Frasi, Un’altra Elide (theatre)Luisa StellaEdizionidellassenzahttps://www.edizionidellassenza.it9788894384345929€ 36,00mm. 222x145x84The four volumes set features two novels, several short stories and theatre works by Luisa Stella, Sicilian novelist and playwright, considered by the critics an heir of the greatest Sicilian and European tradition.Novel, Short storiesBody, Mind and Soul, Family and Emotional Relationships, Theater and Dance pack of wolvesChiara ProperziMartina AndonovaKaba edizioni€ 15,00mm. 210x240Some try to ‘get used’ to a new reality by ignoring what they really feel, while others try to ‘survive’ by finding a personal space. Molly and fiffy, the central characters of this story, run into an unfortunate adventure and each of them reacts differently.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Illustration, Tales Eric Acakpo, Francesca Pedullà, Nuvola VandiniArianna Bellucci, Sara Bernardi, Francesco Fungo Borghi, Alessandra Comparetto, Lisa Gelli, Ilaria Guarducci, Marta VivianiKaba edizioni€ 12,00mm. 200x270A collection of stories, proverbs, and songs of ancient oral tradition used in the Fon and Yoruba cultures (West Africa). They were used to open up a field of inquiry about oneself and social relations in the context of therapeutic-divinatory sessions.Short storiesAnimals, Body, Mind and Soul, Fairy tales blue diaryAnna Maria FarabbiKaba edizioni€ 9,00mm. 130x180Lilli is a Jewish young girl who recounts the story of her childhood days spent in an orphanage in the Alps. Her intelligent exuberance shines amid nature and above the other children, overcoming all difficulties. The story is set during World War II. Suddenly, tragedy erupts.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Cultural Heritage, Diversity, Social Inequalities’s summerSusanna MattiangeliChiara CarrerEdizioni Primavera€ 17,00mm. 220X280Teo has no idea how it all started. His memories are fuzzy. And in a very special summer it turns out love too. It doesn't last long. It leaves him in pieces. But putting putting the pieces back together is the next step to growing up.Children 7-11, Picture bookIllustration (Worlds)Valentina RizziLuca CaimmiSettenove edizionihttps://www.settenove.it978889894790440€ 18,90mm. 220x280Illustrations as paintings accompany the poetic text that tells how every living being is a set of fragility and strength that coexist in a perfect balance. The book tells different animal's worlds and the strength that is revealed by the shared fragility.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Diversity, Philosophy il T-Rex (Nino the T-Rex)Francesco PierriDunja JoganSettenove edizionihttps://www.settenove.it978889894786740€ 17,00mm. 220x220In an extraordinary world Nino, a tirannosaurus is the biggest bully. A story on emotional education, the importance of dialogue and sharing. Through mutual knowledge, even the most convinced villain can understand that building is more beautiful than destroying.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Diversity, Family and Emotional Relationships GottiDaniela StamatiadiEdizioni Primavera€ 15,00mm. 240X240Zeus, king of Olympus, fell in love with a girl and wanted her all for himself. He then he transformed himself into a tame white bull and kidnapped her. That girl was Princess Europa. A myth to help us return to our roots.Children 7-11, Picture bookDidactics, History, Illustration Le donne che hanno fatto l'Europa (Pioneers. The women who made EuropePina Caporaso, Giulia MirandolaMichela NanutSettenove edizionihttps://www.settenove.it978889894787456€ 19,00mm. 215x265Eleven biographies about the women who contributed to building Europe. A book about the desire for a union of peace, rights, social justice and gender equality, capable of trascending national borders.Hybrid, Children 7-11Discrimination and Gender Equality, History, Political Sciences Kindergarten ShipGrazia GottiGiovanni ColaneriEdizioni Primavera€ 17,00mm. 220X280In August 1913 Giulia Civita Franceschi, some marine officials, teachers, and a group of scugnizzi boarded the Ship Caracciolo to start an extraordinary educational experiment. This is the story of the Kindergarten Ship that gave street children “social redemption and resilience”Children 7-11, Picture bookHistory, School, Social Inequalities, centauri, chef e cosa mangianoMario Pietro FerreroEditrice Custom€ 12,00mm. 150x210Creating something that does not exist is the mindset that drove the author - a die-hard motorcyclist who is a chef - to come up with a project that resulted in this book. The project we are talking about is the author's motorbike but also introspective travelsNovel, OtherAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Tourism and Guides SonnessaEditrice Custom€ 12,00mm. 150x210Four like the unforgettable Honda motorbike that the book is partly about. Four like the four strokes of this legendary motorbike, four like the periods from childhood to adulthood that the author talks, four like the four cities in which the events take place.Novel, OtherAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Motorsport, Travel and Places Una saga tra il Friuli e TriesteBarbara PascoliKAPPA VUhttps://shop.kappavu.it9788832153385296€ 18,00mm. 140x210From 1909 to 1945, the destinies of 4 sisters are linked with history. First world war, fascism's crimes, slovenes and jews persecution, nazi occupation, sorround their existences. They will be able to find their way alone, without a man on the side, real heroines in a new world.