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CoverTitleAuthorTranslatorIllustratorPublisherISBNPagesCover priceSizeSynopsisCategoriesThemesPublishing house website bambina del silenzio (The little girl of silence)Agar Alessia Barboniin riga edizioni978889364307890€ 22,00mm. 152x229“The little girl of silence, whose voice was rarely heard, knew how to distinguish every chirp, every rustle of the wind, every whisper and cry of animal. He knew how to listen." “He was in the room without being there. His presence was almost imperceptible,she was so silent and discreet. A presence in the absence." The little girl of silence is a character who moves between a fairy tale and a dream, a delicate and indelible character like a forget-me-not. A new little princess who brings to life a game that can change people and the world. Bring a promise of hope, a sweet project of peace.Short Stories, Children 7-11Inclusion, Family and emotional relationships, Pedagogy spasso nel bosco (A walk in the woods)Marika Adianto, Arianna Palain riga edizioni978889364380129€ 12,00mm. 216x216"A walk in the woods" is part of a project, conceived by Marika Adianto, entitled "The stories of Bachina". Bachina's stories tell childhood memories, memories, dreams, desires and express the intent to cultivate, in children, the love of books and, in adults, the pleasure of reading aloud. Furthermore, these narratives want to accompany whoever reads them and whoever listens to them to grasp the preciousness of small things: the magic of what Nature gives us, life in the open air, the observation of small details, the ability to know amaze and amaze again with the innocent gaze of a child.Children 0-6Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Pedagogy, School notte delle tartarugheAndrea VicoVeronica CarratelloEmons Edizioni9788869868191192€ 14,00mm. 135x205Sofia can’t believe it: making a video on sea turtles with Beast, the class bully! And Zhenyi, who is so anxious about participating in an EU-competition! Luckily, Tommi is sure that the video will be a success. The Wild Videomakers are born, and their first destination is an Apulian bay, where sea turtles go to lay their eggs. Interviews with experts and fishermen will help the youngsters to discover how turtles live, what threats they are exposed to and how the Mediterranean has changed. First book of a narrative non-fiction series for kids on scientific and environmental issues.Novel, Middle GradeAdventure, Animals, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet crib in the woodAlessandro PetruccelliEmiliano BillaiGraphe.it978889372089244€ 8,50mm. 120x210Matteo, a child that we would define as "lucky", is used to having the best: his parents are convinced that training him in luxury and surrounding him with friends from a certain social class will favour him in the future. Nor does Matteo have occasion to reflect on all this, until he finds in an abandoned stable, next to the statues of the crib, the diary of Rosina, his peer who lived years before. She tells of the simple and poor life of the countryside, of the hardships and genuine joys. The discovery opens Matteo's eyes, leading him and then his family on the path of sharing.Short Stories, Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Family and emotional relationships, Tales the tawny owl and Alfonsino the mouse, friends for lifeRoberto RussoAnna FogaroloGraphe.it978889372107328€ 11,90mm. 205x205Rocco is a little owl and his best friend is Alfonsino the mouse, who lives in the same big tree as Rocco. This is a picture book and is a great story for learning to read. The text is written in capital letters and is perfect for first reading. Moreover, thanks to the soft drawings it helps to better understand the story being told. The book is printed on rough (and ecological) paper so that children can color and draw every single page.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Inclusion, Family and emotional relationships am sorryIsabella PagliaPaolo Proiettila margherita edizioni978886532370064€ 12,95mm. 153x192It takes a moment to hurt someone's feelings. It can happen due to a shouted word. A deafening silence. Or also to the indifference... A delightful book about the importance of apologies.Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships, Illustration's catFulvia Degl'InnocentiDaniela Costala margherita edizioni978886532407332€ 14,00mm. 223x303The elves, the reindeer, the letters: you think you know everything about Santa, but I bet you ignore that the good old man with a white beard has a cat: me, Rufus, with orange fur and long mustache. A wonderful book for a very special Christmas!Children 0-6, Picture BookIllustration's adventures in wonderlandLewis CarrollFrancesca Dell'Ortoarka edizioni9788880722908128€ 19,50mm. 220x290The classic novel with complete text written by Lewis Carroll and the delicate illustrations by Francesca Dell'Orto.Children 7-11, Picture BookAdventure, Illustration a le stelleDavide MorosinottoKalina MuhovaEmons Edizioni9788869866036168€ 15,00mm. 152x220Where has Mercury gone? wonder Nina, Jamal, and Lorenzo in front of the Scrovegni Chapel. The magic blackbird, who just transported them to XVI century Padua, has disappeared, and they risk being trapped forever in the past. Life is full of dangers in the Middle Ages, but two very special Florentines accompanying them in their adventure: Giotto, who is frescoing the walls of the little church, and Dante, who is coming up with a new idea for a poem... This book belongs to the series Mercury’s Mysteries: time travel stories to meet the great Italian artists of the past.Novel, Middle GradeAdventure, Visual arts and the duck on the roofEmanuela Di MarinoMonica RizziArgentodorato979128027336941€ 16,00mm. 220x220On a cold December day, Ginevra sees a large lonely duck land on her roof. Who is it? Where does it come from? And how did such an animal end up right there? Struck by its presence, she decides to get closer to get to know it better and, to her great surprise, she discovers that not only is the duck able to speak, but he also has a story in store for her. An extraordinary adventure is thus intertwined with a completely unexpected friendship: Ginevra will involve her whole family to try to help her new friend, but regaining the freedom will not be as easy as it seems.Children 7-11Adventure, Animals, Family sagas in the woods (inbook)Giulia ZosoArgentodorato979128027321532€ 15,00mm. 240x240Suddenly the forest closes behind an impenetrable barrier of branches, brambles and bushes. The inhabitants of the nearby village find themselves inexplicably left out: men are no longer allowed! Three volunteers climb up to the house of the elderly Gastolf to ask him for an explanation of this mysterious event. Meanwhile, something truly amazing is happening beyond the green barricade. The animals have reconquered the forest and, hidden from human sight, are carrying out an incredible project. Will the wisdom of the old Gastolf allow the reconciliation between the two worlds?Children 7-11Adventure, Animals, Illustration' Natale, anche se...Various authorsSilvia BaroncelliStorybox9788831927239144€ 15,90mm. 168x240A book - Advent calendar to get to Christmas, evening after evening, sharing the magic of reading. Stories to read (with your eyes or ears), to smile, dream and discover that Christmas is more beautiful if… From the reindeer strike, to the investigations between the characters of the Nativity scene, to the elf who was fed up with