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CoverTitleAuthorTranslatorIllustratorPublisherPublishing house websiteISBNPagesCover priceSizeSynopsisCategoriesThemesà_Prima.jpgAlla scoperta della libertà (Discovering Freedom)Giulia CeccaraniGiulia CeccaraniDalia€ 12,90mm. 160x230Is freedom where there are no rules, or is it with rules that freedom is won? Ten little girls and boys escaping from the boring rules of adults, will discover a secret courtyard where they can finally be free from the rules of adults but... will it really be like that?Children 7-11Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Tales, Family and Emotional Relationships pensarci due volte (Don't think twice)Arjuna CecchettiDaliahttps://www.daliaedizioni.it9788899207526248€ 15,00mm. 135x210A trip in the nature of the Apennines, which Sara, rebellious 13 year old girl, does to reach the only place that truly belongs to her. An epic journey, a novel about the possibility of living in symbiosis with nature, of accepting its laws. It takes courage: "Don't think twice".Novel, Young adultsAdventure, Family and Emotional Relationships a caccia dei colori (TULA hunting for colors)Arjuna CecchettiRoberta ProcacciDaliahttps://www.daliaedizioni.it978889920757196€ 13,50mm. 140x190The world of 14,000 years ago told in first person by Tula, a Sapiens child. Between bee stings, fearsome hunters, bear assaults and lions ambushes, the hunt for the colors of Tula and her friend Faina to make the cave painting that will bring peace among the Great Lake clans.Children 7-11Archeology, Visual Arts, Adventure Streghe della notte. II Edizione La storia non detta delle eroiche ragazze-pilota dell'Unione Sovietica nella grande guerra patriotticaGian Piero MilanettiIBN Editorehttps://www.ibneditore.it9788875651213282€ 22,00mm. 170x240The author provides us with a lot of first choice material and often never published before in Italy to tell us the epic of the "Witches of the Night", who were the thorn in the side of the German army as it advanced into the territory of the USSR. A must read.Non-fictionAviation, History Il relitto parlaAntonio BordoniIBN Editorehttps://www.ibneditore.it9788875655570162€ 15,00mm. 170x240This book is written to bring you to the knowledge of public opinion the work conducted by investigators aeronautics who studied the remains of the I-TIGI and the conclusions reached about the causes of the disaster, totally different from those diffused till now.Non-fictionAviation, Current Affairs and Politics ed Evoluzione dei Caccia Sovietici a Reazione, 1945-1955Alberto TrevisanIBN Editorehttps://www.ibneditore.it9788875651794214€ 22,00mm. 210x297An in-depth analysis of Soviet aeronautical production in the field of jet fighters starting from the end of the Second World War and for the following ten years, in a period of great ferment and rapid technical evolution. A discussion that deals with the work of 13 designers.Non-fictionAviation, Historyïssa BeyMarta Ingrosso, Barbara SommovigoAstarte Edizioni€ 18,50mm. 170x120Hizya, by the name of the feminine main character, is an intimate novel about women’s struggle towards autonomy, depicting the daily life of the Algerian society and the suffering of the young people that cannot imagine their own future.NovelPopular Cultures, Diversity, Discrimination and Gender Equality dannate del mare. Donne e frontiere nel MediterraneoCamille SchmollMarco GalieroAstarte Edizioni€ 22,00mm. 210x150Based on field research made carried out on the European borders, this book is a narrative about the role of women in the Mediterranean migrations, highlighting its peculiarities, and a critique of the current European migration politics.Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, Civil Rights and Racism, Discrimination and Gender Equality's Worst Enemy: WomanBeatrice HastingsCarolina Paolicchi, Elena AlibrandiAstarte Edizioni€ 15,00mm. 210x150This pamphlet, written in 1909 by Beatrice Hastings, is an intentionally provocative critique of the patriarchy and of the myths related to pregnancy and maternity, promoted by women themselves. It is published in the original language, with front-page Italian translation.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Inclusion, Sexuality you sleepMariana Ruiz JohnsonMariana Ruiz JohnsonCarthusia Edizioni Srl€ 20,90mm. 285x285A highly colorful and richly detailed book: each page is a journey ... While you sleep is a silent book, a book without words dedicated to reading, especially that of parents to their children at bedtime, because in the night and in dreams stories and their characters come alive.Picture book, Picture book without wordBody, Mind and Soul, Illustration, Travel and Places journey of NausicaaMonica MorgantiEdizioni Nisrochhttps://www.edizioninisroch.it9788831381444132€ 20,00mm. 150x210Milan, 1927. Nausicaa, a young artist, is ready to take the challenge. She will cross the ocean to exhibit her paintings in New York. But a sudden and serious eye disorder brings her to explore the secret spaces of the self. A pleasant dive in Jungian psychology.NovelBody, Mind and Soul, Psychology and Psychiatry, History long journey of a shoe from Marche to the worldEmanuela ProperziEdizioni Nisrochhttps://www.edizioninisroch.it9788831381406184€ 20,00mm. 150x210Shoes carried a relevant symbolic value throughout history due to their association with the rank of their wearer. The authoress leads us to the discovery of Marche and how the region influenced shoe fashion from the Roman age up to our present days.Non-fictionDesign, Fashion, History Di GennaroGiovanni FuscoEdizioni Nisrochhttps://www.edizioninisroch.it9788831381338416€ 19,90mm. 170x240Gennarino is a young hero who does not fight dark wizards, but the everyday bullies in defence of the weakest. Thin and with bushy hair, he was born in Naples, from a drug addicted mother and an unknown father. At the age of 12 he discovers that he has extrasensory gift...Novel, Young adultsAdventure, Social Inequalities, Fantasy la nebbia (Beyond the Fog)Alice BassiPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma€ 18,00mm. 148x210After yet another human error, the earth is overrun by a toxic fog. The only salvation is climbing to the highest shelters. Carlotta, left alone, must face her fears and reach the top of the Dolomites. Coming-of-age and adventure novel about the fragile environmental issue.Middle grade, Young adultsAdventure, Dystopia, Science Fiction e il giro della morte (Rita and the Death Ride)Sara BeltrameTommaso Vidus RosinEdizioni Piuma€ 18,00mm. 148x210A child's shock in front of a dead person, a missing grandmother, and a nutty babysitter are the fun ingredients of our little Protagonist's big adventure. Will Rita be able to drag her family along to begin a journey to find her grandmother and explain the meaning of death?Children 7-11Humor, Illustration, Travel and Places disegnatore di nuvole (The cloud Artist)Giorgia SimoncelliPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma€ 18,00mm. 148x210Boys and Girls Strega Prize 2021 selection as a debut novel. A fantastic detective story set during the Victorian era in pure steampunk style. The greatest cloud artist in all of London has disappeared, only his daughter is hot on his trail.Novel, Middle gradeDystopia, Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror'uomo delle antenneFausto BoccatiAmalia MoraSettenove edizionihttps://www.settenove.it978889894780564€ 15,00mm. 150x210A picture book about childhood memories, feelings, emotions and love. The story is about doubts and emotional chaos of the protagonist, who remembers the first time he was enchanted by a mysterious man during his childhood.Children 7-11, Picture bookInclusion, LGBTQ+, Family and Emotional Relationships, come CastoroSerena BallistaMartina PaderniSettenove edizionihttps://www.settenove.it978889894773732€ 14,00mm. 180x180The book tells us about Simone de Beauvoir's childhood, when – «brave as a beaver» – she decided to challenge her mother’s (and society’s) rules for the first time, by asking for a bicycle. Since she was a little girl, she refused to comply with society's gender norms.Children 0-6, Picture bookBiography, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Philosophy disturbare i tulipani (Without disturbing the tulips)Federico GuerriEdizioni Spartacohttps://www.edizionispartaco.com9788896350973152€ 14,00mm. 130x200It is a novel about bonds, memory and a sense of community, a modern tale full of apps, friendship, love, pizzas and stories. Alberto, 75 years old, is the oldest delivery «guy» in Italy. Thus he'll know his neighbors and he'll be catapulted into an adventure in the Netherlands.NovelAdventure, Family and Emotional Relationships, History siamo angeliGuia RisariAlicia BaladanSettenove edizionihttps://www.settenove.it978889894774432€ 18,00mm. 220x278A picture book that debunks the myth that considers all children like cute little angels. In these pages you can find a catalog of decidedly non-angelic children, all passionate about particular things and gifted, in their own way, with superpowers.Children 0-6, Picture bookAdventure, Diversity, Inclusion storia dei capelli rossiGiorgio PodestàGraphe.it€ 8,00mm. 120x210Red hair has always been a source of great fascination; a fascination, more often than not, bordering on obsession. In order to clear up matters, the author delves into some of the most commonly held popular historical misconceptions, debunking myths with the truth.Non-fictionPopular Cultures, History tenebricosaGiorgio ManganelliGraphe.it€ 15,90mm. 120x200Managanelli’s night is like a cauldron in which humankind is being cooked and archetypal stories, populated by demons, angels and obscure symbols come, one after the other, to the surface. Manganelli is of one the most talented writers of the 20th century we need to rediscover.HybridLiterature storia del segnalibroMassimo GattaGraphe.it€ 7,00mm. 120x210From Saint Augustine, who used his finger to mark the page, to the famous writer Alessandro Manzoni, and down to the present time, the history of the bookmark, an object dear to every reader's heart.Non-fictionAntiques and Collectors Items, Librarianship l’Eurovision – tra musica e geopoliticaGiacomo NataliVololibero€ 22,00mm. 140x210Eurovision is also a unique opportunity to understand Europe, its roots and its tensions. In Capire l’Eurovision all this is told from the beginning, in the 1950s, to the dazzling success of Måneskin in 2021. Music and geopolitics: everything is very current.Non-fictionCinema, Radio and Television, Video Art, Popular Cultures, Music Submarine - The Beatles disegnati da Max CavezzaliMax CavezzaliMax CavezzaliVololibero€ 18,00mm. 170x220Comic Submarine traces the life of the Liverpool band through episodes, told in a caricatured, ironic and affectionate way and filtered through the eye and pencil of Max Cavezzali, one of the most popular Italian sketcher and cartoonist as well as a great fan of the Beatles.Short stories, Comics and Graphic novelsBiography, Music a 33 giriAntonio CrepaxGuido CrepaxVololibero€ 28,00mm. 305x305This book is the first complete catalog of the more than 250 art works created by Guido Crepax Guido Crepax, was an Italian comics artist. He is most famous for his character Valentina, created in 1965 and very representative of the spirit of the 1960s.Non-fictionVisual Arts, Design, Music anniAnnie ErnauxLorenzo FlabbiL'orma editorehttps://www.lormaeditore.it9788898038169276€ 18,00mm. 215x145How does it happen that the time we lived becomes our life? That is the core question of Gli anni, “impersonal autobiography” and collective account of our world from the post-war period until today, in which Ernaux blends the individual voice with the choir of History.NovelAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, una di noiIrmgard KeunAnnalisa PelizzolaL'orma editorehttps://www.lormaeditore.it9788899793135240€ 16,00mm. 215x145Gilgi is independent and determined to make her own way, perfectly embodying what the magazines of her time called “the new woman”. This 1930s ironic novel, a pure jewel of style, was burnt at the stake by Nazis for its shattering modernity.