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas, Historyà-ancora-domani.jpgCI SARÀ ANCORA DOMANI QUESTO CIELO? Infanzie perdute, infanzie ritrovate ai tempi della ShoahFiammetta Bonsignore - Tiziana MenottiKAPPA VUhttps://shop.kappavu.it9788832153415316€ 20,00mm. 140x210"Will this sky be there again tomorrow?" is a question made by one of the young kids we talk about in this book, after years of starving, thirst, lack of parental affection, lack of games, when she feels that something has changed. Now there's a sky, a bed, bread and milk to eat.Novel, Short storiesCivil Rights and Racism, History, Social Inequalities bipolareAlessandro SgarbiKAPPA VUhttps://shop.kappavu.it9788832153422192€ 16,00mm. 140x210A literary debut of a young author that brings us, towards the story of a part of his life, to discover bipolarism; an emotional, social and relational path made of troubles, misunderstandings, hopes and search of consciousness, written with big personality and deepness.Novel, Young adultsBiography, Diversity, Psychology and Psychiatry home elsewhereFederica MarziBottega Errante Edizioni€ 17,00mm. 130x200A novel about new beginnings and the search for identity in migration. Amila, a Zvornik-born student who grew up in Trieste, and Norina, an elderly Istrian refugee, reconstruct a family history of escape, refugees, traumatic memories and love in modern Italy.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Foreign Languages she-wolf's sonAnton Špacapan Vončina & Francesco TomadaBottega Errante Edizioni€ 18,00mm. 130x200In 1931 in Čepovan, present-day Slovenia, Lieutenant Ottavi arrives to re-establish the Fascist Italianisation of the Slovenes. The small town’s resistance to nationalisation is led by Srečko, a young boy, aided by a mysterious white creature living in the forest.NovelAnimals, Fantasy, Political Sciences makes no sound (Il sangue non fa rumore)Lilia ScandurraPop Edizioni Srl€ 12,00mm. 150x210A country of uncaring people. A young woman who returns to the place she hoped to have abandoned forever. A persecutor turned victim. The four humors of Hippocratic theory punctuate the severe issue of child abuse in families, in this masterful and measured novel.Novel, Young adultsBody, Mind and Soul, Diversity, Family and Emotional Relationships homeland is me (La mia patria sono io)J.H. YasminPop Edizioni Srl€ 9,00mm. 130x200In today's Egypt, nine women tell their stories to break down the wall of silence. Arranged marriages, infibulation, repudiation, household segregation. But in their words the hope that this book can become a seed of freedom resonates strong.Short stories, Young adultsAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Family and Emotional Relationships abyss (Orrido Famigliare)Giorgio FranzaroliPop Edizioni Srl€ 8,50mm. 135x210In the family tales told to the author, an anti-fascist story of Italy from 1935 to 1950: from the Istrian Diaspora to the Partisan Resistance, from the massacres of the Nazi-fascists to the bombing by the Allies, in an unforgettable graphic novel reminding us who we really are.Young adults, Comics and Graphic novelsAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Family and Emotional Relationships, History art of prolonging life. Doctors, philosophers and alchemists in search of longevityLuca TonettiEditrice Bibliografica€ 19,00mm. 140x200The search for the secret of longevity has always been one of man's most stimulating challenges. This book reconstructs the history of this fascinating debate, tracing its development in modern-age medicine.OtherAcademic Books, History, Medicine driven: Impacts, measurement and tales between economics and imaginaryAnnalisa CicerchiaEditrice Bibliografica€ 26,00mm. 150x210The book deals with the importance of talking about the impacts of culture and how to detect and account for them with appropriate perspectives, responding to the need for simple and manageable answers, without mortifying the depth and complexity of the factors involved.Non-fiction, OtherBusiness, Economy and Finance, Cultural Heritage Who Made BooksGiorgio MaffeiEditrice Bibliografica€ 29,50mm. 150x210Which authors have devoted themselves most intensively to the artist's book? Mallarmé, Boetti, Andy Warhol, Munari, Damien Hirst, Kokoschka, Queneau, Manzoni and many others, of whom Maffei has been a true pioneer in reconstructing their artistic adventure.Non-fiction, OtherCultural Heritage, History, Visual Arts for the late brain responseBriannaArianna MutiNepturanus€ 7,90mm. 125x160In this zany-sarcastic-surreal volume “any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons is purely wanted”. Please note: the book is sold at full price: no cheap jokes.Young adults, HandbookCreative Writing, Humor, Illustration MutiNepturanus€ 8,80mm. 125x160By reading these “Afoolisms” what was only suspected is now ascertained: often people in power turn out to be stupider than those who elected them.Young adults, HandbookCreative Writing, Humor, Illustration me two-timersBriannaArianna MutiNepturanus€ 8,80mm. 125x160For those who have eaten their heart out and what’s around it, the third collection of “Afoolisms” is particularly suitable. The main tip is to avoid toxic relationships: you will spare yourself lots of pain and prevent an environmental pollution fine.Young adults, HandbookCreative Writing, Humor, Illustration ourselves. Mindfulness and Self-parentingNicoletta CinottiEnrico Damiani Editore e Associati€ 17,00mm. 150x210An alternative to the usual ways to look at mental health, by using mindfulness and self-compassion to explore our identity, heal past wounds and find love for ourselves. Each chapter includes an exercise and an audio track to accompany you in guided meditation.Non-fiction, OtherBody, Mind and Soul, Family and Emotional Relationships, Health and Wellness guida semiseria a un fenomeno urbanoIrene RanaldiSalvatore Santucciotab edizionihttps://www.tabedizioni.it9788892955868108€ 12,00mm. 120x170Gentrification is much covered by the media, but often poorly understood, especially by the social classes that suffer its effects. This complex issue and the changes occurring in our cities are explained with a semi-serious approach and with the aid of ironic illustrations.Non-fictionSocial Inequalities, Sociology, Urban Planning Metamorfosi dei PapaveriNathan LeviTresogni Casa Editricehttps://www.tresogni.it9788897320555300€ 16.50mm. 135x210The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the near future. Science and epigenetics as tools to defeat violence and promote peace. A political thriller between science fiction and reality, between history and current events. More details: Rights and Racism, Current Affairs and