churning out sweets, to the little alien Xilù who came to earth in search of gifts... the extraordinary imagination of 24 authors for children, gives the readers beautiful stories that tell Christmas in an unusual and fun way.Short Stories, Children 7-11Fantasy, Humor, Tales paura, anche se...Various AuthorsSilvia BaroncelliStorybox9788831927291144€ 15,90mm. 148x210Wicked pumpkins, toothless vampires, bats, witches, clumsy ogres, cowardly monsters, pumpkin soup with strange powers, werewolves, and even…werecandies! An extraordinary collection of short stories with all the right ingredients to discover the pleasure of reading together, with a pinch of thrill and lots of laughter. To be enjoyed at any time of the year!Short Stories, Children 7-11Humor, Mysteries, thrillers, horror, Tales Bambini e ragazzi nelle stanze della poesiaChiara CarminatiEquilibri9788894514018158€ 15,00mm. 140x205This book is intended to be an instrument to foster poetry, a collection of suggestions to ignite the spark and ideas to feed the flame. It is aimed at those who, by passion or profession, take care of children, with the idea that poetry is the most powerful means to explore the resources of language and that the very acquisition of these resources is crucial for the construction of a creative personality and the expression of free thought. A tribute to the belief that passion for poetry starts, more than anything else, from love and enthusiasm for the word ("per-la-parola").Poetry, HandbookCreative writing, Didactics, School e saleBenedetta BonfiglioliMartina VandaEquilibri9788894514025176€ 15,00mm. 140x210Twelve stories about joy and wounds, conquests and storms, death, love, the everything and nothing of adolescence and youth. Twelve stories of how life goes, or doesn't go, when you grow up. A plunge into the unique universe of the young characters, in the crucial moment of their lives and the choices that shape their path. Written in a clean, clear, and deeply intense language that manages to portray the many nuances of adolescence, made up of grains of salt and sugar, equally capable of giving flavour to a single moment or an entire life.Short Stories, Young adultsFamily and emotional relationships e la casa dal cancello rossoGiorgia MeoRocco ColucciaI Libri di Icaro978889537784156€ 16,00150x210“Elena e la casa dal cancello rosso” tells the adventures of Elena, a curious little explorer, with an attentive gaze who never stops scrutinizing everything around her. Beyond the red gate that marks the entrance to the house where she is going to spend her Summer holidays, Elena discovers a fairy world made of friendship, kindness and joyful encounters. “Elena e la casa dal cancello rosso” is an imagination reach in characters such as a talking dog, a wise frog, a cheeky cat and pretty fairies, which will lead the readers into the dimension of magic, fantasy and enchantment.Children 0-6, Children 7-11Fantasy vietato AmmenochèGabriella BallinMatteo SpadoniErrekappa Edizioni978889608490840€ 16,00mm. 220x220Unless City is a city where everything is forbidden. Unless required by regulation. A city where you can't go out on Friday evening unless you have to do some paperwork. Attention, there are also very sweet fines, pies in the face for those who do not wear a hat on the 14th of the month!Short Stories, Picture BookHumor, Right, Travel and places grande enciclopedia dei mostriLaqui MorenoLaqui MorenoErrekappa Edizioni978889608472460€ 16,00mm. 210x270I traveled the world collecting information on the most important monsters but also the almost unknown ones. This book is the result of several years of study, and in the following pages you will find the description of each monster, details and curiosities about different strange and magical beings, the weaknesses of each monster, their tastes and interests so you will know how to fight them. and you won't be afraid of them.Children 7-11, Picture BookAnthropology, Ethnology, Humor’s summerSusanna MattiangeliChiara CarrerEdizioni Primavera978888559247640€ 17,00mm. 220x280Teo has no idea how it all began. His first memories are blurry. Was he a seed? A tiny spot? A lentil floating in outer space? Then, all of a sudden, huge creatures appear around him. They talk loudly and seem happy. Where do THEY finish and where does HE start? When Teo can finally stand up, walk, and climb, he's ready to discover the world. And love. Love doesn't last long and leaves him in pieces. But putting the pieces back together is the next step to growing up. Summer has just begun.Children 7-11, Picture BookBody, mind and soul, Diversity children sleepEmanuela NavaAntonio BoffaEdizioni Primavera978888559202532€ 18,00mm. 220x297When children sleep, the stars start playing their celestial music. The sky above and the earth below sing the song of the night, made up of the breath of growing grass, the swish of dark clouds, the murmur of streams running to the sea. When children sleep and the stars look down, the sea whispers and roars, the wind rustles the leaves on the trees, and the mole digs tunnels in the garden. When children sleep, the moon and stars light up their homes, the music of the universe fills their rooms, and toys dream the children's dreams. Because the beauty of the world never goes to sleep.Children 0-6, Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships is all the jar's faultLuca TortoliniMaria Gabriella GasparriSinnos978887609523840€ 13,00mm. 170x205A fast-paced and fun story. Just kick a harmless empty jar to set in motion an irresistible chain of events, between animals and chases. The book is printed in four color pantone, one of which is fluorescent.Children 0-6, Picture BookAdventure, Animals, Illustration catched a gnomeAlberto LotAlberto LotSinnos978887609474864€ 10,00mm. 165x210Gnomes are adorable: nice and cute, always ready to help and give useful advice. What would you do if you caught one? Some gnomes are less cute than they appear so you have to be careful! A funny first-reading book full of jokes and stunning events. English translation availableShort Stories, Children 0-6Adventure, Animals, Illustration RosmarinoGiancarlo BiffiValeria ValenzaEdizioni Segnavia978888877624832€ 13,00mm. 215x215First episode (of ten) of the series in which a nice little owl, who will be named Rosmarino, will have to face a long adventurous journey with his family, in search of a new forest in which to live. He will discover how tiring and dangerous it is to migrate to distant and foreign lands, in search of a better life and home.Children 7-11, Picture BookCivil rights and racism, Family and emotional relationships, Social inequalities Rosmarino nel mondo di Amarilla (Gufo Rosmarino in the Amarilla world)Giancarlo BiffiValeria ValenzaEdizioni Segnavia978888877662038€ 15,00mm. 215x215A new day for Gufo Rosmarino, a new adventure along the paths of growing up. The encounter with talking trees, spotted sparrows, leaf-eating ants, in the acquired awareness that every life depends on another life. A fantastic encounter between the animal world and the vegetable world.Children 7-11, Picture BookCivil rights and racism, Family and emotional relationships, Social inequalities pack of wolvesChiara ProperziMartina AndonovaKaba edizioni978889641150640€ 15,00mm. 210x240THERE ARE THOSE WHO TRY TO 'GET USED' TO THE NEW REALITY BY CANCELLING WHAT THEY REALLY FEEL AND THOSE WHO TRY TO 'SURVIVE' BY FINDING A PERSONAL SPACE. MOLLY AND FIFFY, THE PROTAGONISTS OF THIS STORY HAVE A BAD ADVENTURE AND EACH OF THEM REACTS IN A DIFFERENT WAY. ONLY THEIR TRUE FEELINGS COULD SHOW THEM BOTH THE RIGHT WAY TO TAKE... ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS JUST LISTEN.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Body, mind and soul, Fairy tales phosphorescent nightAnna Maria FarabbiSara SignorielloKaba edizioni978889641138424€ 5,00mm. 150x105The work is a three-dimensional portrait for voice, music and ink. A cameo in which the cosmic personality of a dwarf elf glows in the night. The phosphorescence is in its deliberately small identity, of that measure close to children, especially to the suffering tenderness of those most in need. In the narrative texture there is a call for urgent reflection: to the quality of the figure of the caretaker and for a different kind of didactics. For children and adults.Children 7-11, Audio bookInclusion, Disability, Diversity sono bluIrene GuglielmiIrene GuglielmiCarthusia Edizioni978886945152236€ 20,90mm. 285x285Blue is different from all the other bees, because it is blue and black. Tired of the jokes and teasing of hive mates, she ventures into distant meadows and flowers, where she will discover a world made up of many little friends with different shapes and colors. "I am blu" is an illustrated book which tells the theme of diversity in a light, positive and colorful way.Children 0-6, Picture book without wordsAnimals, Inclusion, Diversity riesco io, puoi farcela anche tuRoberta Brioschi, Annarita da BellonioLorenzo SangiòCarthusia Edizioni978886945103436€ 21,5mm. 285x285When an early spring awakens the forest’s animals from hibernation, Turtle begins the journey to the top of the hill, where she will celebrate her first centenary. Bear accompanies her, apparently overbearing but actually just tenderly clumsy. Along the way the two improvised friends will meet so many animals who, after the first grumpy approaches by Bear, will join the caravan. This way, a very numerous and variously assorted company of animals will be formed, which step by step will teach Bear how beautiful it is to collaborate for a common goal.Children 0-6, Picture BookAdventure, Animals, Inclusion Artisti che hanno lasciato il segno/ 100 Artists Who Left Their MarkBarbara ContiPia Valentinis, Giancarlo AscariLapis Edizioni9788878749078224€ 19,00mm. 200x260From Picasso to Frida Kahlo, but also Monet, Van Gogh, Dalì, Banksy and Marina Abramović: a journey dedicated to creativity through 100 steps. The protagonists are the artists and their works, created thanks to talent and passion, but also errors and innovative ideas: each of them has found away to their own self-expression, reversing the rules. In the illustrations, the portraits of the artists are accompanied by elements of context to understand the era and style.Non-fictionBiography, History, Visual arts viaggio di Madì / Madì’s JourneySara MarconiAnna CurtiLapis Edizioni978887874875048€ 16,00mm. 240x300Madì lives in a forest where flowers of every shape and colour wonderfully grow. He waters them every day and, at night, his dreams are all about flowers. But one night, three creatures arrive in the forest. They have never seen a flower before. What a beauty! How wonderful it would be if flowers could sprout and grow on their Island, too! Will Madì help them to make their dream come true? A sweet story about the importance of giving, with delicate and detailed illustrations.Picture BookAdventure, Inclusion, Diversity fiabe delle stalle - Le PastoceAndrea NichettiGiusy AcunzoGagio Edizioni9791280369130308€ 16,00mm. 160x230The Pastoce are an illustrated collection of folktales from a small province in northern Italy. This cultural heritage, which contains ancient folklore and lifestyles, is treated with an active and participatory approach, as well as preserving important fragments of almost lost collective memory. The author accompanies the reader with brief insights and references to the broader European fairytale tradition, with the conviction that the languages of the past are a privileged lens for understanding the present.Short Stories, Children 7-11Adventure, Costume and traditions, Fairy tales SelvaSilvia Paulikova Milleriin.distanzaGagio Edizioni979128036911686€ 17,00mm. 210x300"Nella Selva" (Into the Forest) is an illustrated book, born from the author's need to highlight some themes that often belong to the real life of children and young adults. The events that develop in the forest, involving the beautiful Mother Nature, her loyal creatures and others that plot to overthrow her, lead the young reader to reflect on manipulation and the desire to abuse others at all costs. At the same time, however, they place the accent on positive values, such as that of friendship or that of the peaceful coexistence of the community to which one belongs.Children 7-11Inclusion, Peace and justice, Social inequalities avventure di Rudy – Alla scoperta della naturaBarbara Di CesareErika GiulianiGagio Edizioni9791280369031138€ 19,00mm. 220x220"The Adventures of Rudy - Discovering Nature" is the first collection of stories of the sweet little sparrow, born in the green hills of the EUR district, in Rome. Rudy, also known as "the heartthrob of Sparrowtown", has a big heart and a contagious smile. His eyes full of life are ready to travel the world, discovering new and incredible adventures.Short Stories, Children 0-6Animals, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Family and emotional relationships ladro di ombreVerónica Cantero BurroniAlessia IulianoElaborazioni grafiche di Luigi FabiiEdizioni di Pagina978887470496596 (ill.)€ 10,00mm. 120x160‘Il ladro di ombre’ is a spy story immersed in a surreal atmosphere, in which the intersection of imagination and reality gives place to continuous surprises. The idea that inspires this story – the theft of the "shadows" by Roby Pérez, a sport champion who somehow has to support his family – reveals the "world" of Veronica: school, friends, the way kids communicate today, the passion for football, which is vital in Argentina.Novel, Young adultsEdutainment, Mysteries, thrillers, horror, School Capitone e la Notte SantaPaolo ComentaleLuigi FabiiEdizioni di Pagina978887470586332 (ill.)€ 8,50mm. 150x200Capitone, an humble lagoon fish, lives an adventure that changes his life and that of all living beings. A cheerful Christmas ballad lives up an unusual nativity scene, populated by aquatic creatures, in a night of wonder, surprise and emotion, vividly illustrated by colorful and nice animal silhouettes which in the end, following King Capitone, shout their opinion to the world: «long live peace, down with war, / this forever on all the Earth». Illustrations by Luigi Fabii.