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships cannocchiale del tenente DumontMarino MaglianiL'orma editorehttps://www.lormaeditore.it9788831312677296€ 20,00mm. 215x145After the battle of Marengo, three Napoleonic soldiers desert and go into hiding. Lost in the Ligurian landscape, they will discover the freedom of shaking off History and chase a life made of choices. A visionary narration carried out with a precise and beautiful prose.NovelAdventure Subjects. The museum to the test of the visitorGiovanna BrambillaEditrice Bibliografica€ 23,00mm. 150x210A useful tool to move through the complex triangulation between museums, works of art and the public. The aim is to offer an unprecedented look at the creation of links between cultural heritage and people, ranging in various sectors to make new research and actions possible.Non-fictionCultural Heritage for integrated sustainability. New editionMichela RotaEditrice Bibliografica€ 23,00mm. 150x210Sustainability, with all its implications, is an open challenge that most museums still have to face systematically. The book wants to increase the awareness about these topics and to provide more professional tools supporting museal operators involved for being active witnesses.Handbook, Non-fictionCultural Heritage driven. Impacts, measures and tales between economics and imaginaryAnnalisa CicerchiaEditrice Bibliografica€ 23,00mm. 150x210The book deals with the importance of talking about the impacts of culture and how to detect and account for them with appropriate perspectives, responding to the need for simple and manageable answers, without mortifying the depth and complexity of the factors involved.Non-fictionBusiness, Economy and Finance, Cultural Heritage casi di Bolla - La morte e il mago (Cases of Bolla - The Death and the Magician)Marco CastagnaEdizioni Spartacohttps://www.edizionispartaco.com9788896350935168€ 14,80mm. 130x200When the enchanting Rebeca knocks on his door for help, the Sicilian diviner Bartolomeo Bolla knows that the tarot has already foreseen it. The curious, ecologist, irresistible Bolla is destined to enter the firmament of the most original detective characters.NovelEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Esotericism and Occult Sciences, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror leggenda del Malombra (The Legend of the Malombra)Vincenzo SaccoEdizioni Spartacohttps://www.edizionispartaco.com9788896350829144€ 14,00mm. 130x200There is a new hero in town, indeed there was. Dark, mocking, restless, Malombra is a figure in the popular imagination of Southern Italy, forerunner of the most beloved modern superheroes, which he encompasses all under his vermilion top. In 1848, his enemy is the rising Mafia.NovelAdventure, Popular Cultures, Fantasy amori di Frida KahloValeria ArnaldiRed Star Press€ 16,00mm. 130x200Frida Kahlo was a revolutionary character for the time, both in the pictorial style and in the lifestyle. Distant from the stereotypical culture of the family, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera's partner and wife, loved politicians, artists, photographers and models in complete freedom.Non-fictionBiography nostro giorno verràEdith JoyceRed Star Press€ 16,00mm. 200x130Dublin in 1916 is a bomb ready to explode and the spark is a rage that Erin and Seán call love. And while the revolutionary initiative is forced to succumb under the arms of the Crown, they will receive from destiny a precious gift that, in Gaelic, resounds: Our day will come.NovelDiscrimination and Gender Equality, History fine dell'estateCarlo FrattiniRed Star Press€ 16,00mm. 150×210In the season that coincides with the 1980s of the armed struggle in Italy, the novel-truth by Carlo Frattini takes off, dedicated to a time in which «life was confused with history and history with life» and everything seemed still possible. Even the revolution.NovelSocial Inequalities, History nel silenzioDarinka MonticoAltreVoci Edizioni€ 15,90mm. 140x210When the world stopped, in early 2020, Darinka found herself at a crossroads: to go home or find a new one. She chose Bali. Between mysticism and rationality, this book is the curious diary of a long-awaited journey. Because even when the music dies down, the dance can continue.OtherAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Body, Mind and Soul grande HansDaniele GrilloAltreVoci Edizioni€ 15,90mm. 140x210Hans Gueber is an affable Austrian pensioner with a passion for useless inventions, with an unusual height: two meters and eighteen. One day he decides to stop playing the role of husband, father and inconclusive inventor and to embark on the most incredible journey of his life.NovelAdventure'alba del dio falcoStefano SantarsiereAltreVoci Edizioni€ 16,90mm. 140x210Charles Fort, expert on mysterious news, finds Roberta Fantini in front of his door. She discovered a software platform hidden inside a video game. Aldo Imbonati is investigating on the trail of blood that they leave behind, in an attempt to escape two ruthless serial killers.NovelAdventure, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror a scacchi (Let's Play Chess)Yuri GarrettMarcello CarrieroCaissa Italiahttps://www.caissa.it978886729101996+8€ 11,90mm. 210x210Almost 100 years of professional experience merge into this unique book, which took almost ten years in writing. LPC is NOT your nth beginner’s book disguised as a children’s book: quite to the contrary it was conceived and written for children only. And it is our bestseller!Children 7-11, HandbookGames, School, Sport–-Farfalle-IMAGE-OF-THE-BOOK-2.jpgMa dove vanno a dormire di notte le farfalle? (Where Do Butterflies Go to Sleep at Night?)Sara MarconiKris Di GiacomoCaissa Italiahttps://www.caissa.it978886729123624€ 15,90mm. 187x264We all can see butterflies during the day, but where do they hide at night? A journey of discovery of the surprising colours that paint the dark, of the life that flows incessantly when the silence takes over, lulling us into dreams as light as butterflies.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Illustration–-Se-dei-bambini-fosse-il-mondo-COPERTINA-RGB.jpgSe dei bambini fosse il mondo (What if the World Were the Children’s?)Haider BucarFrancesco GalloCaissa Italiahttps://www.caissa.it978886729115124€ 13,90mm. 130x220Wonder what children see when they observe the adult world? Going to the movies, social distancing, school, the news, war, family dinners, the sky: the world around us is not always what it appears at first glance. What if we tried to look at it through the eyes of the children?Children 0-6Illustration, Peace and Justice surrender of the Gods. The border.L. M. SquarzoniArgentodoratohttps://argentodorato.it9791280273208225€ 14,00mm. 150x200Leonor's gift is a sign of foresight and power; she received it as a legacy of an ancient pact between the ruling house and the Gods. However, one day that gift is revealed to be coveted by other houses, and a series of mysterious events begins to haunt her world.NovelFantasy prefect of Judea. The tragedy of mediocrity.Massimo TrifiròArgentodorato€ 13,00mm. 148x210Iudaea, 33 A.D. In the year in which an epochal event is about to take place in the turbulent Roman province, the life of Pontius Pilate, the powerful praefectus Iudaea, accidentally crosses over with that of a seemingly insignificant man, Iesus filius Iosephi.Novel, Non-fictionReligion, History, Sacred Texts CARROTS' DANCEFulvia Degl'InnocentiSara BenecinoStorie Cucitehttps://www.storiecucite.it979128063203688€ 15,00mm. 150x210Marco declared war on all the vegetables, carrots included, until one day he finds himself inside the fridge of the house among his enemies. Do they want revenge? Absolutely not! They need him to find and defeat who is plotting against the Kingdom of Vegetables.Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Illustration, Health and Wellness una notte all'improvvisoRachele CoerezzaLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice€ 15,00mm. 130x190On 14 July 2016, a terrorist attack sows death on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. This event splits the life of Marcel Roland, a Parisian writer, into a before and an after, forcing him to fight with all his might to start living and loving again.Other, NovelCareer and Jobs, Family and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places spada e la croceMaurizio SelvaticoLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice€ 18,00130x190Year 1220. Marco Tiepolo, a young Venetian merchant, finds himself caught up in the secret mission of the Teutonic Knights, tasked with recovering the Holy Cross. This leads him to embark on a journey to the ends of the world to seek an answer to his anxieties.Novel, OtherReligion, History, Travel and Places quello che sai sulla Cina è sbagliato. O quasi.Georg OrlandiLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice€ 16,00mm. 130x190China, a country with a history stretching back thousands of years, is home to many inventions used in Europe from antiquity to the present day. Or is it? Georg Orlandi, who has lived in China for a long time, tells us the pros and cons of the Celestial Empire with great clarity.Non-fiction, Travel guideCostume and Traditions, History, Religion da Goito and peninsular Italy: relations between Abruzzo and the Peligno territoryAldo Di VirgilioArgentodorato€ 10,00mm. 150x210Through an in-depth study that traces the human and artistic events of a character who moved on the boundaries between reality and legend, such as Sordello da Goito, the book aims to explore the link between the troubadour and the city of Civitella Messer Raimondo.Non-fiction, High readability and accessible bookCultural Heritage, History, Literature's travelsCecilia CavalliniCecilia CavalliniStorie Cucitehttps://www.storiecucite.it979128063205028€ 16,50mm. 210x210Marino likes being helpful. After having distributed fresh lemonade, he realizes that it’s time to renew. So, he decides to keep the rain in bottles and bring it where it is needed. He travels the world, but suddenly he realizes that at the North Pole they need cold. Marino is ready to renew.Children 0-6, Picture bookEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Illustration Whale has a stomachacheManuel VertemaraManuel VertemaraStorie Cucitehttps://www.storiecucite.it979128063207432€ 16,50mm. 210x210A new adventure disrupts the peaceful life of a waddle of penguins. Mr. Whale wreaks havoc in the sea due to a terrible stomachache. After a first bewilderment, the penguins will try to bring peace to the island and discover that in a negative event there can also be something good.Picture book, High readability and accessible bookAdventure, Humor, Illustration casa dei suoniClaudio AbbadoPaolo CardoniBabalibrihttps://www.babalibri.it978888362150548€ 16,00mm. 220x280Claudio Abbado has a truly unique role in this book: he tells kids, starting from his own story, his passion for music. He explains with simplicity and clarity which instruments make up an orchestra and what is the