Politics, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror è splendida a maggioDavide ZadarTresogni Casa Editricehttps://www.tresogni.it9788897320234188€ 16.00mm. 135x210A romantic and harsh novel to get to know the Ukrainian people. The author, under a pseudonym, tells it through his personal experiences: from the orange revolution of 2004 to the Russian invasion of 2022. More details: Affairs and Politics, History usciremo miglioriDanilo MengoniTresogni Casa Editricehttps://www.tresogni.it9788897320210178€ 15.00mm. 135x210Two stories about pandemics and climate change. Irreverent style, strong irony, lean and effective narration. The characters are murky caricatures of the contemporary mediocre man. Strong political references. More details: storiesCurrent Affairs and Politics, Dystopia, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror comandamentoDavide CalìTommaso CarozziKite Edizioni€ 18,00mm. 210x290What if one day, looking up at the sky, we saw dozens of placid whales? We would stand by and observe, try to understand what is happening, or act to resolve the situation? Perhaps there is an eleventh commandment: do not defy nature. An engaging and visionary silent book.Picture book without wordAnimals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Illustration e per sempreChiara LorenzoniMarco SomàKite Edizioni€ 18,00mm. 210x290After the loss of a family member, Olivo and his dad find comfort by building a treehouse. Through this experience, they learn to deal with negative emotions and share positive words, finding a new sense of unity and happiness.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Family and Emotional Relationships, Illustration di chi?Davide CalìRegina Lukk-ToompereKite Edizioni€ 18,00mm. 240x340When one suffers damage, it is natural to ask oneself who is responsible. And once you think you have identified him, it can be difficult to restrain your anger (especially if you are a warrior bear). Listening to the reasons of others, however, can shake every certainty.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Peace and Justice tetto e due scuole. Memorie jugoslaveAndrea Cairatab edizionihttps://www.tabedizioni.it9788892955912200€ 16,00mm. 140x200Except for some Yugonostalgija, today almost nothing remains of socialist Yugoslavia. Caira collects memories of those who lived Yugoslavia in peace and in war, of those who faced the effects of the conflict, of those who want to change their country or to escape from it.Non-fictionHistory, Political Sciences, Popular Cultures Whale's BreathRossana BossùRossana BossùCamelozampa€ 24,90mm. 245x323The whale has fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Exploited as a raw material, decimated by over a century of hunting, now the whale begins to reveal its characteristics as an extraordinary being, halfway between two worlds, aquatic and terrestrial, spiritual and physical.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Animals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Sea of the Terran houseNino TribulatoTralerighe libri editore€ 22,00mm. 150x210In a fabulous time, against the backdrop of 17th century Sicily, the saga of the Alessi, Guzzardi and Mazzara families unfolds, with Enrichetta who has the gift of interacting with the ghosts of her ancestors, and her twin sister Lucrezia who, instead, is attached on the ground.NovelFamily Sagas GaribaldiElena MartinelliTralerighe libri editore€ 18,00mm. 150x210What story is possible for a child who witnesses the violent death of his father? To Gennaro, Salvatore leaves not only the shocking image of his end but also a book, the life of Garibaldi.NovelDiversity of oblivionValeria ConcaTralerighe libri editore€ 22,00mm. 150x210In March 1929, Berlin still wore its fascinating golden mask, as dazzling as the cabaret signs, as provocative as the new artistic currents and as modern as the company in constant transformation. But reality is different.NovelMysteries, Thrillers, Horror's JourneyNicola CinquettiMaria GirónCamelozampa€ 17,00mm. 230x270Kiran can't sleep. Tomorrow is the big day, and his heart is like a boat jumping on the waves. A night spent looking outside the window: a dog sniffing the walls, a cat on the edge of the roof, a gigantic elephant appearing like a dream. Tomorrow, everything will change for KiranChildren 7-11, Picture bookFamily and Emotional Relationships, Inclusion, RightÈ-PERMESSO-cover-WEB.jpgCan I come in?Elena RossiniIrene PenazziCamelozampa€ 18,00mm. 280x220An improvised hut, built with sheets and clothespins, becomes the space of imagination and creativity. When adults wish to enter the game, they have to ask for permission. In this exhilarating almost-wordless book, more and more people ask for entering the hut, until the hilarious finale.Children 0-6, Picture bookFamily and Emotional Relationships, Games, Humor sporta consapevole. Riconoscere la qualità degli alimenti, al di là dei mitiAndrea Sonninotab edizionihttps://www.tabedizioni.it9788892956919192€ 15,00mm. 140x200The choice of ingredients is essential to eat in a healthy and affordable way, limiting the impact on the environment as much as possible. The book aims to give info and advice to those who go grocery shopping on how to recognize the quality of food beyond myths and fake news.Non-fictionAgriculture, Food and Nutrition•-SULLE-STRADE-DOGLIASTRA.jpgSulle strade d'OgliastraPaola ManciniEditrice Taphros€ 30,00mm. 210x297The volume accompanies the reader towards the discovery of an archaeological site frequented from the 4th century BC. in the mid-sixth century AD, in a very delicate phase and one of the least known in the history of Sardinia and emerged during the construction of a road.OtherAcademic Books, Archeology, History nodo di OdinoGemma Ammirati (autrice) - sceneggiatura di Francesco D'AmoreCarmelo ZagariaEdizioni Fioranna€ 18,50mm. 210x297A story of love, death and magic, suspended between science and esotericism. The story of Pasquale Del Pezzo and Anne Charlotte Leffler takes place in the Naples of Belle Époque. In the background, the mysterious presence of Odin's Knot.Comics and