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Religion, Sea’ Houses for SaleEricavale MorelloEricavale MorelloCamelozampa979125464065464€ 23,00mm. 330x220How would the catalogue of a real estate agency specializing in the houses of famous artists look like? Ericavale Morello guides us in an exhilarating and fascinating game to discover 25 houses that belonged to excellent names. A journey to explore art through houses, which becomes a game to find out who the owners of these restigious residences were. From Pollock’s house, full of stains that don’t go away, to Hokusai’s with a dangerous approaching wave, to Andy Warhol’s terraced houses, each page offers amazing views and real estate advertisements that will make you burst out laughing.Non-fiction, Picture BookHistory, Illustration, Visual arts Going UpCorinne ZanetteCorinne ZanetteCamelozampa979125464049432€ 16,00mm. 160x340It’s morning: a bear wakes up, sees a paper plane out of the window and ventures out to chase it. Like in a movie shot, we begin to follow the bear, with an uphill movement that accompanies us to discover the awakening of an entire town, with many different characters engaged in their daily routine, but also a roller-coaster in motion, a party with balloons, a construction site with workers at work... At every double page we climb higher and higher, higher and higher… What will we find on top?Children 0-6, Picture book without wordsAdventure, Animals, Mountain goes to schoolMatteo PrincivalleAlessia de FalcoEdizioni Lindau978883353865532€ 16,00mm. 216x216Early in the morning, the small insects of the meadow are getting ready to go to school. Of course, it is not big deal if you have just six paws, but what about poor Centipede? Putting on all his shoes is quite a task for him. Will he be able to get to school on time? If it weren’t for this shoes problem, he would be the fastest animal of the meadow, and no one would stand up against him. But they all make fun of him, and now he believes he is worth nothing. But maybe there is someone who is willing to help him… A story on diversity, inclusion and believing in oneself.Children 0-6, Picture BookInclusion, Diversity, dirty and bad, but very useful!Chiara GrassoEdizioni Lindau9788833537061144€ 16,50mm. 140x210There’s Carmelo, the sad viper who’s always afraid of being beaten with a cane; and there’s Certosino, a little young jellyfish who would like to be a sea horse; and there is also the wolf of Little Red Riding Hood, tired of being described as a ferocious beast. Who would invite them to their birthday party? Chiara, the young protagonist of the book, will discover that, though considered «ugly, dirty and bad», these animals are really necessary for the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Everyone is important in their own way, every creature has a role to play.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Animals, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Zoology felicitàRoberto PiuminiSergio OlivottiEdizioni Gruppo Abele978886579236064€ 19,00mm. 170x240Several moments of real happiness in children's life: that’s what you can find in these 30 beautiful poems by one of the greatest contemporary Italian writers. Feeling happy as... When parents come back home. Running barefoot over the soft grass. Climbing up a tree and watching down at the world. Getting an unexpected gift. Suddenly be able to do something all by yourself! With cute and smarty characters, a wonderful collection of unforgettable moments of happiness.Poetry, Children 7-11Illustration, Pedagogy pirata gentileGiulia OberholtzerGiulia OberholtzerEdizioni Gruppo Abele978886579324448€ 15,00mm. 205x240Can you imagine a pirate who is not used to plunder and raid, or to kill anybody? We know one: his name is Piero and he doesn’t have a clue about any of this. After leaving his pirate-parents, Piero sails the seven seas on board a whale. So, he figures out his own way in the world: helping people, saving immigrants during their journey across the sea is what makes him really happy. A short story about finding your place in the world, overcoming prejudices, about kindness and welcoming.Children 7-11, Picture BookAnimals, Sea, Social inequalities Adventures. Poetry for Boys and Girls by Female Poets and WritersAnnalisa Comestab edizioni9788892954946196€ 18,00mm. 140x200How has the presence of female poets and writers changed in children's literature from 1945 to today? What image of the feminine arises from the representation offered by poetry for children? Are there genres, forms, themes and languages of poetry for children that female writers have privileged? Through an exhaustive sampling of themes, works and editorial projects, the book tries to answer these and other questions, highlighting how much female writers and publishers have contributed in a substantial and original way to the changes occurred in poetry for the childhood.Non-fictionDiscrimination and gender equality, Pedagogy, Tales of Fantasy. The Setting up of Cognitive Contexts for ChildrenAnita Gramignatab edizioni9788892955370160€ 13,00mm. 140x200The book is built on a basic assumption: children read reality and consequently build knowledge through the narrative structures of thought, which can be educated with literary games. Storytelling helps children to organize and shape their early experiences. The author proposes to stage educational settings in which one can liberally draw from the sphere of wonderful, where the imagination can help to train the thought in creativity. The volume, dedicated to kindergarten children, is addressed to educators, parents and those who want to play both with the intelligence and intelligently.Non-fictionFantasy, Games, Pedagogy & Cora e la regina degli abissiAlessia BarilariAlessia BarilariAG Book Publishing978889859094060€ 12,00mm. 210x297The biologist Milo and the mermaid Cora have to join forces to face a dangerous enemy. The queen of the abyss, Nottiluna, wants to bring darkness to the Coral City at any cost. To save the sea from darkness and bring back the light, the collaboration of all its inhabitants and their human friends will be needed.Children 7-11, Comics and Graphic NovelsAdventure, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Sea’s a good idea! - L’ufficio delle idee usateSalvatore SiinaAG Book Publishing9788898590919188€ 16,00mm. 170x240In every city in the world there is an office of used ideas, called "That's a good idea!" and led by a certain Mr Wong, where already existing ideas, even the worst in history, can be turned into something good. A fascinating and compelling journey into real and fantastic worlds, born from a didactic-educational path of creative writing that will also inspire teachers and parents in the creation of activities and workshops for the little ones.Short Stories, Children 7-11Creative writing, Didactics, School mondo accantoElisa CaporaliniGiaconi Editore979128112016736€ 12,00mm. 170x240“Benvenuti nel fantastico mondo di Accanto, ragazzi!” iniziò Mr. Cookie dopo essersi sistemato il cappellino in testa. “Sarò felice di farvi da cicerone e vi racconterò tutto quello che vedremo in questo viaggio. Faremo delle tappe e vi farò conoscere un sacco di posti meravigliosi e belle persone. Siete pronti?”. “Tutti i bambini desiderano avere intorno persone che vogliano loro bene, vogliono far parte di una famiglia e di un gruppo in cui si sentono amati. È solo conoscendo la persona che abbiamo davanti che ciò può essere fatto al meglio.Children 0-6, Picture BookAdventure, Inclusion, Family and emotional relationships Ricordanti e la città picena sepoltaBarbara CerquettiGiaconi Editore9791281120099246€ 13,00mm. 170x240Che cosa vuol dire cambiare? E che legame ha con la libertà? Domande vecchie come le montagne, è il caso di dirlo, che tornano di nuovo in questo racconto fantastico (nel senso più letterario del termine), ambientato nelle terre che furono dei Piceni. E di questo antico popolo, così vicino e così lontano da noi, saremo destinati, leggendo, a riascoltare l’eco che vibra ancora forte come un terremoto. Ecco allora il moto, la terra, il cambiamento, le nostre radici.Novel, Middle GradeAdventure, Costume and traditions, History libro dei desideriFrancesca LumachiMarina CalòTemperino rosso edizioni978885549089416€ 12,00mm. 210x300But where are the desires? In which part of our body? This is the question that an