so-called "musical writing".Children 7-11Autobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Music di emozioniMonia MargheritiMonia MargheritiAG Book Publishing€ 15,00mm. 170x240A succession of texts and portraits that describe our emotions, from the saddest moments to those when we rediscover our dreams and passions. A hymn to hope, that is for each of us the light and salvation from the darkness of life.OtherVisual Arts, Body, Mind and Soul, Family and Emotional Relationships MillestoriePatrizia ZelioliGiulia OrecchioBabalibrihttps://www.babalibri.it9788883623363192€ 16,50mm. 200x200A book about the city of Milan that is truly special because it makes the city known, for the first time, through its stories: stories of people who have lived in Milan and stories related to monuments and palaces.Children 7-11, Travel guideCostume and Traditions, Travel and Places, Tourism and Guides vacanze romane del cinghialino di FirenzeIndira YakovenkoIndira YakovenkoAG Book Publishing€ 16,00mm. 170x240The little boar Dante, from Florence, decides to find wings to travel freely. His journey will begin in Rome. The dragon Paolo will make him discover the most beautiful places in Rome with its historical animal inhabitants. But will Dante find the wings?Children 7-11, Travel guideVisual Arts, Adventure, Tourism and Guides fra incontri e poesieMarella GiovannelliAG Book Publishing€ 18,00mm. 170x240The encounters narrated by the author and the photographs, taken from her personal archive, see her directly involved. Sardinia is always the protagonist, both in prose and in poetry: room, therefore, for unpublished poetic compositions.Short stories, PoetryAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Sea, Travel and Places ChajimRoberto FiorentiniGraphofeel Edizionihttp://www.graphofeel.com9788897381358260€ 13,00mm. 210x150Rome, fall 1775 – but we should rather say the year 5536 from the Creation for Jewish. Diamante, a young Jewish girl living in the ghetto, is kidnapped by the cops to be imprisoned in the “Casa dei Catecumeni”: she was thought to be “offered” to Catholic religion.NovelCostume and Traditions, History, Religion Piaggio - The Vespa manBasilio PerriGraphofeel Edizionihttp://www.graphofeel.com9788832009446188€ 18,00mm. 210x150The story of the birth of Vespa, maybe the most famous scooter in the world. Enrico Piaggio was the brilliant industrialist who, immediately after the Second world war, had the idea of manufacturing a cheap means of transportation with an unusual design, but easy to drive.NovelMotorcycling, History invisible ladies of musicAnna RollandoGraphofeel Edizionihttp://www.graphofeel.com9788832009965196€ 19,00mm. 210x150For centuries, even the names of women musicians have remained almost unknown to the public. And yet, women musicians have always existed: brave or timid, rebellious or submissive, nuns or kept women.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Music, History Jewish Question in the province of Lucca, and the concentration camp in Bagni di LuccaVirginio MontiTralerighe libri editrice€ 15,00mm. 150x210Thanks to a long archival research, the author was able to reconstruct the tragic history of the provincial concentration camp in Bagni di Lucca, active from 1941 to 1944. it was the house of colonial English citizens, Jugoslav men, and “Jewish raced” internees.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Social Inequalities, History Força Expedicionária Brasileira in Italy. Documents and study in the period 1944-1945Andrea GiannasiTralerighe libri€ 16,00mm. 150x210Brazil went in the Second World War with the F.E.B. contingent (Força Expedicionária Brasileira), and sending in Italy, especially on the Gothic Line, 25.334 men. Among those, 15.069 took part in the fighting, and 457 lost their life – 13 officers and 444 soldiers.Non-fictionPolitical Sciences, Military Sciences, History“The vice of rape”: the political use of the violence against womenRenzo PaternosterTralerighe libri€ 16,00mm. 150x210This essay deals with the infinite kaleidoscope of women’s sufferings, always relegated in a suffocating symbolic space: one that permitted the realization of a terrible reality. Even in peacetime women struggle to be considered as autonomous, independent and equal beings such.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Social Inequalities, History PasquinucciPelledocahttps://pelledocaeditore.it9788832790467200€ 16,00mm. 130x210Two teenagers, love at first sight on the shores of the Elba Island, days spent chatting to each other, a missed date, then nothing more. Six months have passed since their last meeting, when Alice writes to Giulio claiming to be in danger and begging him to return to the island.Novel, Middle gradeMysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Technologies’epilessia (Scritti 1909-1928)Gerolamo CuneoCittà del silenziohttps://www.cittadelsilenzio.it9788897273844400€ 28,00mm. 155x235Gerolamo Cuneo was a pioneer of studies on metabolic diseases and the intestinal origin of epileptic seizures. This important book collects - for the first time - all the scientific writings on the epilepsy, with the report of the daily clinical observations of the patients.Non-fictionMedicine, Psychology and Psychiatry dal brancoSara MagnoliPelledocahttps://pelledocaeditore.it9788832790450220€ 16,00mm. 130x210They form a group, they feel invincible, they look at the weakest and, finally, they strike: they are the baby gangs. To be accepted and to be part of it, Elijah has to undergo an initiation rite and cannot back down ...Novel, Middle gradeMysteries, Thrillers, Horror vendetta del boscoTeo BenedettiPelledocahttps://pelledocaeditore.it9788832790399144€ 16,00mm. 130x210There is only one rule to know when entering the forest: we are only guests of a world apart where anything can happen. And if the pact between Man and Nature is broken, the consequences can be terrible ...Novel, Middle gradeMysteries, Thrillers, Horror dal mondo altro. Orizzonti visuali sull’alterità amerindianaPaola Farinella GranaCittà del silenziohttps://www.cittadelsilenzio.it9788897273790212€ 22,00mm. 150x210The european misunderstanding of amerindian cultures has conditioned the iconographic imagery of the American Indian and was the basis of the persistence - throughout the Modern Age - of iconographic-imaginative stereotypes that refer to the Middle Ages.Non-fictionAnthropology, Visual Arts, History di uomini. Reti e intermediari per la liberazione dei captivi nel MediterraneoAndrea ZappiaCittà del silenziohttps://www.cittadelsilenzio.it9788897273400280€ 25,00mm. 150x210Through private correspondence, the acts of the chancelleries of the Consulates, the reports of the missionaries and the sources of an economic-financial nature, this important book reconstructs the complex mechanisms of the redemption of slaves in the Modern Age.Non-fictionAcademic Books , Military Sciences, History e la casa dal cancello rossoGiorgia MeoRocco ColucciaI Libri di Icaro€ 16,00mm. 150x210“Elena and the house with a red gate” tells the adventures of a very curious little explorer. Beyond the red gate of the house where Elena will spend her summer holidays, she discovers the gift of friendship, the value of kindness and the joy of meeting the others.Children 7-11, Children 0-6Fantasy sparseAlessandra JattaVoland€ 17,00mm. 145x205Foglie sparse offers an unusual perspective on one of the most dramatic moments in Russian history, the October Revolution, described through the incredulous eyes of a noble Moscow woman who reveals the thoughts and concerns of an entire social class at the moment of its decline.NovelBiography, Family Sagas, History presente Liam Neeson?Roberta LepriVoland€ 16,00mm. 145x205Rita has crashed into a guardrail. Now she suffers from a strange amnesia: she has only forgotten her father and Mario, her secret lover for ten years. Feeling an emptiness inside her, Rita will try anything to rebuild her life and the relationship that almost destroyed her.NovelDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Family and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places re dell'AfricaGiuseppe RestaI Libri di Icaro€ 21,00mm. 150x210Reading The Kings of Africa, one wonders who is without sin. The novel tells the stories that intersect between cheerful criminals and ruthless businessmen. Individual connected stories of many protagonists, narrated by a special narrator, the Wind.NovelEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet del corpoFabio SicilianiI Libri di Icaro€ 20,00mm. 150x210Body Workshop is a book about Muay Thai, and much more. Through the Thai martial art, to which the author - six times World Champion - is offered a point of view on life in its entirety. The author created a unique work that can really be defined «the Bible of Muay Thai».Non-fictionBody, Mind and Soul colpa del barattolo (It’s all the jar’s fault)Luca TortoliniMaria Gabriella GasparriSinnos€ 13,00mm. 170x205A fast-paced and fun story. Just kick a harmless empty jar to set in motion an irresistible chain of events, between animals and chases. The book is printed in four color pantone, one of which is fluorescent.Children 0-6Animals, Illustration città del muro (The city of the wall)Roberta Balestrucci FancelluLuogo comune (Jacopo Ghisoni)Sinnos€ 13,00mm. 165x235Inspired by a true story, the daring escape from East Berlin to West Berlin. Two families, in great secrecy, build a hot air balloon, dreaming of freedom.Comics and Graphic novelsAdventure, History FacchiniSinnos€ 16,00mm. 140x210Magnolia is a technologically megalopolis in which a society with rigid divisions. It is the only form of life in the center of an endless concrete desert. Four kids are the adopted children of the mysterious Olmo: she has a project for the kids: rebellion, escape, revolution.Middle gradeAdventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Science Fiction di sacro - mito e tradizione tra Piemonte e Valle d'AostaMassimo CentiniEdizioni Pedrinihttps://www.edizionipedrini.com9788894607703182€ 15,00mm. 148x210"Tracce di sacro - Myths and traditions between Piedmont and The Aosta Valley" with in the appendix the steps of the Via francigena. From the Aosta Valley to Ivrea in Piedmont, is a selection of sacred and devotional itineraries marked by symbolic and ritual expressions.Travel guideCultural Heritage, Costume and Traditions, Tourism and Guides Italia Piemonte - Valle d’AostaPiero AbratePaolo MarengoEdizioni Pedrinihttps://www.edizionipedrini.com9791280602091174€ 18,00mm. 168x240Meravigliosa Italia - Guide to Piedmont and the Aosta Valley. Royal residences, the egyptian museum and extraordinary natural corners. 