Graphic novelsEsotericism and Occult Sciences, Fantasy e il magico mare di CapriCostanza CerrottaCristina LantoniEdizioni Fioranna€ 14,00mm. 210x297A magical and extraordinary adventure that will make Dorina discover the secrets of the sea. Wandering between the waves and the corals, she will understand the true value of friendship. A colorful picture book with a final surprise… English words to learn English in a fun way!Children 0-6, Picture bookFairy tales, Sea di uno SceneggiatoreFrancesco D'AmoreClaudia Scotto di RinaldiEdizioni Fioranna€ 11,50mm. 130x200Ten stories of different genres that are linked by the author's personal story - common thread and meeting point of the stories. The collection is interactive. Inside, you can find QR codes that refer to the film adaptation of three stories.Short storiesFantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror and ShovelVincenzo A. ScalfariVendi VernićMarcos y Marcoshttps://marcosymarcos.com9788892941328176€ 17,00mm. 130x205A tragicomic stream of consciousness about the fate and troubles of an archeologist in his late twenties. Going through his personal ordeal of lost love, job exploitation and financial straits, he struggles with all his might and sardonic irony to keep a grip on his youth.NovelArcheology, Career and Jobs, Family and Emotional Relationships Fair the Other SeasAlessandro Della SantunioneVendi VernićMarcos y Marcoshttps://marcosymarcos.com9788892940857160€ 17,00mm. 130x205A tremendously extended family lives barricaded in a single house to endure a world that continues to change faster than ever. They keep on splitting rooms and moving furniture to make everyone fit in, for no one, in that house, dies anymore. No one, except God.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Religion STORY OF A ROBOT AND THE CHILD WHO TOOK HIM TO THE SEALorenzo NaiaRoberta RossettiGlifo Edizionihttp://www.glifo.com978889874166340€ 12,00mm. 165x165Nostalgia is a bit like rust, it sticks to you and it’s hard to get rid of. Glauco and Marco, the robot who stands guard of the lighthouse, don’t even imagine they will spend the summer together and discover what it really means to feel nostalgia for a friend…Children 0-6, Picture bookAdventure, Sea's LoverRita CharbonnierVendi VernicMarcos y Marcoshttps://marcosymarcos.com9788892941359256€ 18,00mm. 130x205Fryderyk Chopin, an unparalleled pianist and composer, and George Sand, a nonconformist writer, indulge their passion through creative waves, emotional storms and fits of jealousies. A novel that digs into the hidden folds of two extraordinary lives.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Literature, Music THE HOT-AIR BALLOONEmanuela BusàDaniela VolpariGlifo Edizionihttp://www.glifo.com978889874154084€ 13,00mm. 150x195Vera is a curious toy hot-air balloon who has never put the balloon out of the house because she is terrified of flying. A journey to overcome all fears and discover the wonders of nature and what makes each of us unique and unrepeatable.Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Travel and Places and the pirate galleonPier Giuseppe GiuntaGabriele CracoliciGlifo Edizionihttp://www.glifo.com978889874158832€ 12,00mm. 165x165A pirate-themed adventure story, in simple rhymes, that encourages kids not to stop in front of criticism and pursue their dreams with daring and enthusiasm.Novel, Children 0-6Adventure, Inclusion, Sea•-TOTTOI.jpgTottoiGianni PadoanClaudia PirasEditrice Taphros€ 15,00mm. 150x210Going to Sardinia, to Cala Gonone, I had already wanted an idea of what to write. But as soon as I arrived in those coves, I entered those caves, I met those people, the fishermen and shepherds of Dorgali, I realized that “Tottoi” came out in a different way but so it is true.Children 7-11, Young adultsAdventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Family Sagas•-WOMAN-STORY.jpgWoman storyTakoua Ben MohamedTakoua Ben MohamedEditrice Taphros€ 8,00mm. 170x240Takoua Ben Mohamed confronts us with our prejudices, telling life stories with the eyes and feelings of those who, every day, we pretend not to seeYoung adults, Comics and Graphic novelsDiversity, Inclusion, Religion viaggio con Wallace - Carnet de Voyage a leporelloAngela Maria RussoAngela Maria RussoFiorina Edizioni€ 28,00mm. 155x205A journey on the wings of a dreamy leporello notebook to remember the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, two hundred years after his birth. Wallace is known for being Darwin's companion in the conception of the theory of evolution of the species through natural selection.OtherBotany, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Zoology bécasse - De l'ornithologie à l'imaginaireSilvio SpanòCharles FadatCarola ZerboneFiorina Edizioni€ 32,00mm. 155x205The Woodcock, shy and solitary pilgrim of the night, very skilled at appearing and disappearing in the undergrowth, capable of travelling up to ten thousand kilometers in the dark, has been igniting the imagination of men for more than four thousand years.OtherAnimals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Illustration Rosso - Le petit Chaperon Rouge di Perrault portato in rima da Emma Mahul Dejean ora liberamente tradotto da Carla IaconoEmma Mahul DejeanCarla IaconoCarla IaconoFiorina Edizioni€ 28,00mm. 150x200The rhymed version by Emma Mahul Dejean, from 1873 inspired by Perrault's "Little Red Riding Hood", is here accompanied by the free translation by Carla Iacono. The verses, light and sometimes ironic, mitigate the crudeness of the story and highlight its symbolic character.Poetry, Picture bookFairy tales, Illustration, Popular Cultures adagio. The other side of a postcard cityPaola ZattiEnrico Damiani Editore e Associati€ 18,00mm. 115x165The "adagi" are a series of guides for the most curious and patient travellers who want to experience the essence of Italy's most beautiful cities and savour their genuine atmosphere. "Venice adagio" is a slow-paced stroll through its lesser known and more authentic corners.Travel guideTourism and Guides, Travel and Places beauty we like. Body anthropology through 10 objectsCristina