elegant ostrich asks itself. Her animal friends respond with amusing theories, each driven by the desire they hold most dear.Children 7-11, Young adultsAnimals, Family and emotional relationships baule di mia nonnaFabiane Cristina AlbuquerqueFederica TaioliTemperino rosso edizioni978885549149548€ 14,00mm. 210x210My grandmother's trunk is an invitation to the "grown-ups" to recognize their subjectivity in children, and to encourage transparent communication dynamics.Children 7-11, Young adultsFamily and emotional relationships, Family sagas'amore sa di more (Love tastes like a blackberry)Luisa CarrettiLisa AmerighiStorie Cucite979128063212836€ 17,00mm. 210x270Mario is completely in love with Anita and wants to be loved as well. He despairs and pines for her love until a friend suggests him to dedicate her a poem. "Write down the things you like about her and then write a beautiful hymn to love", he says. So a tuna sandwich, Roman myths, and blackberry-flavored auburn hair inspire Mario with a crazy poem. Will he win her over? A short funny and colorful story about love.Children 7-11, Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships, Illustration around the city - A nice day (A spasso per la città - A nice day)Cristina LanotteCristina LanotteStorie Cucite979128063208128€ 15,90mm. 210x270Mia is twelve years old and has a keen interest in drawing. To find inspiration, she likes to hang out in the town. On a warm end-of-spring day, she rides her bike looking around. She is intrigued and inspired by the people she encounters along the way, their faces, what they do, and the windows. Even her time with her friends is inspiring. A silent book that celebrates art and the ability to find joy in the little stuff.Children 7-11, Picture book without wordsInclusion, Illustration, Visual arts IN MINIATURAANDREA MARCONEVA MORASSUTTO - AGNIESZKA KOSSOWSKAKAPPA VU978883215319436€ 14,00mm. 215x215What does put together a 6 years old child, getting into the first basis of scripture, and a bearded amanuensis monk of the Middle age? Boredom of repetition, curiosity of knowledge. Young Azzurra and Fra Nicolò will bring you in an adventurous trip across time, towards ancient codes, weird alphabets, shining colours and unmentionable secrets: the motto is “learning having fun”.Novel, Children 7-11Cultural heritage, Fantasy, History book eats monstersGiada FranciElisabetta ZanelloCasa Editrice Il Filo di Arianna979128003474830€ 15,00mm. 200x150After reading a book about monsters, despite his mother's reassurances, Martino sees them in every corner of the house. One day he receives a special book as a gift that has the power to suck up any horrible creature that is nearby. Thanks to the magic book Martino finds the courage to capture all the monsters and realizes that they are actually much more funny and clumsy than he imagined. A gentle wash in the washing machine returns the pages blank and ready to capture new monstrous beings.Children 7-11Family and emotional relationships, Fantasy adventures of tuft the elfSamantha OlivieriAlessandro GuidottiCasa Editrice Il Filo di Arianna979128003492230€ 15,00mm. 130x200Ciuffetto is a young elf who loves nature and adventures. In his forest, the Fo Fo Forest, he has many animal friends with whom he has different experiences every day. He has an exuberant disposition and is good at heart however he is also a bit mischievous and enjoys playing jokes. He gets excited about the sun, the rain, the sounds of nature and all that is wonderful in his world of him, involving all those around him with his sympathy.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Fantasy, Illustration Story of a robot and the child who took him to the seaLorenzo NaiaRoberta RossettiGlifo Edizioni978889874166340€ 12,00mm. 165x165The friendship between a child and a robot: Nostalgia is a bit like rust, it sticks to you and it’s hard to get rid of. But it will get us back together too. Glauco has sea blue eyes and dreams of living in a lighthouse. He loves spending his days on the beach, diving and swimming underwater. Marco is the robot who stands guard of the lighthouse. He would love to take a bath, but he is likely to get rust! They don’t even imagine they will spend the summer together and discover what it really means to feel nostalgia for a friend…Children 0-6, Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships, Sea, the hot-air balloonEmanuela BusàDaniela VolpariGlifo Edizioni978889874154084€ 13,00mm. 150x195When the wind blows you never know where it could take you... Vera knows it well. She is a curious toy hot-air balloon who has never put the balloon out of the house because she is terrified of flying. Until one day Levante, a gruff and fiery wind, will take her on a flight full of unpredictable adventures and encounters, a journey to overcome all fears and discover the wonders of nature and what makes each of us unique and unrepeatable. Vera’s travel and discover of the Amazon rainforest, one adventure at a time, aims to promote awareness of environmental protection among children.Novel, Children 7-11Adventure, Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Travel and places in ogni Terra – The Silent Edge Vol. 2M. Ivaldi - M. Malvisi - G. Giacchi - D. BelloIlenia GennariAntonio Mandese Editore & Figli9788832298130800€ 22,00mm. 170x240Vol. 2 in the character-driven dystopian saga 'The Silent Edge', written by four young fantasy enthusiasts who decided to turn their roleplay game into a fantasy novel. Grandchamp is the heart of the New World, where unbridled decadence and aristocracy rule over final frontier of humanity. Our motley crew (Elias, Maud, Gin, Milo and the others) join forces again in their fight to save peace in Stagshade, threatened by the looming shadow of mysterious murderer. Who is the Tassellista?Novel, Young adultsAdventure, Dystopia, Fantasy gioco del re bianco. The Silent Edge. Vol. 3M. Ivaldi - M. Malvisi - G. Giacchi - D. BelloIlenia GennariAntonio Mandese Editore & Figli97888322982531023€ 25,00mm. 170x240Third volume in the dystopian/steampunk fantasy saga by four young Italian writers. The capital of the new world is wounded and the diabolical Tassellista's plan is plotting further mayhem and destruction. Elias is sent to Gael, a hellish limbo where the remains of human society are on the verge of civil war. Here, the Tassellista is waiting for him. Elias, Gin, Maud, Brian and Suennel are bent on revenge, but must put the good of civilization before their own egos, to ensure that what's left of humanity doesn't destroy itself.Novel, Young adultsAdventure, Dystopia, Fantasy AgencyMarco InnocentiAndrea AlemannoAlbero delle matite978889404997880€ 14,00mm. 140x180Tommy is a child with a passion for reading.He spends most of his time in the library reading, and it is here that he meets Nero Mouse, who comes out of a trapdoor under the big carpet. Nero is a mouse, but not just any mouse... is the founder of the Agency Investigalibri Inseparable, Tommy and Nero form a fantastic couple of investigators: yes, because between the pages of the books are hidden great mysteries ... and it takes a great sense of detective to solve them! Series consisting of 4 titles.Short Stories, Children 7-11Family and emotional relationships, Humor, Mysteries, thrillers, horror the Iqbal RoadCatia ProiettiAlbero delle matite9788899814083220€ 15,00mm. 150x210Maya and her mother Mara live, for rent, a small apartment on the outskirts of Rome.Great allies in life, Mara and Maya avoid canned food, fastfood, television