15 Itineraries for all the seasons: museums, lakes, mountains; a fascinating journey through places renowned for their cuisine.Travel guideCostume and Traditions, Tourism and Guides'antica fiamma - Un viaggio sospeso tra passato e presenteMarianna Giglio TosEdizioni Pedrinihttps://www.edizionipedrini.com9788894607796624€ 18,00mm. 148x210Rediscovered diaries are the pivot of "L'antica fiamma"; a journey suspended between past and present, earth and stars. Alchemy, esotericism and an obscure curse trace the life of Bianca Maria, countess of the Issogne Castle, place in which her ghost appears.NovelHistory in rivoltaStefano AmatoVendi VernićMarcos y Marcos€ 17,00mm. 130x205Lazy, overweight, Taddeo is drenched in culture and a numbing nihilism. One day, witnessing an abuse awakens him from his own state of deep lethargy: injustices must be punished. His life seems to have found a meaning: turning himself into a night avenger.NovelAdventure, Family and Emotional Relationships assoluto e altri futili eserciziGiulia SerughettiVendi VernićMarcos y Marcoshttps://marcosymarcos.com9788892940758144€ 15,00mm. 130x205The city - Rome - and the dog - Olivia - most beautiful in the world. A grandfather so loved that you can’t wish for more. And the hot, uncontrollable taste of seduction. Women, cockers, nutria from the Tevere and white pizza: Giulia's life in 34 chapters of ruthless honesty.NovelHumor, LGBTQ+, Family and Emotional Relationshipsè-una-pallottola_copertina-RGB.jpgLa giustizia non è una pallottolaFulvio ErvasVendi VernićMarcos y Marcoshttps://marcosymarcos.com9788892940772320€ 18,00mm. 130x205June. The intrusion in the villa of a rich man has broken the quiet in the prosecco hills. Among lovely inns of Treviso and neighbours getting intimate, Stucky slowly has found a buried murder, broken trust and unspoken truth. A tasty crime novel, full of sun and human warmth.NovelMysteries, Thrillers, Horror DogTom PalmerManuela SalviTom Clohosy ColeEquilibrihttps://www.equilibri-libri.it9788894514032184€ 15,00mm. 210x140Jack loves his dog Finn more than anything. When he leaves for a school trip to the D-Day beaches in Normandy, the discovery of the true story of Emile Corteil, a young paratrooper, with his dog Glen will guide Jack towards a new awareness of the sense and non-sense of war.Novel, Children 7-11Animals, Family and Emotional Relationships, Historyà-sospesa.jpgL'età sospesaAidan ChambersGabriela ZucchiniEquilibrihttps://www.equilibri-libri.it9788890580895235€ 17,00mm. 205x140Aidan Chambers, English novelist and essayist, is regarded as one of the founders of Young Adult literature. In this book he traces the history of youth literature, to identify its roots and outline the defining criteria for what he considers a true literary genre: Youth Fiction.Non-fictionLiterary Critique, Didactics, Pedagogy e saleBenedetta BonfiglioliMartina VandaEquilibrihttps://www.equilibri-libri.it9788894514025176€ 15,00mm. 210x140Twelve stories about joy and wounds, conquests and storms, death, love, the everything and nothing of adolescence and youth. Twelve stories of how life goes, or doesn't go, when you grow up.Short stories, Young adultsFamily and Emotional Relationships malattia chiamata uomo (The disease called man) AudiobookFerdinando Camonil Narratore Srlhttps://www.ilnarratore.com9788868164478Durata: 05h 20'€ 7,99Digital Audiobook MP3Following the line of a cheerful and sorrowful masochism, the author takes us inside the relationship between psychoanalyst and patient with its rituals, recurring dreams and nightmares, psychosomatic illnesses, private traumas, sexual disturbances.Novel, Audio bookPsychology and Psychiatry viaggio: Divina Commedia come romanzo (OTHER TRAVEL: Divina Commedia as a novel) Book in printLaura Forcella Iasconeil Narratore Srlhttps://www.ilnarratore.com9788868164249220€ 14,00mm. 152x228The enchantment of the terrible and exhilarating story Dante tells us is here restored with a contemporary language that incorporates, with naturalness, 'pearls' from Dante's own.From the 'dark forest' to the 'white rose' of Paradise, another journey awaits us.Novel, PoetryHistory, Travel and Places casa delle madri (The mothers' home) AudiobookDaniele Petruccioliil Narratore Srlhttps://www.ilnarratore.com9788868164294Durata 10h 03'€ 12,99Digital Audiobook MP3'The House of Mothers' is not only an exploration of the delicate balances on which unbalanced family relationships rest, but it is also the debut of a narrative voice capable of enchanting the reader, getting him or her lost in a prose that is rich in tributaries and powerful.Novel, Audio bookFamily and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas am BluIrene GuglielmiIrene GuglielmiCarthusia Edizioni€ 20,90mm. 285x285Blue is a bee different from all the others, because she's blue and black. Tired of the jokes and teasing of her hive companions, she ventures through distant meadows and flowers, where she will discover a world inhabited by many friends of the most disparate shapes and colours.Picture book, Picture book without wordAnimals, Inclusion, Travel and Places good journeyBeatrice MasiniGianni De ConnoCarthusia Edizioni€ 20,00mm. 285x285This book face the great theme of the journey and what makes it positive. A text full of suggestions aimed at transmitting a message: traveling is a personal experience, and a journey is “good” if it has the ability of enriching the person who makes it, wherever it takes place.Short stories, Picture bookBeauty, Illustration, Travel and Places a fear, even if... 31 stories for 31 thrilling eveningsAA.VV. Curator Isabella SalmoiragoSilvia BaroncelliStorybox€ 15,90mm. 148x210Evil pumpkins, toothless vampires, bats, witches, clumsy ogres, cowardly monsters, and even ... werewolf desserts! An extraordinary collection of Short stories with all the right ingredients to discover together the pleasure of reading, with a pinch of thrill and lots of laughs.Short stories, Children 7-11Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Humor Alfredo and the magic of booksIsabella Salmoirago e Marco RossoLaeli ErreStorybox€ 13,90mm. 148x210The series Mr. Alfredo and the Magic of the books is a surprising container of stories, to enjoy beautiful, funny stories with contents capable of arousing questions, provoking answers and why not, causing a few laughs. For the pleasure of reading, alone or in company.Short stories, Children 7-11Current Affairs and Politics, Fantasy, Humor PuddingIsabella Salmoirago e Marco RossoAnna VigettiManuela TrimboliStorybox€ 13,99mm. 148x210A monstrously funny illustrated adventure starring the wobbliest Prince of all time, that will keep you in suspense until the last page.Short stories, Children 7-11Fairy tales, Humor, Creative Writing Here to Tibet. A conversation between two walking artists. March 2019 - July 2020Hamish Fulton / Michael HöpfnerHumboldt Bookshttps://www.humboldtbooks.com9788899385972192€ 25,00mm. 126x190For twenty-five years, the artists Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner have shared ideas and reflections on art and walking as an independent artistic practice. The book revolves around the deep fascination that they have with the territory and culture of the Tibetan people.Non-fiction, HybridVisual Arts, Travel and Places mappa per Kaliningrad. La città bifronteValentina ParisiExorma Edizionihttp://www.exormaedizioni.com9788898848683264€ 17,00mm. 122x180The exclave of Kaliningrad is Moscow's outpost on the Baltic: its history makes us understand its strategic importance in the current war landscape. If ancient Königsberg had not been destroyed by the Allies and then by the Red Army in 1944, Kaliningrad would not exist at all.Non-fiction, HybridCurrent Affairs and Politics, History, Travel and Places 1972Paolo Monti con testi di Nadia Terranova e Silvia PaoliBen Bazalgette-StaplesHumboldt Bookshttps://www.humboldtbooks.com978889938595880€ 18,00mm. 170x210The Italian photographer Paolo Monti spent several years carrying out his own personal research to capture the morphology of the island of Procida. The volume is accompanied by a narrative essay by Nadia Terranova and a critical reflection by Silvia Paoli.Other, HybridArchitecture, Visual Arts, Travel and Places SpinacortaMario FerragutiExorma Edizionihttp://www.exormaedizioni.com9788831461375180€ 16,00mm. 122x188In post-war Italy, in a convent of nuns, a little girl is chosen to dress the Madonna, a wooden statue. But Our Lady is never naked and whoever dresses her cannot exist. Tecla will have to deny her own body, but when she becomes a teenager and suffers violence everything changes…NovelAnthropology, Adventure, Popular Cultures La fabbrica della FiatClaudio Giunta, Giovanna SilvaHumboldt Bookshttps://www.humboldtbooks.com9788899385750164€ 24,00mm. 165x220The writer Claudio Giunta and the photographer Giovanna Silva embark on a journey to discover the city of Tolyatti. One thousand kilometers southeast of Moscow but with an all-Italian story to tell.HybridVisual Arts, Photography, Travel and Places L'isola dalla schiena di dragoLuca BaldoniExorma Edizionihttp://www.exormaedizioni.com9788898848935312€ 17,50mm. 122x180Special mentions: Gambrinus Award 2019 and Maldini Award 2020. Ithaca emerges abruptly from the sea covered with a dense green. A journey with Ulysses, history, local legends, the landscape and paths, the Byzantine city, the Venetian admiralty, the adventurers of the 19th centuryHybrid, Travel guideAdventure, History, Travel and Places PantherChiara RaineriChiara RaineriCamelozampa€ 16,00mm. 220x220Like a baby discovering the outside world, Little Panther compares what surrounds her with what she knows best, her mom. A sweet picture book playing with surprise: each page doubles with the flap, associating an adjective to shapes, colours, flavours, aromas.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Family and Emotional Relationships of My DreamsBimba LandmannBimba LandmannCamelozampa€ 22,00mm. 270x330Bimba Landmann takes us into the world of our dreams, explored as in a herbarium, in a fascinating metaphor between our inner life and the growth of the natural world. Until we understand that dreams are our most important tool to change the world for the better.Children 7-11, Picture bookAdventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet QuarelloAlessio AlciniCamelozampa€ 23,00mm. 240x330We invite you on a journey to discover which animals aren’t with us anymore, and who is at risk of disappearing. Find out what you can do, what we can do, in order not to lose these little bits of life.Children 7-11, Picture bookAnimals, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planetà.jpgStorie ai margini della cittàGabriel Garcìa PavesiBeatrice Giannini, Chiara Intropido, Lorenzo Franzosi, Bricolage GraficoGagio Edizioni€ 13,00mm. 150x220Living on the border of wonder and horror, in the desolated plains of the Northern Italy. People pushed on the edge, over the border which separates fear and loneliness from the incredible experience of the ones who have eyes to see and guts to seek.Short storiesAdventure, Dystopia, Illustration - Ripartire dal camminoDavide Angelo OldaniGagio Edizioni€ 13,00mm. 150x220Lost his job, lost his partner and frightened by the return of an ancient threat, Davide falls to the bottom of despair. He decide to start the Camino de Santiago and after a thousand kilometers, a man very different from the one who left arrives at the Cape of Finisterre.NovelTravel and Places, Family and Emotional Relationships, Photography Punga - Delitto a Villa di CastroSesto SantoliSimone SannaGagio Edizioni€ 15,00mm. 150x220The quiet village of Villa di Castro, in the Sardinian region of Gallura, is upset by a heinous murder, a young woman has been found brutally beheaded and the Prefect Valentino begins to investigate the case between old traditions and mysteries.NovelCostume and Traditions, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Illustration alto mare (On the high seas)Danilo Zagariaadd editorehttps://www.addeditore.it9788867833832250€ 16,00mm. 140x210A voyage of discovery of the underwater world: kelp forests and posidonia meadows, sheets of floating ice, able to host and feed colourful fish; grains of sand that are the invaluable ingredients of the contemporary world, from the artificial islands of Dubai to smartphones.Non-fiction, Middle gradeBiology, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Sea sondaggi (“Blessed" polls)Lorenzo Pregliascoadd editorehttps://www.addeditore.it9788867833474208€ 18,00mm. 140x210We believe that polls can predict the future, yet it is already hard to get a proper snapshot of the present. We only need to think back to the sensational cases of Brexit and Trump in 2016, when reality overturned the polls and the forecasts... or did it?Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, Information Sciences, Political Sciences'eclissi di Hong Kong (The eclipse of Hong Kong)Ilaria Maria Salaadd editorehttps://www.addeditore.it9788867833443200€ 20,00mm. 140x2105 years on from the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China, the former British colony is changing so fast that we need to stop and observe its territories and history to get an idea of what it was, rather than being sucked into a spiral of senselessness.Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, Political Sciences RinaldiEdizioni San Gennaro€ 9,00mm. 140x210The novel epitomizes the story of every emigrant from the Global South. Domenica get back to her birthplace, in southern Italy, where she is finally ready to face unresolved issues. Memories and the never truly severed bond with the loved ones will lead her through this journey.Novel, Short storiesFamily and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places BilottiEdizioni San Gennaro€ 8,00mm. 140x210Lucia does no longer live at the Sanità district, but she is forced to return there to obey the orders of the local crime boss, a difficult but well-paid task. She is a lonely woman, hardened by life. She feels emotionally numb except towards her disabled sister.Novel, Short storiesDisability, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Travel and Places SanitàDiana LamaEdizioni San Gennaro€ 8,00mm. 140x210If one lives with two difficult parents and with no one caring for them, it can happen that one gets involved with the criminal underworld. That's what happens to Peppeniello,an eleven-year-old who wanders through alleys bustling with legends,violence,compassion, and forgiveness.Novel, Short storiesDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Social Inequalities, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror L'avventura di una scopertaLuca Binditab edizioni€ 24,00mm. 140x200A fragment of popular science drawing attention to an extraordinary discovery: the experimental proof on the existence of quasicrystals in nature. A physical, human, and scientific journey, which starts from Italy, crosses the US, reaches the Russian Far East and winks at space.Non-fictionChemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Physics is the Psyche. Philosophy and neuroscienceFranco FabbroCasa Editrice Astrolabio - Ubaldini Editore€ 32,00mm. 150x210A voyage to discover the psyche and the conscience. A very wide-ranging work, animated by a profound integration between the theories of modern cognitive sciences and the spiritual, social and human experience.Non-fictionPsychology and Psychiatry, Philosophy indossavi? Le parole nei processi penali per violenza di genereIacopo Benevieritab edizioni€ 12,00mm. 140x200Words are the mirror of society, especially when they describe relationships between men and women. What stereotypes are hidden behind some terms? What patriarchal views are enclosed in seemingly polite questions? The book highlights the importance of a conscious use of language.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Linguistic, Law The composition of the techniques as a tool to rediscover a living practiceFrancesca ProiaCasa Editrice Astrolabio - Ubaldini Editore€ 16,00mm. 150x210A documented history of yoga from its origins to the present day, in which the author traces a path to understand and give life to a practice of techniques's composition, on a discipline that is a philosophy created by the body.Non-fiction, HandbookBody, Mind and Soul, Philosophy, Health and Wellness italian opera in the 18th CenturyPiero WeissCasa Editrice Astrolabio - Ubaldini Editore€ 27,00mm. 150x210This study on the origin and developments of eighteenth-century Italian opera in Italy arises from the direct analysis of documents in the libraries of Neapolitan conservatories and major Italian musical institutions.Non-fictionMusic della comunità ebraica di Rodi. (1912-1947)Marco Clementitab edizioni€ 38,00mm. 150x220After the Italian occupation of Rhodes (1912), the members of the local Jewish community became sympathizers of the fascist regime. The bond of trust was broken by the racial laws (1938). Many Jews were expelled, others migrated, and those who remained were deported in July 1944.Non-fictionCivil Rights and Racism, Political Sciences, History dell'acquarioIlaria GaspariVoland€ 15,00mm. 145x205Gaia returns to Pisa, where she studied, after an absence of ten years and meets her old friends. Now they are divided by the years and the loss of Virginia, who died in obscure circumstances. The investigation into her suicide will bring to light buried memories and obsessions.NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places EuropaAlexander Damiano RicciEdizioni Gruppo Abele€ 14,00mm. 120x170The essay describes the stalemate that undermines the development of the European union from within; is filled with numerous interviews and first hand testimonies from activists for human rights, immigration, housing rights and gender equality.Non-fictionCivil Rights and Racism, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Social Inequalities Biasiucci, Valerio Magrelli, Mimmo PaladinoAndrew TanziILFILODIPARTENOPEhttps://www.ilfilodipartenope.it978883195308530€ 120,00300X200X10A look at the Mediterranean and at its crossing with photographs by Antonio Biasucci reproduced in original, texts and verses by Valerio Magrelli and a blanket designed by Mimmo Paladino, reproduced in a serigraphy. Texts translated in English. Limited edition.PoetryVisual Arts carcere. Geografia e storiaValerio CalzolaioEdizioni Gruppo Abele€ 23,00mm. 140x210History, social function and characteristics of detention in the prison islands. From the ancient times to the present day, a historical and geographical compendium enriched with photographs, maps and charts on the themes of solitary confinement and imprisonment.Non-fictionEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Geography, History Zevova, Valerio, MagrelliOreste FloquetILFILODIPARTENOPEhttps://www.ilfilodipartenope.it978883195321450€ 60,00mm. 200X150X10The project in the form of book is composed of two little identical books. The first is a leporello of 120cm, with twelve drawings by Oreste Zevola reproduced serigraphically. The second contains a text “Musica dipinta” by Valerio Magrelli, translated in French. Limited edition.HybridVisual Arts Tomaino, Cristina BalsottiILFILODIPARTENOPEhttps://www.ilfilodipartenope.it978883195309224€ 100,00mm. 200x200x10The book contains two etchings-aquatints by Giuliano Tomaino and a nursery rhyme by Cristina Balsotti that tells the artist's journey and work around the Mediterranean. On the box, the red hand, a small glazed majolica sculpture designed by Giuliano Tomaino. Limited edition.HybridVisual Arts le parole. Abbecedario per una comunicazione consapevoleFederico Faloppa, Vera GhenoEdizioni Gruppo Abele€ 15,00mm. 120x170Two sociolinguists deal with 26 key concepts following the letters of the alphabet. The point in building a manual of conscious communication is to give to the readers a daily instrument for struggle with hate speech, stereotypes and internet trolls.NovelDiscrimination and Gender Equality, Inclusion, Linguistic romanzo del Fuji-Lauda, Hunt e gli altri (Fuji: Lauda, Hunt and the others)Diego Alverà66thand2nd€ 17,00mm. 153x230The 1976 world racing championship will be assigned on the Japanese circuit near Mount Fuji. The two contenders are Niki Lauda, miraculously survived after a shocking accident just a few months before at Nürburgring, and James Hunt, a talented and often impetuous competitor.Novel, OtherMotorsport, Biography, Sport e Gesso (Uto and Gesso)Gabriella Dal Lago66thand2nd€ 15,00mm. 143x210Two brothers, just about twenty, are sitting in a car in the parking lot of a motorway, blocked by snow. Uto and Gesso are their names. This is a novel of a night that slips into the past and overflows in the future, to tell about the ghosts and who remains to guard them.NovelMysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Family and Emotional Relationships A History of Forests, Rocks, Waters and Peoples.Umberto SarcinelliPaul ToutCarlo SpalivieroTiglio Edizioni di Andrea Mascarinhttps://www.tiglioedizioni.it9788894348712200€ 40,00mm. 240x300There was a time when, along the easy routes through the Alps, above the sources of the Fella-Tagliamento, people of many lineages transited from the Adriatic to the Noricum and vice versa. And ideas on both slopes of the Alps, of the Valcanale and the Canale del Ferro.Non-fictionPopular Cultures, Photography, Historyò del Lago. Visioni sul CarsoUmberto SarcinelliPaul ToutLucio TolarTiglio Edizioni di Andrea Mascarinhttps://www.tiglioedizioni.it9788894348705144€ 25,00mm. 240x300The gaze on the Karst is an ongoing choice between detail and vastness, between memory and emotion. It brings out assonance and metaphors confusing reality with suggestions, or vice versa. Then the history emerges, here blood is spilled.Non-fictionBeauty, Photography, History una musa di fuocoPiero SomaglinoEdizioni SEB27€ 16,00mm. 120x200Jean learned to be a puppeteer and falls in love with Shakespeare, and Helaine, the fiery redhead of the Holden Marionettes Company. A journey of fact and fiction, theater, and the desire for social justice in Italy, Europe, and South America at the end of the 19th century.Novel, Non-fictionHistory, Theater and Dance visions of FermoMonia MarchionniLucy HowellGiaconi Editorehttps://giaconieditore.com9788894834758176€ 25,00mm. 240x240Extraordinary visions of Fermo, a fascinating city in Marche region, is a project where archival images, staged photographs and texts are combined with a constant dialogue between the artist, the places and the city inhabitans.OtherVisual Arts, Cultural Heritage, Photographyól-copia.jpgSgurbiol, delle cose e del tempo di LeliaAntonella RomeoEdizioni SEB27€ 16,00mm. 120x200The life of Lelia, born in 1931 to a sharecropper a hard life, later city’s worker. Against this background, life during the war, the hosting of children by Emilian peasants and afterward, the pursuit of justice for the victims of fascism and factory workers’ rights.Novel, Non-fictionSocial Inequalities, History, Family Sagas Boxing according to meFranco Dugo & Umberto SarcinelliPaul ToutFranco DugoTiglio Edizioni di Andrea Mascarinhttps://www.tiglioedizioni.it9788894348729114€ 25,00mm. 240x220A book that sheds new light on the extraordinary career and human figure of Primo Carnera. In fact, the typescript that the teacher Leonardo Picco wrote in 1948 on Carnera’s life and boxing matches has been recovered, and includes the treatise on boxing that Carnera dictated.Non-fictionHistory, Sport di guerra e intrecci di pace. Il presente tra pandemia e deglobalizzazioneMario GiroEdizioni SEB27€ 14,00mm. 120x200A political scientist and expert in mediation and international cooperation analyzes the current crisis of globalization and the impact of the pandemic and recent war in Europe. A timely work for deciphering the complexity of the contemporary world.Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, Peace and Justice Cosmonauti della letteraturaStella SacchiniAllievi dell'Istituto Comprensivo "Vincenzo Pagani" di MonterubbianoGiaconi Editorehttps://giaconieditore.com9791281120006280€ 12,00mm. 150x210Allunaggi collects the most beautiful poema to the Moon from all around the world and in many languages.Poetry, Picture bookInclusion, Diversity, Foreign Languages pura ariaAttilio FortiniTemperino rosso edizionihttps://www.temperino-rosso-edizioni.com9788855491075192€ 18,00mm. 150x210A journey made by the protagonist between ancient Egyptian myths and stories of alchemy. This research will have to deal with the uncertainty of destiny, represented by the creation of an oracle app, that will be the protagonist's compass for the search for love and eternity.NovelAdventure cos'è l'arte contemporanea?Attilio FortiniTemperino rosso edizionihttps://www.temperino-rosso-edizioni.com9788899819576140€ 14,00mm. 150x210What is contemporary art? An intruder with no right to belong or something you can't do without, an incomprehensible monster or a hope for the future, a game for wealthy collectors or the destination of hardened dreamers? These are some of the questions raised in this essay.Non-fictionVisual Arts, Beauty, Philosophy'apostataStella Sacchini, Fabio PedoneGiaconi Editorehttps://giaconieditore.com978889483480292€ 10,00mm. 120x160This book shows the story of under-age work in American factories. L'apostata collects the memories of one of the most important writers of the XIX century, Jack London.NovelBiography, Civil Rights and Racism, Career and Jobs comunismo dei desideriAttilio FortiniTemperino rosso edizionihttps://www.temperino-rosso-edizioni.com9788898894703106€ 14,00mm. 210x150Finding a way to offer human desires a social legitimacy by allowing desires to be shared in a communist way is the purpose of this book.Non-fictionPhilosophy, Sociology the Etruscan. The philosophy as “science of living”Luciano DottarelliAnnulli editori€ 13,00mm. 120x170Prof. Dottarelli reconstructs the life and thought of the Neostoic philosopher Gaius Musonius Rufus, emphasizing the originality of his philosophical vision compared to that of his contemporaries (e.g., on the role of women), and the relevance of his “science of living”.Non-fictionBiography, Philosophy, History Suspended above Tuscian Landscapes. Stories of (im)possible citiesMario DinarelliAnnulli editorihttps://www.annullieditori.it9788895187587144€ 14,00mm. 135x210Tuscia still offers the chance to read beauty in its landscapes; a beauty still cloaked in the magic of time, remaining almost unscathed by the modern urban transformations. The author writes a fictional narrative essay, building itineraries suspended over those landscapes.Non-fiction, HybridArchitecture, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, Urban Planning GlassMarco Saverio LoperfidoAnnulli editorihttps://www.annullieditori.it9788895187433192€ 12,00mm. 120x195“Claude Glass” is an epistolary novel. The story of an impossible friendship lived through a magical correspondence that spans the centuries, a tormented declaration of love for landscapes and a polemical pamphlet against land consumption.NovelEcology, Environment and Protection of the Planet, History, Travel and Places Palme (novel) - Il medico degli incurabili e altri racconti (short stories) - Tre insonni (novel) - Euthalia, Il terrazzo, Lamìa, Frasi, Un’altra Elide (theatre)Luisa StellaEdizionidellassenzahttps://www.edizionidellassenza.it9788894384345929€ 36,00mm. 222x145x84The four volumes set features two novels, several short stories and theatre works by Luisa Stella, Sicilian novelist and playwright, considered by the critics an heir of the greatest Sicilian and European tradition.Novel, Short storiesFamily and Emotional Relationships, Creative Writing, Theater and Dance insonni (novel)Luisa StellaEdizionidellassenzahttps://www.edizionidellassenza.it9788894384376249€ 14,00mm. 214x140The lives of Antonio, Ivo and Tea are ravaged by insomnia, whose ancient and submerged relation to guilt is as ambiguous as growlingly intolerable. Through them Luisa Stella travels deep into a never-ending wake.NovelDiversity, Family and Emotional Relationships, Creative Writing Palme (novel)Luisa StellaEdizionidellassenzahttps://www.edizionidellassenza.it9788894384352162€ 12,00mm. 214x140A tired and idle man ends up being obsessed by a young and enigmatic creature, Adele, living opposite his window. The more her eyes draw back the more his glance longs to investigate her mystery.NovelDiversity, Psychology and Psychiatry, Family and Emotional Relationships adagioPaola ZattiEnrico Damiani Editore€ 18,00mm. 115x165A slow-paced voyage from San Marco to Rialto, from Giudecca to Dorsoduro, through palaces, gardens, churches and works of art. A guide to relish the liveliest and most authentic side of Venice and its isles.Travel guideCultural Heritage, Tourism and Guides, Travel and Places adagioTeresa MonestiroliEnrico Damiani Editore€ 15,00mm. 115x165Teresa Monestiroli invites us to slow down and stroll through the hidden cloisters, restaurants, museums and cinemas of Milan, get lost in their elegant slowness and, perhaps, discover something about ourselves.Travel guideCultural Heritage, Travel and Places, Tourism and Guides adagioFrancesca AmiranteEnrico Damiani Editore€ 17,00mm. 115x165Naples is a city of breath-taking beauty and stark contrasts. To find our way through its narrow alleys, Francesca Amirante advises us to take our time and be ready to meet its vibrant humanity.Travel guideCultural Heritage, Tourism and Guides, Travel and Places BerlineseMassimo MiroScritturapura€ 18,00mm. 150x2101980s East Berlin. An adrenalin-fuelled novel and underground in the Berlin divided by the wall. A man peers across the street the Volkpolizei Lada parked on the pavement in front of his photo lab.NovelAdventure, Body, Mind and Soul non scomparireChiara LaudaniScritturapura€ 16,00mm. 150x210Anna is 43 years old, single, lives in Rome and is a scriptwriter. She has a full life but her fertility test speaks for itself: she is at the reproductive tipping point. The only way forward is assisted fertilisation.NovelBiology, Body, Mind and Soul, Sexuality comincia la rivoluzioneMaría Helena BoglioKinu BermanScritturapura€ 15,00mm. 150x210Argentina 1973. The polls for the upcoming elections give the Peronists winning by a wide margin, the end of dictatorship seems within reach. But the military junta does not agree and a brutal repressive campaign bloodied the streets and consciences.NovelHistory, Social Inequalities, Civil Rights and Racism a casoMelania LongoAlessandro SannaLapis Edizionihttps://www.edizionilapis.it9788878748477112€ 16,50mm. 280x200This book is the result of a graphic exploration involving photography, poetry and drawing. A poetic, visual journey throughout the wonder of everyday things seen through an artist’s eyes.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Illustration vita sessuale di Guglielmo SputacchieraAlberto RavasioQuodlibet€ 14,00mm. 120x190, paperbackGuglielmo Sputacchiera, a social and sexual misfit, wakes up to find that he has been transformed into what he is lacking the most: a woman. How could this have happened? Written in high prose with cruel sarcasm this novel deals with several of the themes of our time.NovelHumor favolose degli antichiDino BaldiQuodlibet€ 16,00mm. 120x190, paperbackThis book is the most admirable anthology drawn from Greek and Latin antiquity. These deaths are collected here as a repertory. The ancients have elaborated classic forms, rules and examples to die in a significant way: an ambitious and appropriated way for each life.HybridHumor, History di fotografiaLuigi GhirriQuodlibet€ 22,00mm. 155x190, paperback, illustrationIn 1989 and in 1990 Ghirri delivered a series of lessons on photography. Each lesson is accompanied by the photos and images that he discussed. The book is essential for anyone wanting to start learning about the art of Luigi Ghirri, and to see the world with new eyes.Non-fictionPhotography home elsewhereFederica MarziBottega Errante Edizioni€ 17,00mm. 130x200In her vivid debut novel, Marzi outlines the portrait of two extraordinary female figures: Amila, born in Bosnia, and Norina, from Istria, who live and meet in Trieste, the city where they sought a shelter and have the chance for rediscovery origins and think of a new beginning.NovelDiversity, Family and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places vederti soffrireCristina BrondoniClown Bianco Edizionihttps://www.clownbianco.com9788894909302348€ 17,00mm,. 140x210Milano. In un torrido agosto che sembra non avere mai fine, un anziano uccide la moglie a colpi di accetta. Sulla scena arriva l’ispettore Enea Cristofori, impegnato a seguire altri casi di morti che come sfondo comune sembrano avere il male di vivere.NovelMysteries, Thrillers, Horror Belgrade cicadaMarina LalovićElisabetta DamianiBottega Errante Edizioni€ 14,00mm. 130x200Belgrade is the last capital in Europe still maintaining its authenticity without striving to make it attractive to tourists. As a journalist, in an intimate journey in her hometown, Lalović describes the city after twenty years she left it, just before the fall of MilosevićHybridAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, History, Travel and Places Calice FrantumatoArthur AlexanianAlessandra Ulivierifotografia Sona Stepanian - grafica Nyvard YerkanianIbiskos Ulivierihttps://www.ibiskosulivieri.it9788832721904140€ 15,00mm. 140x210The Shattered Chalice is made up of memories that Arthur Alexanian dedicates to his father Boghos. The author delicately combines the previous novel The Child and the Winds of Armenia. Boghos, the main character represents the prototype of the man displaced from his own lands...NovelAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, History Bonhoeffer - The theologian who conspired against Hitler and loved Maria von Wedemeyer - 1° - 2° - 3° vol.Aldo FiorenzaAlessandra Uliviericomputerized graphics processingIbiskos Ulivierihttps://www.ibiskosulivieri.it97888327220861540€ 54,00 - cof. 1°-2°-3° 140x210"Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the theologian who conspired against Hitler and loved Maria von Wedemeyer" is a historical novel that tells the Nazi epic and in particular the life of the Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, still today he is still considered the greatest Protestant...NovelHistory Storni - amore e libertàVincenzo MazzoniAlessandra UlivieriMar del Plata, dedicated work to Alfonsina StorniIbiskos Ulivierihttps://www.ibiskosulivieri.it9788832722055108€ 15,00mm. 120x200"Home pequeñito, hombre pequeñito, / Suelta a tu canario que quiere volar ... / Yo soy el canario, hombre pequeñito, / déjame saltar" "Little man, little man / free your canary who loves to fly / I am the canary, little man / let me fly"Non-fictionAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirsà invisibili. L'Eldorado di Percy Fawcett e Timothy PatersonMargherita DetomasWriteUp Bookshttp://www.writeupbooks.com9788885629592400€ 30,00mm. 160x240Percy H. Fawcett, royal explorer and cartographer, disappears during his last expedition to the heart of Brazil, in 1925. Margherita Detomas, journalist and explorer, tells about a different story and shows to the world the wonderful hidden archeology of Mato Grosso.Non-fictionArcheology, Adventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet Zweig. The year when everything changedRaoul PrechtBottega Errante Edizioni*20A sui generis biographical novel about a pivotal year in Stefan Zweig's life: 1935, when the writer decides to leave his wife and Austria to settle in safer Britain, but also a pivotal year for the whole of Europe, with the advance of Nazism and the warnings of a changing world.NovelBiography, Literature genealogia ritrovata. La moglie, la