CasseseEnrico Damiani Editore e Associati€ 17,00mm. 120x165What we define as beautiful often complies with certain standards which are defined by the culture we live in and vary over space and time. Body anthropology can help us deconstruct body care practices and understand how they concur in building our social identity.Non-fictionAnthropology, Discrimination and Gender Equality, LGBTQ + scrittura che educa a stare bene (The writing that educates to feel good)Viviana HutterVoglino Editrice€ 15,00mm. 155×230A self-therapy manual, a path of self-healing through writing, in which to tell and talk about oneself, get to know each other better, open the drawers of memories, get rid of what makes us feel bad.Non-fiction, Young adultsBody, Mind and Soul, Creative Writing, Health and Wellness Manuale di Ecologia TotaleAnna Stella DolcettiKressida Editorehttps://kressidaeditore.com8894684995356€ 30,00mm. 150x225A manual to feel yourself as nature and to build a sustainable lifestyle. A scientific essay about systemic and complex ecological thought, which presents the links with buddhism perspective and a sociological approach on new technologies impact.Non-fiction, HandbookEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Sociology versus MurakamiMariaclara Menenti SavelliKressida Editorehttps://kressidaeditore.com978889468491940€ 16,00mm. 110x170A Cahier that leads us to the discovery of two of the most important voices of contemporary Japan: Mishima and Murakami; two different and mysterious approach to live the "Way of the Warrior".Non-fictionLiterature DecostruttivistaClaudio SimonciniKressida Editorehttps://kressidaeditore.com9788894684902340€ 27,00mm. 150x210Stories that disrupt everyday reality and show it as a fragmented stream of desire and anger. A flow of words that faces the mysterious essence of life, which disturbs the vision of reality, showing it as one, a thousand, none.Novel, Short storiesLiterature, Philosophy matite sbriciolate di nonno Antonio (Grandfather Antonio’s crumbled pencils)Antonella BartoloSara MancusoDidattica Attiva (by Voglino Editrice)€ 16,00mm. 168x240It is an important contribution to the theme of Holocaust, about concentration camps of Poland and Germany from 1943 to 45. It is a true story, which involves and awakens in young people the desire to go in search of their roots.Novel, Children 7-11Civil Rights and Racism, Edutainment’uomo del metrò (The subway man)Attilio PiovanoMusica Practica (by Voglino Editrice)€ 16,00mm. 140×210Short stories of big musicians. Composers become fictional figures but also close at hand, but keeping intact that mystery that is artistic creation. A fascinating journey through time, space and…mind, “visiting” for example Shostakovic,Bach,De Falla,Piazzolla,Ives,Beethoven…Short stories, Audio bookBiography, Music Passenger - MediterraneoA.A.V.V.Vincenzo Del VecchioIperboreahttps://thepassenger.iperborea.com9788870918540192€ 22,00mm. 160x240Fully-illustrated, The Passenger features writing, reportage and photography from around the world. This volume collects texts by David Abulafia, Leïla Slimani, Rachel Roddy and many more to dive deep into the complex issues and contradictions facing the Mediterranean region.OtherPopular Cultures, Sea, Travel and Places cavalli che hanno fatto la storiaEmanuele LucianiGiaconi Editorehttps://giaconieditore.com979128112025984€ 12,00mm. 150x210We are used to giving names to our beloved pets, names that are intimate to us. Dogs, cats, turtles, fish, birds become our friends, moreover, family. We forget, however, that some of them have accomplished epic deeds, like human heroes.Short stories, HybridAnimals, Cultural Heritage mia amica Guty – Una magica goccia d’acqua ci racconta il suo mondo e le sue meraviglieDaniela ZepponiGiaconi Editorehttps://giaconieditore.com9791281120228118€ 13,00mm. 170x240Guty is a magical drop of water who becomes a friend of little Matilde on a rainy day, telling her about his long and fascinating life. Returning to visit her several times during the year, each time with a different story, Guty talks to her about the water cycle.Children 7-11, Picture bookDidactics, Information Sciences mestieri della mammaPiero Massimo MacchiniGiaconi Editorehttps://giaconieditore.com979128112024244€ 13,00mm. 170x240Being a mother is the most difficult job in the world because being a mother means doing all the jobs in the world almost at the same time!Children 0-6, Picture bookAnthropology, Career and Jobs, Civil Rights and Racism Femminile animaleValeria Bianchi Mian, Martina Campi, Ksenja Laginja, Teodora Mastrototaro, Silvia RosaValeria Bianchi Mian, Ksenja LaginjaVita Activa Nuova ed.https://www.vaneditrice.it9791280771131104€ 17,00mm. 130x180Illustrated anthology collection by five Italian women poets collaborating with the curator. It overcomes the opposition between human beings and animals thought of as divided and not communicating, and rather it develops an alchemic rite referred to an original common feelingPoetryAnimals, Body, Mind and Soul, Inclusion Mondi in CrisiMelita Richter MalabottaVita Activa Nuova ed.https://www.vaneditrice.it9791280771100304€ 20,00mm. 140x210Essays collection testifying to the human, intellectual and specialist research of a scholar woman with a European identity. Extremely topical, they address the themes of war, nationalism, migration with proposals for therapeutic procedures in the social sciences and humanities.Non-fiction, HybridCreative Writing, Peace and Justice, Social Inequalities SceltaSerena ScarelVita Activa Nuova ed.https://www.vaneditrice.it9791280771117224€ 17,00mm. 145x210Novel set in Trieste, becoming co-protagonist of the story due to its beauty and cultural memories. In strong evocative tones, a woman tells her slow slide into depression as an arcane and inescapable event that cannot be stopped by love, friendship or a deep passion for writingNovelBeauty, Body, Mind and Soul, Literature rumore del fiume (In the clatter of the river)Franca CavagnoliPolidoro Editore€ 17,00mm. 200x297A delicat, uncanny novel echoing Shirley Jackson and Clarice Lispector. A