and social-media, in an intense relationship built by reading the same books and talking about current affairs. But at the age of thirteen, the principles to which Maya was educated collide with the desire for conformity typical of her age. Inevitable the clash between mother and daughter. At Maya's school she starts a group work on the clothing industry and fast-fashion, a path that will lead her to discover Iqbal Masih.Middle Grade, Young adultsBiography, Civil rights and racism, Family and emotional relationships Vivarelli, Guido QuarzoPeppo Bianchessiuovonero9791280104311192€ 16,00mm. 140x205Turin, late 1800s. The Academy of Sciences decides to give an award Charles Darwin for his studies. Scientific circles are on edge, divided between supporters and detractors of his evolutionary theory. Is it right to reward a scientist who says we are nothing but apes? But while the academics are debating, someone else takes action: the bodies of a scientist and the zoo’s gorilla are found embraced in the Museum of Natural Sciences. The police are on the case, but the mystery will only be solved with the invaluable help of Stephen “the madman”, the museum director’s autistic nephew.Middle Grade, High readability and accessible bookDisability, History, Mysteries, thrillers, horror knowsArianna PapiniArianna Papiniuovonero979128010433548€ 16,00mm. 290x210Everyone knows about the lizard’s cold blood, but few know that it likes to sleep on roses. Everyone knows about the octopus’ tentacles, but few know it has a big brain. Nobody knows, for instance, that the hummingbird is beautiful yet very aggressive, even though everyone thinks they know. With powerful and refined illustrations, and a few captivating words, Arianna Papini manages to disrupt the most common stereotypes on animals, showing that reality often has many nuances and it’s on us to not stop at what’s on the surface.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Discrimination and gender equality, Diversity favorite placeMayumi OonoElena RambaldiMayumi Oonokira kira edizioni978883201908740€ 13,00mm. 200x200A little red butterfly goes on a pleasant journey visiting her favorite places. The simple and captivating illustrations by Mayumi Oono ask kids to recognize shapes, find objects, discover unexpected similarities.Children 0-6, Picture BookAdventure, Animals, Travel and places's Nico?Alice Keller//Maki Hasegawakira kira edizioni978883201918632€ 16,00mm. 206x257Nico is nowhere to be found. Where did he go? Mom and Dad start to search him. Impossible hideouts, fake worries, scarecrows that are not really scary. An hide and seek told in rhymes, poised between reality and imagination. And if you want to find Nico... follow the blackbird!Children 0-6, Picture BookAdventure, Animals, Fantasy, il sacco e il segretoVanessa Policicchio RizzoliMonica PezzoliCaissa Italia978886729143424€ 15,90mm. 2420x250Elephant shows up at the clearing where he usually plays with his friends Giraffe, Lion, Snake and Zebra friends with a sack on his back. Curious, his friends ask him what's in the sack. "It's a secret," Elephant replies. But his friends can't see any point in a secret and abandon him to go play among themselves. Elephant then sets out through the baobabs to protect his sack/secret, but it becomes so heavy that Elephant starts to sink. Elephant finally decides to "spill the sack" and to return to the clearing where he will propose to his lifelong friends a new game - this time all together!Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals (Moonflower)Andrea BiscaroMarcello CarrieroCaissa Italia978886729118224€ 15,90mm. 240x264What happens when a sunflower falls in love with the Moon, alone among millions? Love can spring the bravest revolution. A revolution that leads to happiness... A simple and moving story about the courage to be who we really are and the meaning of life.Children 0-6, Picture BookDiversity, Family and emotional relationships e i bambini che volevano giocareGianluca StaderiniGianluca StaderiniRed Star Press978886718214530€ 14,00mm. 170x240A Palestinian story for boys and girls. From the window of her house he could see a beautiful garden, with a magnificent olive tree. That was the way it was until men with rifles came along to build a huge gray wall. From that moment on no game would have been possible, no boy and no girl could have chased each other or thrown the ball in the place where they were born. At least that was what the men with guns believed but… have you ever tried to make a boy or girl stand still? Not even all the shotguns in the world can do that! So it happens that that huge wall starts to crumble.Short StoriesPeace and justice avventure di SuperspruzDavid CacchioneAndrea ColettiRed Star Press978886718319764€ 15,00mm. 160x230All superheroes are young and beautiful. Except Superspruz! A lazy person who loves to eat and who occasionally – is his secret weapon! – does not disdain to free himself in a noisy fart. But when the bad guys think they can get away with it, Superspruz intervenes to resolve the situation. How? To find out, you have to read his adventures. Laughter is guaranteed!Children 7-11, Comics and Graphic NovelsAdventure, Humor, Illustration (a darkness eater)Sonia PeregoManuel VertemaraDidattica Attiva (by Voglino Editrice)978883123754332€ 15,00mm. 220x220 hardcoverA fairy tale starring a very nice but anomalous character, who feeds on the night fears of children, bringing back in their serenity. Through a funny story full of wonderful images with a night background, we face the most discussed fears of children. The message: increasing the awareness of the senses, that is, giving a face to what, as sound or image, in the dark we do not recognize, we can overcome the fear. Themes treated: fear of darkness, nightmares and all that brings the night.Novel, Children 0-6Animals, Didactics, Pedagogy Fabbricante di Stelle (the Star Maker)Rita SponzilliRita SponzilliDidattica Attiva (by Voglino Editrice)978883123758164€ 16,00mm. 190x260 hardcover“A delicate, poetic and so light story to get lost in the air and wrap yourself in the blue veil of the night next to those bright points and the glow of the Moon”. It is a story that walks on tiptoe and crosses the theme of friendship to support the curiosity of every child to know what he does not know: the world and the stars. It will be Gerald, the Star Maker, (an old gentleman who knows how to turn “stardust” into “real stars”), to allow Viola (an explorer girl who wants to look at the world from above) to discover the infinite. The themes: encounter, friendship, curiosity, desire, dream,Novel, Children 7-11Illustration, Tales kids of Baltimore HouseDavide CalìRiccardo RenziPelledoca editore978883279031384€ 18,00mm. 170x240After his wife left him, the writer finds by chance, in a drawer, the novel he had interrupted years before and decides to finish it. Yet, to do so he needs a special place, in slight decline, like his state of mind. He arrives at the Baltimore Hotel, a dilapidated old hotel. From the beginning, he perceives disturbing presences, glimpses silhouettes of children, while strange writing appears and then disappears right away. Putting together the pieces of the puzzle, he discovers a disconcerting truth... But how to bring it to light? Who will ever believe him?Middle Grade, Picture BookIllustration, Mysteries, thrillers, horror FerraraPelledoca editore9788832790603180€ 16,00mm. 130x210Glauco, thirteen years old, has a rare disease, the kind that has to do with