figlia e la nipote di Tolstoj si raccontanoMarta AlbertiniLaura RicciVita Activa Nuova Editricehttp://www.vaneditrice.it9791280771001304€ 17,00mm. 150x210Marta Albertini, great-granddaughter of Lev Tolstoy, reconstructs in this book the figures of the great-grandmother Sofia Andreevna, of her grandmother Tatyana L'vovna Tolstaja and of her mother Tatiana Michajlovna Suchotina, the great writer's favorite granddaughter.Non-fiction, HybridAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Biography, Family and Emotional Relationships di Verità. Una via gnostica per l'immortalitàEzio AlbrileWriteUp Bookshttp://www.writeupbooks.com9791280353740224€ 20,00mm. 140x210The precious Jung Codex for the first time translated in Italian, and explained in his esoteric meaning to a vaste audience even not specialised. Albrile used the original Coptic version find out in Nag Hammadi, and purchased in 1951 by Gilles Quispel, as a present for C.G. Jung.HybridSacred Texts, Religion, Esotericism and Occult Sciences Madre rivelata. Dal Canto alla Voce: emozioni prenatali, risvolti neuroscientifici, terapeutici, spiritualiFrancesca RomanoWriteUp Bookshttp://www.writeupbooks.com9791280353931152€ 16,00mm. 140x210The travel and strength to be conscious of your own Voice: this is the mission of the book. From the pregnancy to the adultness, lots of people lost the voice: the book will help the reader to reconnect with the own interiority, just to get mental and physical wellness and health.Non-fictionEdutainment, Music, Health and Wellness donna. Poesie e storie di emigrazioneSilvia RosaValeria Bianchi MianVita Activa Nuova Editricehttp://www.vaneditrice.it9791280771025256€ 18,00mm. 150x210The anthology collects and deepens some interviews on the theme of migration and geographical, linguistic, emotional borders, made to foreign poets who live or have lived in Italy. They choose to write their poetry in Italian.PoetryAutobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Inclusion CoccioliLindau€ 24,00mm. 140x210On his deathbed, Davide recalls the many events of his extraordinary life: his battles and his loves, his sins and desires. A historical literary novel in which Carlo Coccioli explores the spiritual quest of the king of Israel.NovelHistory love for the animals. How our relationship with the other species has changed usRoberto MarchesiniLindau€ 29,00mm. 140x210An exploration of the relationship between humans and the other animals from a scientific, anthropological and philosophical point of view. How this relationship has made us what we are, and why we should rediscover it for the future of the planet.Non-fictionZoology, Philosophy, Anthropology favorite placeMayumi OonoElena RambaldiMayumi Oonokira kira edizioni€ 13,00mm. 200x200A little butterfly goes on a pleasant journey visiting her favorite places. The simple and captivating illustrations by Mayumi Oono ask kids to recognize shapes, find objects, discover unexpected similarities.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Adventure, Travel and Places and the BearAlice KellerMaki Hasegawakira kira edizioni€ 16,00mm. 205x255The story of a courageous, intelligent, strong and passionate little girl who needs to affirm her identity, Chiri Yukie, the first person to record Ainu mythology in written form. An illustrated biography that tells a true story like a fairytale.Children 7-11, Picture bookBiography, Ethnology, Inclusion Hirschmann. Come in una giostraMarcella FilippaAras Edizionihttps://www.arasedizioni.com9791280074102180€ 16,00mm. 130x180Ursula Hirschmann (Berlin, 1913-Rome, 1991) is one of the most important figures for the European federal project starting from the Manifesto of Ventotene. The book is about her extraordinary private and public life and it reveals a female modern profile of the XXth Century.Non-fictionBiography FaccioRead Red Road€ 16,00mm. 140x200In Turin, an elderly couple is found dead in their bedroom, stabbed in the heart. In the ensuing nightmare, victims are found in other cities, all drugged and stabbed with surgical precision as they lay in bed. (BookTwo in the Pietro Abbà series. Book Three scheduled for 2023)NovelMysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Travel and Places the Bee's HouseAlice KellerMaki Hasegawakira kira edizionihttps://www.kirakiraedizioni.com978883201900132€ 14,00mm. 205x255A magical travel of a little girl following bees through the forest. The poetic rhymes play with the concept of close and far, as much in space as in time, as a metaphor of the ancient wisdom of bees, still essential in today's ecosystem. With the endorsement of Greenpeace.Children 0-6, Picture bookAnimals, Adventure, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet di genereGaia Peruzzi, Vittoria Bernardini, Raffaele Lombardi, Alessandra Massa, Angelica SpampinatoDurango Edizioni€ 10,00mm. 115×190Gender cultures change the world. Feminist and LGBTQI+ movements claim the same social rights for all of the gender and sexual orientation minorities. This essay explores the youth microcosm through a work of research based on social autobiographies.Non-fictionDiscrimination and Gender Equality, LGBTQ+, Sociology goes to schoolMatteo PrincivalleAlessia de FalcoLindau€ 12,00mm. 216x216The small creatures of the meadow are getting ready for school. Centipede would be the fastest to get there, but putting on all his shoes is quite a task for him and everybody is laughing. Well, maybe not everybody. A story on believing in oneself.Children 0-6, Picture bookFairy tales Burrs and Wooden Clogs (2021 Premio Andersen finalist)Barbara FerraroSonia Maria Luce PossentiniRead Red Roadhttps://www.readredroad.it978889444438464€ 14,00mm. 190x230Lina is ten and lives in rural agricultural Calabriain the 1930s. One day she goes out to harvest chestnuts, unaware that her life is about to change. In the rugged countryside, the playfulness and laughter that initially accompanyher hard workgradually give way to exhaustion.Middle grade, Young adultsAgriculture, Costume and Traditions, Popular Cultures tutte puttane (Women all whores)Lucia Bainotti, Silvia SemenzinDurango Edizioni€ 15,00mm. 115×190Donne tutte puttane is an essay that questions the issue of the hegemonic masculinity (functional to the patriarchal society in which we are immersed), the so-called revenge porn, and calls for a pact between genders based on mutual respect, self determination, and freedom.Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Sociology intellettuale e affettiva di Benedetto Croce. Sull'Estetica e la critica letterariaGiancristiano DesiderioAras Edizionihttps://www.arasedizioni.com9791280074423236€ 19,00mm. 130x210Aesthetics and economy rule contemporary life, despite this Croce's ideas are still necessary to claim ourselves as men and women, to struggle against propaganda, conformism and slogan. This book is a way to know Croce's masterpiece and its contemporaneity.Non-fictionBiography, Literary Critique Am NinaPina IraceAndrea AlemannoRead Red Road€ 14,00mm. 210x145Eight-year-old Nina has a curly-haired head full of thoughts. With five grandparents, a working mom, a luthier father, a special friend, three sisters and the theater to help her grow up, she’ll tell the story of everyday life on her little island.Novel, Children 7-11Sea, Family and Emotional Relationships, Theater and Dance (Zoocracy)Roberto InchingoloDurango Edizioni€ 15,00mm. 133x203The animals' social systems resemble the humans' political systems. This essay about the evolution of politics in nature is a journey through ideologies and systems of government that, and this is the surprise, are not and exclusive of humans. Welcome to the zoo of politics.Non-fictionAnimals, Current Affairs and Politics, Zoology nostra fedePiero Gobetti, a cura di Giorgio FontanaAras Edizionihttps://www.arasedizioni.com979128007404164€ 10,00mm. 110x180Piero Gobetti (Turin, 1901-Paris, 1926) writes the political pamphlet 'La nostra fede' [Our Faith] in 1919. Gobetti's faith is laic and it is the instrument to stand up against political and social status quo, thanks to civil responsability for a humanity's moral change.Non-fictionHistory, Political Sciences luce dell'equatoreAndrea CantoneEdizioni Effettohttps://edizionieffetto.it9788832195415376€ 19,00mm. 140x210For more the 100 years the word Africa has been tattooed on the heart of many families in Roasio, a small village between Turin and Milan, in the North of Italy. The ambitious twenty years old Alessandro Testa left Italy to join his brother in Nigeria, as many other peers did inNovelAdventure, Family Sagas, History fantasma della mia libertà - 11 settembre 2001Michele PetragnaniEdizioni Effettohttps://edizionieffetto.it9788832195323408€ 19,00mm. 210x140Author who escaped the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Novel that cleverly mixes the author's personal story, his escape from the 9/11 bombing, and a fictional spy story.NovelCurrent Affairs and Politics, Autobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Adventure Periodo IpoteticoMarco PintiEdizioni Effettohttps://edizionieffetto.it9788832195330576€ 25,00mm. 210x140A revolution broke out from the suburbs of Paris, and it flared up all over Europe in a short time. A novel of a new, barbaric and delicate lineage. A picaresque symphony, overlooking the chaos. A niche for wild creatures, in the uncertain hour of sunset.NovelCurrent Affairs and Politics, Adventure, Dystopia’epoca di Berezovskij. La Russia degli oligarchi?Pёtr AvenSandro Teti Editore€ 24,00mm. 150x210The tragic and bright Nineties, the most painful decade of contemporary Russia, described through long interviews in a book that is an indispensable tool for understanding the deep fractures in society that Russia still struggles to heal today.Non-fiction, HybridCurrent Affairs and Politics, Biography, History L'irresistibile ascesaAlberto BradaniniSandro Teti Editore€ 18,00mm. 150x210The author embraces the evolution of the People’s Republic since its birth in 1949, talking about heterotopia, the meaning of Chinese communism and Mao’s vision, cultural revolution, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping's complex and delicate relations with the United States.Non-fictionCurrent Affairs and Politics, History grande ArchimedeMario GeymonatSandro Teti Editore€ 18,00mm. 150x210Mario Geymonat’s The Great Archimedes, a Corrado Alvaro Award winner, draws a portrait of the first conscious interpreter of the creative intelligence, one of the most original and prolific scientists of all human history.Non-fictionBiography, History e ioMarilia MazzeoHelvetia editrice€ 10,50mm. 105x173Venice, a suspended city, fragile, very solid, beautiful and horrible, crowded and deserted. In this diary, which is also a literary guide to streets and neighborhoods, Marilia Mazzeo sets her gaze on cats, roofs, children, works of art, cinemas and cafes, friends, boats, canals.HybridTravel and Places, Autobiographies, Letters and Memoirs, Body, Mind and Soul è lagunaRoberto FerrucciHelvetia editrice€ 8,50mm. 105x173The lagoon of Venice and Saint-Nazaire, where most of the cruise ships are built. The narrator and his partner do the math with the consequences of this phenomenon. A book that tries to find a possible turnaround to save the most fragile city in the world.HybridCurrent Affairs and Politics, Travel and Places, Creative Writing criminale. Misteri e delitti del '700Davide BusatoHelvetia Editrice€ 15,00mm. 130x200Some crimes that occurred in Venice in the 1700s and of which we have news through the case documentation preserved in the State Archives. Davide