little girl is dealing with an unbearable mourning. Whether she’s in her village beyond Adda river reading in the graveyard or in southern Italy playing with lizards, prodigious faces haunt her at night.NovelLiterature's Green Rain (Piovono caccole)Aurora CacciapuotiAurora CacciapuotiLapis Edizionihttps://www.edizionilapis.it978887874930632€ 14,00mm. 235x235A strange green rain is flooding Cittallegra: Gil and Berto must investigate... A funny and irreverent story that will make children laugh a lot, with irresistible topics: boogers, pizza, and stink bombs!Children 0-6, Picture bookHumor di sale (Seraph of salt)Francesco MarangiPolidoro Editore€ 16,00mm. 250x300A literary debut recalling Faulkner's voice. Due to his father illness, Pietro returns home – a rural village in Liguria. His siblings, Bruno and Clara, never left, as well as Maria, his first love. Summer bursts with howling shadows, and an old secret advances like a doom.NovelLiterature nella neveGiovanni PerettiAlpinia Editrice€ 18,00mm. 140x210September 1918: Luisa receives the news that her beloved is lost in a battle at 4000 meters during the First World War. She is certain that he is alive and she moves to those mountains. Her diary is intertwined with the letters of the young soldier and tell of war, love, nature.Novel, OtherHistory, Mountain - Giacomina, l’anima sua e il diavolo (1646 - Giacomina, her soul and the devil)Giovanni PerettiAlpinia Editrice€ 18,00mm. 140x2101646: witch hunts rage in the alpine valleys and in Europe. The young and beautiful Giacomina, accused of witchcraft, will try to assert with all her strength, her reasons for not giving in to the pressing "Tell the truth!" that wants to shatter her certainties and her life.NovelAnthropology, History, Mountain Woolf (Lupo di Farina)Guia RisariAlice CoppiniLapis Edizionihttps://www.edizionilapis.it978887874886632€ 14,50mm. 255x255Unique among his pack of fierce predators, Flour Wolf loves strolling through the woods, modeling, and making new friends. His is a peaceful revolution, capable of transforming the forest with a simple caress.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals TessaroGek TessaroLapis Edizionihttps://www.edizionilapis.it978887874923840€ 15,00mm. 297X230Tired of feeling ugly and hanging upside down like a chandelier, the bat Remigio flies away in search of a different life. The life of butterflies is certainly colorful, but not always more adventurous...Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals DEVE MORIREGiovanni BattistuzziLorenzo MiolaMulatero Editorehttps://mulatero.it9788889869901208€ 17,00mm. 120x179Fausto, a cycling enthusiast, falls ill with cancer. He found support and treatment in the foundation of Lance Armstrong, of whom he became a great fan. Until 18 January 2013 when the American admitted on TV that he was doping. That is a turning point.NovelHobbies and Free Time, Inclusion, Sport BOY FLYMarco BallestracciLorenzo MiolaMulatero Editorehttps://mulatero.it9788889869659208€ 17,00mm. 120x170USA, late 19th century. The US Constitution has abolished slavery for 30 years, but not racial segregation. In Indianapolis, a black boy, Marshall Major Taylor, rides a bicycle faster than anyone, even the most acclaimed champions, obviously white.NovelCivil Rights and Racism, Social Inequalities, Sport del seminarioSacha NaspiniEdizioni E/O€ 17,50mm. 135x210Villa del seminario is a story of love, redemption and resistance based on true events that took place in Tuscany during World War II: the Church of Grosseto was the only one in Europe to sign a regular lease with a fascist hierarch to use its seminary as an internment camp.NovelHistory di memoriaAntonio BalleriniAlpinia Editrice€ 13,00mm. 140x210Lost in the ice of San Matteo in the battle of 1918, Primo's diary evokes his friendship with the young Berni, Captain of the Alpini in the Great War, between history and literary fiction. The enemy can be seen in the snow and fog. - Mario Rigoni Stern Award 2016.NovelHistory, Mountain newyorkeseMaurizio FiorinoEdizioni E/O€ 18,00mm. 135x210Self-portrait in New York is a story of a tainted love and many escapes: from oneself, from the remote province of Southern Italy and from New York. The protagonist moves aimlessly in a geography of the soul, which he walks in search of himself and a place in the world.NovelLGBTQ + caldissimaGabriella Dal Lago66thand2nd€ 15,00mm. 143x210In the hottest summer in two hundred years, the city is exhausted and crushed by the heavy sultriness.Seven adults, a child and a cat take refuge in a country house.Gabriella Dal Lago guides us into a world where everyone is hovering on the threshold,imagining an unwritten futureNovelReference, Technologies Lee. L'avventura del piccolo DragoMichele Martino66thand2nd€ 19,00mm. 153x210In martial arts, as in action movies, there’s a before and after Bruce Lee. His life was more adventurous than a movie,suspended between two cultures, marked by discrimination and unparalleled success,broken by a suspicious death. An intimate and compelling portrait of Bruce LeeNon-fiction, OtherBiography, Cinema, Radio and Television, Video Art Marciano blues. Una storia in quindici round e dodici battuteMarco Pastonesi66thand2nd€ 17,00mm. 153x210In a corner of the ring Rocky Marciano and his K.O. punch, in the other corner the men and the women of blues and jazz, their voices and harmonicas, their African-American origins and stories of racism.All of them in their own way are endless heavyweight champions.Non-fictionBiography, Social Inequalities, Sport Tocco di Persefone - The Touch of PersephoneAngela Giovanna TodaroAntonio Mandese Editore & Figli€ 18,00mm. 145x206A fictional crime novel intertwined with the true story of the famous "Persephone enthroned", a Greek statue that really existed. After being found in 1912 in Taranto (Italy), the handless statue was stolen by art dealers to finally reappear in Germany...NovelArcheology, Esotericism and Occult Sciences, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror di giornale - Newspaper ClippingsRocco CasulliOttocervo - Antonio Mandese Editore & Figli€ 