chromosomes, and knows what it means to be different. Beatrice, called Bea, thirteen years old just like him, is his best friend. Hanging out with those who are different takes courage and open-mindedness because people are afraid of persons like Glauco. And fear is not easy to defeat. The two friends will have to fight to earn their place in the world.Middle GradeInclusion, Diversity and the Pahada VoyageArthur B. RadleyPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma9788897443506144€ 19,00mm. 150x210On the other side of the Galaxy, in the distant future, there is a boy who chases adventure to the highest peak in order to save his world. Narayan is a 12-year-old boy who lives in a nomadic tribe, with the sole purpose of protecting the Pahada, precious and unique animals on which the survival of the entire planet depends. But what happens when the protagonist is in search of adventure and is faced with the greatest climb of his life?Middle GradeAdventure, Dystopia, Science fiction ash mileDario OrilioPaolo d'AltanEdizioni Piuma9788897443483160€ 18,00mm. 150x210In an future, after a devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius, something mysterious lives and thrives in the Mile of Ashes, a destroyed and inaccessible tongue of land. Arrigo knows by heart the old stories of the Naples before the destruction and is driven by the desire to find out what happened to his parents. To do so means to venture out looking for them in the Ash Mile... and that is exactly what Arrigo does!Middle GradeAdventure, Dystopia, Science fiction casa dei suoniClaudio AbbadoPaolo CardoniBabalibri978888362150548€ 16,00mm. 220x280Claudio Abbado has a truly unique role in this book: he tells kids, starting from his own story, his passion for music and he explains with simplicity and clarity not only which instruments make up an orchestra and which families they belong to, but also what is the so-called "musical writing", a precise language that is divided into chamber, symphonic and lyric music. The world of music is a mosaic of tiles that must be composed by a director – the conductor, who reads and listens to music, interprets it and finally sublimates it in a beautiful masterpiece.Non-fiction, Children 7-11Autobiographies, letters and memoirs, Music MillestoriePatrizia ZelioliGiulia OrecchiaBabalibri9788883623363192€ 16,50mm. 200x200A book about the city of Milan that is truly special because it makes the city known, for the first time, through its stories: stories of people who have lived in Milan and stories related to monuments and palaces. The guide is divided into seven chapters corresponding to seven “paths of discovery” which, starting from the ancient access gates to the city, reach the main cathedral. For each area of Milan the children will follow a path described through words, photographs and illustrations, in order to immerse themselves in the present and in the past of the city.Children 7-11, Travel guideCultural heritage, Popular cultures, Tourism and guides Wood towards the plastic island (Loris Wood verso l’isola di plastica)Iride BartolucciRoberta ProcacciDalia9788899207601176€ 13,50mm. 140x190Loris Wood dreams of becoming the greatest environmental journalist of all time. Together with his friends Aron and Mirta, he will have to investigate on a rubber ducky shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean 30 years earlier. What is happening to the ocean? Does a plastic island as large as France really exist and why does someone want to stop Loris Wood from reporting an impending environmental disaster? The keyword for our young reporters? #bethechange!Children 7-11Adventure, Ecology, environment and protection of the planetà_Prima.jpgDiscovering Freedom (Alla scoperta della libertà)Giulia CeccaraniGiulia CeccaraniDalia978889920756464€ 12,90mm. 160x230Is freedom where there are no rules, or is it with rules that freedom is won? Ten little girls and boys, friends for life, escaping from the boring rules of adults, will discover a secret courtyard. The courtyard is there waiting for them and promises to be the place where they can finally be free, far from the glances and the rules of adults but… will it really be like that? A story in search of the meaning and value of the word freedom.Children 7-11Ecology, environment and protection of the planet, Family and emotional relationships storia lunga comePino TovagliaLazy Dog press978889803054556€ 19,00mm. 210x120We will never know why the graphic designer Pino Tovaglia, one of the main exponents of the Swiss School in Italy, kept this unpublished work. His daughter Irene found 24 illustrated plates in his studio, held together with tape, with an intriguing cover where the Pirelli logo stands out, front and back. Whatever its origin, it is an interesting and singular study of the elongated form. The 56 pages of 'A story as long as' are thus a valuable exercise in style, reproposed in its formal integrity, but adapted for a contemporary publication, accompanied by a short text by Marta Sironi.Picture Book, Picture book without wordsAutobiographies, letters and memoirs, Graphics, Illustration negoziAoi Huber konoLazy Dog press978889803051416€ 16,00mm. 230x160In this book, whose plates were designed for a small volume in the Tantibambini series, edited by Bruno Munari for Einaudi, Aoi Huber Kono illustrates the facades of 16 stores, making a summary of the most characteristic features of each: some still exist, but who can say for how long? The title on the cover is a small jewel of design and graphics, the result of the intense collaboration between husband and wife: Max Huber made the curtain strips with colored cutouts and composed the lettering, Aoi embellished it with a punctuated hemming.Children 0-6, Picture book without wordsCultural heritage, Graphics, Illustration The Women Who Made EuropeGiulia Mirandola, Pina CaporasoMichela NanutSettenove edizioni978889894787456€ 19,00mm. 215x265A picture book about eleven women who contributed to building Europe. Their biographies tell the desire for a union of peace, rights, social justice and gender equality, capable of transcending national borders and short-sightedness. Women represented in this picture book were revolutionaries, lawyers, officials, trade unionists and teachers. The volume contains some pages on the contexts in which their action has generated significant changes: pacifism, women work, Erasmus program, the presence of women in the European constituent processes and in the Community institutions.Non-fiction, Picture BookDiscrimination and gender equality, History, Right The T-RexFrancesco PierriDunja JoganSettenove edizioni978889894786740€ 17,00mm. 200x200In an extraordinary world, where animals, human beings and dinosaurs live all together, Nino - a tirannosaurus rex - is the biggest bully. He spends his days scaring the ones who live in the village, especially the tender and affectionate «tribe of hugs». But if we observe him well, we can see that he is only angry and envious for never having received a hug. A simple story that tells about the rancor born of loneliness and a severe past, where you discover that through dialogue and mutual knowledge even the most convinced villain can understand that building is more beautiful than destroying.Children 0-6, Picture BookAnimals, Inclusion, Family and emotional relationships LemniscatesEnrico MartinoCarme LemniscatesNotes Edizioni979128061403240€ 15,00mm. 230x230Robin leaves from afar in search of a place to live. And so, full of hope, he