Busato, reconstructs the working methods of the police who investigated at the time of the Serenissima.HybridMysteries, Thrillers, Horror, Political Sciences, History Austen SocietyNatalie JennerMaria Elena SalvatoreMoreno PaissanVintage Editore€ 18,00mm. 130x210A few months after the end of the Second World War, a new battle is beginning in the little village of Chawton when the the last piece of Austen's heritage is at risk of being sold to the highest bidder. Eight very different people rally together to create the Jane Austen Society.NovelLiterary Critique, Family and Emotional Relationships, History & JoVirginia KantraMaria Elena SalvatoreMarilena ImparatoVintage Editore€ 18,00mm. 130x210Inspired by the timeless classic "Little Women" but set in 2000's, the March sisters have grown up to pursue their separate dreams. When their mother’s illness forces the sisters home to North Carolina for the holidays, they’ll rediscover what really matters.NovelHistory, Family and Emotional Relationships, Family Sagas dodicesima paginaDavid LissDaniela MastropasquaChiara Noemi MonacoVintage Editore€ 18,00mm. 130x210With England on the cusp of revolution, Lucy Derrick inexplicably finds herself awakened to a world where magic and mortals collide, and the forces of ancient nature and modern progress are at war for the soul of England . . . and the world.NovelHistory, Fantasy, Esotericism and Occult Sciences solo sognatori abusiviMonica BuonannoDe Nigris Editorihttp://www.denigriseditori.it9791281105041110€ 16,00mm. 150x210We are the Vele di Scampia Committee, we represent the story of many dreaming citizens, inhabitants of the sadly known district of Naples, Scampia.Short stories, Non-fictionCivil Rights and Racism, Diversity, Urban Planning si muoreCarlo PizzoniDe Nigris Editorihttp://www.denigriseditori.it9791281105027154€ 18,00mm. 150x210This book collects 16 tales of life, love, death and friendship. Each of them contains childhood memories, stories of war and conflict, deep and unexpected bonds between people.Novel, Short storiesCurrent Affairs and Politics, Family and Emotional Relationships, Travel and Places a testa scalzaDalila GiglioDe Nigris Editorihttp://www.denigriseditori.it979128062465996€ 16,00mm. 150x210Dalila is twenty-one when the first hairless patch appears on her scalp. At that moment she does not know it yet, but those are her first signs of her illness: alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes sudden loss, total or partial, of hair and body hair.Handbook, Non-fictionBody, Mind and Soul, Discrimination and Gender Equality, Health and Wellness never tire of the blue sky. Gifts from ArtGabriella TrovatoGabriella TrovatoNous editrice€ 20,00mm. 150x220What if Art came out of museums? What if it was about each of us? A new way of making art known, a map for an awakening journey through creativity, an invitation to gather the gifts from Art, regaining the opportunity to change ourselves and the reality.HybridVisual Arts, Body, Mind and Soul, Didacticsà.jpgL'invidia per la SferaAntonio FamàNous editrice€ 13,00mm. 130x195Are these short stories with a novel ambition or vice versa? Does it really matter to raise the question of genre today? A book that must be crossed as a doorway while moving away from the Ego in a transubstantiation from being man to being human.Novel, HybridDystopia MacchiaChiara Besozzi ValentiniLetizia Vidiama CarugatiNous editrice€ 16,90mm. 160x230SOS! The ocean is in danger! A black cloud has darkened the sun and polluted the water. A thrilling story of friendship that explains ecology and the value of solidarity in defense of Nature.Children 7-11, Picture bookFamily and Emotional Relationships, Sea, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet McLeodMirella AlessioEloise ShortDidattica Attiva (by Voglino Editrice)€ 15,00mm. 217x280A special, joyful, lively story. A story of friendship, courage, creativity and tenderness. A story that speaks of the search for one's own voice, the true, authentic one. A complicated and universal adventure that can reach everyone from the exotic antipodes of the world.Hybrid, Children 7-11Animals, Diversity, Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Planet as snowElena SopranoVoglino Editrice€ 13,00mm. 140×210Sara is 15 years old and feels a "total failure". The sudden death of her father pushes her to leave the big city where she dreams of becoming a pianist for a smaller country. Sara will have to find her own way, thanks to a new power: the ability to choose.Novel, Young adultsInclusion, Music, Family and Emotional Relationships metodo MuViLabAlessandro Padovani, Paola Bozzalla GrosMusica Practica (by Voglino Editrice)€ 22,00mm. 220×280New method of music education for kindergarten and primary school. Over 100 activities and didactic instructions to make music in a spontaneous and joyful way. Nursery rhymes, songs, songs (with scores and audio files) for use in the classroom, in public, in essays, open lessons!Hybrid, HandbookDidactics, Music'è la vittoria? (Where's the victory?)La Ragione di Stato66thand2nd€ 15,00mm. 138x190An account of the tragi-comical Italian expeditions in the football world cups of Italia 90, Usa 94 and France 98. The iconic games, the most extraordinary plays, the weirdest tactic ideas, the most creative self-destructive tendencies – in the backdrop of an historical decade.Hybrid, OtherCurrent Affairs and Politics, Sport, Humor EldoradoAdrian BraviNutrimentihttp://www.nutrimenti.net9788865949030176€ 17,00mm. 150x210It’s 1526 in Venice. Ugolino, disfigured by a fire, lives hidden under a hood. No longer tolerating his presence, his father decides to embark him in the expedition of a friend: Sebastiano Caboto. An existential parable that also reflects on nature, language, integration and identity.NovelTravel and Places, Biography World will end at NightUmberto SebastianoNutrimentihttp://www.nutrimenti.net9788865949047288€ 17,00mm. 150x210Punk, poetry and limitless passion for a compelling coming-of-age story. She pursues poetry, he pursues the dream of music, and so they meet. For Alex and Kyara, it is a vertigo, the beginning of a great love and a journey to discover the joys of the body and the abysses of the soul.NovelMusic in CinecittàMario Tedeschini LalliNutrimentihttp://www.nutrimenti.net9788865948927320€ 17,00mm. 150x210From Fosse Ardeatine to Cinecittà, from the Nazi uniform worn to kill to the Nazi uniform worn to make movies. A sensational story discovered and told for the first time, about a paradoxically 'normal' reality in post-war Italy: the 'Nazi next door' came in handy to narrate Nazism. Non-fictionCinema, Radio and Television, Video Art (Gloombridge)Luca RagagninEnrico RemmertMiraggi edizioni€ 16,00mm. 135x190Set in the fascist Italy of 1922, Gloombridge is a metaphysical crime novel about the murder of Daphne, the beautiful and scandalous daughter of the local landlord, who will do everything he can to punish the culprit… well, not so much a culprit as a scapegoat.NovelPopular Cultures, Social Inequalities, History WomenLiliana MadeoMiraggi edizioni€ 18,00mm. 135x190First appeared in 1995, Mafia Women is a classic of narrative journalism to be rediscovered. Women under the shadow of the bosses and of the code of silence, untamed but never to be taken for granted. A skilful mix of news stories and real life, social analysis and humanity.Short stories, HybridBiography, Family and Emotional Relationships, Sociology Blood and IronLuca QuarinMiraggi edizioni€ 19,00mm. 135x190Of Blood and Iron is a masterly exercise of autofiction which blends dramatic events of the Italian recent history (the 70s and the Years Of Lead), an inquiry about the main character's identity and acrobatic reflexions about literature and life. The result? A clever puzzle!NovelFamily and Emotional Relationships, History, Mysteries, Thrillers, Horror VidottoEdizioni Minerva€ 15,00mm. 130x210A leather diary that is over fifty years old preserves a faded story, stained with wine, sweat and many tears. A story hard as stone, terrible and sweet, kept secret, hidden in the silence of the people of a mountain village. A story of love and resignation: the story of Siro.NovelCultural Heritage, Mountain, Family and Emotional Relationships VidottoEdizioni Minerva€ 15,00mm. 130x210Ocean is a woodcutter, a husband, a father and a book. The book that saves his life from oblivion because his memory is fading fast. The older he gets, the less he remembers and these pages will outlive him. They tell a story that has the force of a lightning splitting a fir tree.NovelPopular Cultures, Mountain, Family and Emotional Relationships Story of a family and many stickersLeo TurriniEdizioni Minerva€ 18,00mm. 140x210The story of the family that invented sticker albums. Through small rectangles of paper the Panini family helped spread optimism in the country. Four brothers and four sisters, born in poverty, were able to imagine the future. From their intuitions a global myth was born.NovelBiography, Family Sagas, History giorni per capire... BoxsetMélanie Babe, Marine Baroukh, Charline DunanAndrea QUovonero€ 42,00mm. 200x230It is a boxset comprised of three incredible books: - 30 days to understand autism - 30 days to understand visual disorders - 30 days to understand learning differences Each book contains 30 challenges, curious facts, immersive activities and games – to play out alone or in a group – that make the reader step in the shoes of someone who has the above-mentioned conditions. With colourful illustrations enriching every page and written with cheeky humour, this is a trilogy that dares you to take action!Non-fiction, High readability and accessible bookDisability, Edutainment, Inclusion Black EggSante BandiraliAlicia BaladanUovonero€ 16,00mm. 215x300One day the hen laid a black egg. No one wanted to buy it, so the peasant gave it to the king. The queen has to brood it in her chest, said the hen. And so she did, until a little rooster came out. But the rooster was very annoying and no one in the castle could stand his cock-a-doodle-do anymore! What should the king do? Inspired by Luigi Capuana's fairytale, this is a lovely picture book that exalts the pride of being different.Children 0-6, Picture bookDiversity, Fairy tales, Inclusion CassinelliLapis Edizioni€ 9,90mm. 180x180One of the titles of the bestselling series of classic tales for toddlers “Mini Fiabe”, written and illustrated by internationally praised author and artist Attilio Cassinelli. Thick black outline drawings, vibrant colors, short storylines: a perfect series for little hands.Children 0-6Fairy tales want my monsterGuia RisariCeylan AranLapis Edizioni€ 14,90mm. 240x300A little girl has lost her purple, mischievous monster, so she asks her father for a new one: a more loyal monster. Will they find it? An encouraging read for all children facing with the fear of loss. The perfect bedtime story to celebrate the power of imagination and to remember that people (or monsters!) who love us will always be there.Children 0-6, Picture bookAdventure, Humor, Family and Emotional Relationships storia del generale Tommaso, quello che non voleva mai fare la guerra (The story of general Tommaso, the one who never wanted to go to war)Isa Tutino VercelloniBabalibrihttps://www.babalibri.it978888362118224€ 11,50mm. 210x210Tommaso is a naughty little boy who has the misfortune of having a garibaldian great-grandfather, a crusader ancestor and an uncle who had a brother lieutenant colonel. They send him to the Academy of Military Studying Strategy. But Tommaso is not doing great at school…Children 0-6Peace and Justice