18,00mm. 170x240Diana is an old woman who lives as a recluse, never leaving her home. She knows the world only through the daily newspaper delivered to her every day. The day the postman skips his round Diana is forced to face her fears and venture into the world outside.Comics and Graphic novelsFamily and Emotional Relationships, Inclusion, BIAMONTI, MAGLIANI. Il racconto del paesaggio, lo sguardo, la luceAA.VVExorma Edizionihttp://www.exormaedizioni.com9788831461535172€ 16,50mm. 122x180The light and space of “their” Liguria enter the works of the three great writers, the leaning vineyards, the mountains, the sea contemplated from the land. It is a place of belonging, a paradigm of existential difficulties, manifest relationship between man and the environment.Non-fiction, HybridLiterary Critique, Photography, Travel and Places LEPRE E LA LUNA. Sulle tracce delle guaritrici d'AppenninoMario FerragutiExorma Edizionihttp://www.exormaedizioni.com9788831461511240€ 16,50mm. 122x180A journey in search of women who, even today, heal through gestures, symbols and words. They have maintained a magical vision of treatment in which evil is a touchy guest who must be enchanted and convinced to leave the body, tamed but never humiliated.HybridAnthropology, Body, Mind and Soul, Health and Wellness ANNIJury RomaniniExorma Edizionihttp://www.exormaedizioni.com9788831461528188€ 16,50mm. 122x188Anna dies and her grieving husband gets lost in the woods; following a hen, he will arrive in a place out of time, where he will stay for eight years. According to science, every cell in the human body is renewed in eight years. Suffering, comedy, rationality and dreams intertwinNovelAnimals, Family and Emotional Relationships, Fantasy luna edicola. Tra le ombre di AnkaraCarlo GuarreraMesogea€ 24,00mm. 120x165Milo, sound designer di casa a Milano, ritorna in Turchia dopo molti anni per capire come sia morta Yasemin, amica ed ex-collega dell’università.Ma il Paese è molto diverso da quello che aveva lasciato.Indagini, depistaggi, misteri guideranno il protagonista verso la verità.Novel, HandbookCurrent Affairs and Politics, Dystopia, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror Filippi PlotegherSara Filippi PlotegherMesogea Ragazzi€ 18,00mm. 140x210A humorous graphic novel about the epic of the most common food: the tomato. Between science, history, ecology and everyday life, the book tells the journey of the world's most popular vegetable and its misadventures in an ecosystem-unfriendly market.Children 7-11, Comics and Graphic novelsCuisine and Gastronomy, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Edutainment ventre dell'orcaMichela De DomenicoMichela De DomenicoMesogea Cartographic€ 18,00mm. 170x240A fascinating sui generis graphic tale,whose protagonist is the german translator of Horcynus Orca,D'Arrigo's monumental work.Following him through mythical landscapes of the Strait of Messina,one experiences the dreamlike atmosphere of a visible war and one's own inner conflicts.Comics and Graphic novelsHistory, Popular Cultures, Sea Color huntingArjuna CecchettiRoberta ProcacciDalia Edizioni€ 13,50mm. 140x190Art and pre-history: an adventurous journey to the origin of painting. “Tula. Color hunting” is the tale of a hunt for colors to make the cave painting that will bring peace among the Great Lake clans.Children 7-11Adventure, Anthropology, Archeology Wood towards the plastic islandIride BartolucciRoberta ProcacciDalia Edizionihttps://www.daliaedizioni.it9788899207601176€ 13,50mm. 140x190Loris Wood dreams of becoming the greatest environmental journalist of all time. Together with his friends Aron and Mirta, he will have to investigate on a rubber ducky shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean 30 years earlier. What is happening to the ocean?Children 7-11Adventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Sea’s talentSara CatacciDalia Edizionihttps://www.daliaedizioni.it9788899207588160€ 13,00mm. 135x210To be. To be the best at something to have the right to exist. An extreme novel. The tale of the search of one’s own identity, both gender and social, in a society caged by stereotypes.NovelDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Family and Emotional Relationships, mon amourKatja OskampRachele SalernoL'orma editore€ 16,00mm. 145x215At forty-four, Katja enrols at a chiropody course. When she begins to work in a beauty salon in Marzhan, a peripheric neighbourhood of Berlin, she finds out an intimacy made of small talks and big confessions, presenting us the multicoloured mosaic of a community full of stories.Novel, Non-fictionAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs e il corvoGennaro SerioL'orma editore,00145x215Inspired by an episode happened to the writer Franz Kafka in 1923, Serio transforms it into a narrative game. A fairy-tale novel, captivating and willfully implausible, a feast of fiction that celebrates the highly imaginative power of literature.NovelLiterature femministiDeborah ArdilliVandA. edizioni€ 15,90mm. 129x198A collection of leading feminist manifestos. The political manifesto, with its unique blend of anger and utopian vision, best reflects the complexity of the remarkable period of radical feminism.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Social Inequalities V. Guida ai superpoteri dell'ecosistema XXCristina PietrantonioVandA. edizioni€ 19,00mm. 148x210Today women are still denied the satisfaction of embracing their own bodies. An important manual for women on how to stop arguing with your sophisticated hormonal system and instead channel your energies towards bigger things, reclaiming the cycles of the female body.