dreams of finding a place to build his nest and live in peace. After so much flying Robin is happy. Here is the right place, with beauti-ful trees. A small space for him will not be missing! It's getting closer, but... He is chased away in the wrong way by the other birds. But Robin doesn't give up! Will he be able to find someone who will finally welcome and help him? Supported by Amnesty InternationalPicture BookInclusion, Civil rights and racism signor BuioAnnalisa StradaAnna CurtiNotes Edizioni979128061405680€ 11,50mm. 130x190Who said that darkness is scary? What if it differed from how many tales and fairy tales present him? Perhaps it would be enough to know him more. Cal, eight years old, curious and enterprising, one day meets him in person, Mister Dark! He is sad because he is alone, and a lousy reputation haunts him. And so the little girl hosts him at her home, where he makes friends with the family and the neighborhood. Dark can do many things, it creates different shadows: dinosaurs, camels, and whales; he invent candlelit parties in the afternoon and much more! Oh yes, sometimes it exaggerates, and so...Short Stories, Children 7-11Diversity, Humor'enigma dell'ermellinoC.C. OmellLe Commari Edizioni9788894522112178€ 13,50mm. 130x200Two little boys, cousins, are dragged by their mothers to a museum. Bored but intrigued they find themselves in a room where a woman cries desperately because she has lost her ermine. The woman is Cecilia Gallerani, Leonardo da Vinci's Lady of the Ermine. In a daring way, Gaia and Andrea, in search of the animal, find themselves inside the paintings whose characters depicted speak and come alive. Between chromatic battles, storms and tidal waves, Andrea and Gaia get involved investing all the courage and imagination they possess.Children 7-11Adventure, Fantasy BislaccoLa Bottega di SpiritreeThe BottegariLe Commari Edizioni978889466729584€ 16,00mm. 200x200Bestiario Bislacco, a very colorful magic. A poetic, funny illustrated book that manages to involve adults and children. The Bottegari, led by the masters Carol Hendrickson and Marco Giammetti have created a collection of collages of animals created with unique artistic characteristics, made with makeshift materials such as: straw paper for bread, sponges, pieces of carpet, corks, film to wrap sliced meats... Each Bottegaro chose the material for his animal, then adding the name and attribute with the same initials, and a nursery rhyme.Picture BookAnimals, Fantasy, Illustration FestastorieElena BenazziIsabella SanfilippoLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice978883328703480€ 15,00mm. 200x200A bit nursery rhymes, a bit poems and a bit stories, the "stories" are small stories to be enjoyed and kept like a priceless treasure, enriched by the evocative illustrations of Isabella Sanfilippo, which recall the old storybooks of childhood .Children 0-6, Picture BookCultural heritage, Fairy tales, Illustration di libroDaniele TrucchiaMarco GhergoLe Mezzelane Casa Editrice978883328701026€ 15,00mm. 180x260Who lives a more peaceful life than that of a book, you will say, lined up in good order with his fellows on the shelves of a library? But the journey of a book never ends, and this is the story of that journey.Children 7-11, Picture BookFairy tales, Fantasy, Tales am NinaPina IraceAndrea AlemannoRead Red Road9791280207074176€ 14,00mm. 165x235Nina is eight years old and has a secret – she’s learning how to fly. She lives on an island with her family and loves to think. She thinks about stories. She has a best friend, Giovanni, that knows almost everything, a luthier father, a career mother, three sisters, two grandfathers and three grandmothers of which two are real and one, Bluetta, a former theatre actress, is chosen. The island is almost a person too: here distances are measured in stair steps. The reader will follow Nina in her struggle to master her secret skill, to cope with loss in various forms, to find out who she is.Children 7-11, Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships, Sea, Theater and dance oppositeMauro ScarpaRiccardo GolaRead Red Road9788894444377112€ 15,00mm. 170x2401990 Italy's national volleyball teams wins the World Championship. A high school student practices volleyball as an opposite hitter and has learned from his idols that winning means challenging yourself. But the constant feeling that he's different, out of place makes life hard for him, until he finds a love that wins over all else.NovelLGBTQ +, Sport FinnCristiano CavinaLaura FanelliMarcos y Marcos9788871687209208€ 13,00mm. 120x190Bitten Finn is a venturesome member of the Long Face Clan. A scar on his fin makes him special. One day, Bitten Finn loses his joy. And when a dolphin loses his joy, he loses everything. He breaks his heart with his own fins and refuses to tell anyone about it, wishing to sink to the bottom of the sea and disappear. While he's drifting down, he hears the voice of Sea Bag, a goofy yellow fish shaped like a suitcase who knows all water languages. He lost something, too, but swimming is easier when you do it fin to fin. You can face everything, even the mocking grin of a shark.Children 7-11Adventure, Animals, Family and emotional relationships Mystery of the Missing WondersCarlo CuppiniLaura FanelliMarcos y Marcos9788892940215144€ 12,00mm. 120x190The wonders of Florence are missing. One morning, people from Florence wake up and instead of the Duomo, the Boboli Garden and Ponte Vecchio, all they find are empty spaces. While the alarm is spreading, the wonders reappear in Paris, Bejing, Washington! The Government closes schools, threatens war against everyone. Only one boy, Filippo, has a suspect: the Arno river stole them, as he already stole a silver soldier from him. With the help of his sister Francesca and a mysterious old man, he wants to convince the river to bring them back and fix what he did.Children 7-11Adventure, Cultural heritage, Travel and places natale del porto | Christmas at the HarborMathilde TourbillonBeatrice CerocchiEdizioni Clichy978886799939240€ 19,50mm. 230x300Captain Drake is an old sea wolf, a bit gruff and always a bit angry. He no longer has his crew and lives alone in his big boat along with his squirrel Wren. But one day, his solitary destiny crosses paths with Mathilde, seven years old and with a thousand freckles. She is the daughter of Willie who has embarked and will not be able to spend Christmas with his family. Daddy’s absence has taken all the joy of Christmas away from Mathilde, and something in her sadness manages to touch Drake’s old heart. Will the captain be able to revive the magic of Christmas for his little friend?Children 0-6, Picture BookFamily and emotional relationships, Illustration, Adventure vincere io! | I do want to win!Elena LeviGaia Petra SanaEdizioni Clichy978886799996540€ 19,50mm. 230x290No one likes to lose, you know. Children even less so. And even less so for Antonio and Federico, seven years old, classmates class and great friends, but who end up having furious fights because they both want to win. So when one morning a group of older kids proposes a challenge to them for which it takes great courage, they don't know how to say no. It is a challenge that soon proves to be just too dangerous. And just when the game threatens to turn into something bigger than them, Antonio and Federico discover what it really means to play. To have fun, and no longer to win!Children 0-6, Picture BookAdventure, Family and emotional relationships, Illustration