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Social Inequalities, Sociology Scandalo della felicità. Storia della principessa Valdina di PalermoPina MandolfoVandA. edizioni€ 16,00mm. 128X198The true and extraordinary story of a woman who in 1600 in Palermo was forced into a nunnery as a child and spent fifty years of her life trying to dissolve of her vows. The novel tells a poignant tale of life and opposing wills intertwining in the convent and in Spanish Palermo.NovelBiography EldoradoAdrian BraviNutrimenti€ 17,00mm. 120x180Ugolino, disfigured by fire in 1526 Venice, hides in a room. His father sends him on a voyage with pilot Sebastiano Caboto. On April 3, 1526, Ugolino is on Caboto's ship, tracking details. Their route to the Moluccas Islands goes awry when Caboto pursues legends of a golden city.NovelAdventure, Sea, Travel and Places fuggitiviMarco Dell'OmoNutrimenti€ 20,00mm. 180x2301960, Asinara Island. 10-year-old Matteo finds friendship with Vincenzo, a fisherman's son. Adventures and family struggles unfold. A prisoner's death challenges reformist ideals, altering their lives.NovelAdventure, Family and Emotional Relationships a CinecittàMario Tedeschini LalliNutrimenti€ 17,00mm. 165x180From executing orders to acting in films, ex-SS officers Borante Domizlaff and Karl Hass transitioned at Cinecittà studios. 'Nazis at Cinecittà' explores this paradoxical post-war Italy where the 'Nazi next door' became a tool to depict Nazism.Non-fictionCinema, Radio and Television, Video Art, Civil Rights and Racism, History e Corteccia il pipistrelloGiancarlo BiffiValeria ValenzaEdizioni Segnaviahttps://www.edizionisegnavia.it978888877634732€ 13,00mm. 215x215Second episode (of ten) of the series in which our friend Gufo Rosmarino will have to deal with his prejudices, discovering that other different beings can also be very nice playmates. Corteccia, a bat, despite his strange habits and different language, will become Rosmarino’s closest friend.Children 7-11, Picture bookAdventure, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Inclusion Passenger - PalestinaAA.VVEdoardo MassaIperboreahttps://iperborea.com9788870918496192€ 22,00mm. 160x240In this collection of reportages and multi-disciplinary investigations – fully illustrated with photographs maps and infographics – authors such as Raja Shehadeh, Taiye Selasi, Ibtisam Azem, Amira Hass and many others portray the despair and hope of a people under occupation.OtherPopular Cultures, Travel and Places Therapy, come star bene cucinandoSebastiana RoccaroSampognaro & Pupihttps://www.sampognaroepupi.com978889576061264€ 15,00mm. 130x190Cooking is one of the tools that everyone has to take care of yourself. In this manual, the author explains the reasons, tells the method put in place in her many years of experience of conducting workshops for various needs and ages and also shares a basic recipe book to follow.Non-fiction, HandbookFood and Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Psychology and Psychiatry di HelenaPaolo SarciàSampognaro & Pupihttps://www.sampognaroepupi.com9788895760582158€ 10,00mm. 130x190We are in Sicily between the end of the 2nd World War and the 60s. Between economic recovery and social changes, the stories of 3 generations intersect. Each grew up in a different Sicily, full of contradictions. You will find charm, surprise and many questions to think about.Novel, Young adultsCultural Heritage, Family and Emotional Relationships, Popular Cultures di parole. I fiori nella letteraturaRosa Elisa GiangoiaSampognaro & Pupihttps://www.sampognaroepupi.com9788895760629250€ 20,00mm. 150x200There is an inseparable link between flowers and literature. What is the link between flowers and divinity? What determined the supremacy of roses over other flowers? How did flowers flow into the works of Dante, Petrarca, Leopardi, Manzoni and many others?Non-fiction, PoetryAcademic Books, Cultural Heritage, Literary Critique'eventoAnnie ErnauxLorenzo FlabbiL'orma editore€ 15,00mm. 145x215October 1963: a 23 years old student resorts to illegal means to end a pregnancy: abortion in France is still illegal. Ernaux restores the stages of a total human experience opening a literary space of testimony for generations of women who have been excluded from History.Non-fiction, HybridAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Social InequalitiesÈ pericoloso essere felici. L’invidia degli dèi in GreciaDino BaldiQuodlibethttps://www.quodlibet.it9788822921062264€ 18,00mm. 140x220How is it possible for the gods to feel envy for humans? Archaic Greek wisdom came from confrontation with uncompassionate gods, and from feeling out of place in heaven and on earth, and posed problems with which all Western thought had to measure itself.Non-fictionHistory, Literature PratoQuodlibethttps://www.quodlibet.it9788822920515272€ 18,00mm. 135x210Dolores Prato reassembles memories of her adolescence spent in boarding school in the town of Treia. A novel of enchanting beauty, in which every single step shows how church people insinuate into the adolescent body, at the moment of its flowering, the sense of shame and sin.NovelAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Literature vita sessuale di Guglielmo SputacchieraAlberto RavasioQuodlibethttps://www.quodlibet.it9788822907820176€ 14,00mm. 120x190A porn addict, socially and sexually unemployed, Guglielmo Sputacchiera at the age of 30 still lives with his parents and is the perfect prototype of a loser. One August morning he wakes up transformed into a woman. Thus begins her pilgrimage of formation.NovelHumor, Literature’INVENTAFAVOLE (fairytale-maker)Claudio PallottiniMauro De LucaIl Barbagianni Editorehttps://www.ilbarbagiannieditore.it978889786500137€ 17,50mm. 130x180A deck of large illustrated cards on which characters, places and situations from traditional fairy tales are depicted: freely combined with each other, they allow an infinite number of plots to be constructed helping the child stimulate imagination, connection skills and memory.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Creative Writing, Fairy tales, Pedagogy animalsDaniela PareschiDaniela PareschiIl Barbagianni editorehttps://www.ilbarbagiannieditore.it978889786529244€ 20,00mm. 305x230Science has always cataloged animals according to a rigid and complex classification. But what would happen if we used a different criterion, immediately understandable, juxtaposing species that are very distant from each other but which share a significant characteristic?Picture bookIllustration, Zoology